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    Only caught the highlights myself. Sinner overpowered Stan? A juicy Alca vs. Sinner SF loading up, but first they need to get through the QFs (Alcaraz vs. Paul/FAA, and Sinner vs. Fritz).
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    Fils = the real deal. France have a top 10 talent in him. Big weapons, fast wheels, and belief. Up to #103 or #104 in Live Rankings. #482 one year ago.
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    Only caught bits of the 1st and the end of the 3rd so no comments. A very tight/even battle (see total points won, serve stats, and BPs). Onwards and upwards for Stan. Back to top 100 (#98) in Live Rankings. A repeat of Rotterdam - Gasquet and Sinner - looming in the draw potentially in the next...
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    Solid from Sinner, but also 💩 from Stan. Nothing clicking for the latter today. Serve AWOL and plenty of easy mistakes. If it went to the 2nd serve, instant trouble (see 2nd serve points won for Stan below; also the W/UE ratio). Sinner in turn moved well and hit a consistent heavy ball (even if...
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    Well that was an entertaining 4.5 hours heartbreak and a half. :)
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    Peak Wawrinka is some of the best tennis you will ever see. And the level is rightly praised, with many saying that Wawrinka's best level is at the same level of the Big 3 - few can really argue. We all know that peak Wawrinka rarely shows up, but once he does, he usually ends up winning the...
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    The more AO titles Djokovic wins, the bigger becomes the legend of Stan Wawrinka. Simply put, there are three impossible tasks to achieve as a tennis player: Beating peak Nadal at RG Beating peak Federer at Wimbledon Beating peak Djokovic at the AO Now think about what Wawrinka did 2014...
1-8 of 8 Results