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    It's only been in recent weeks that I've realised the potential historic significance of this match in the annals of tennis. Will it turn out to have been something of a "Sliding Doors" moment for the sport? ("Sliding Doors" being the film in which a woman's life goes two different ways...
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    Roddick was *6-2 up and lost 6 points in a row, though only 2 were UEs - the famous BH volley at *6-5 and rally BH miss at 6-7*. Lost all three mini-breaks at net (though the first was a sweet half-volley pass). Khachanov DFed three times - Nadal didn't win a non-DF point on return and commited...
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    What do you think? In case anyone might've forgotten, he hasn't gotten to 5-5, let alone a tiebreak, since the first set of the RG '15 encounter, which he lost 5-7. Since then Nadal lost 8 consecutive sets to Djokovic, never winning more than 3 games in a set.
1-4 of 4 Results