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    Dominic seems frustrated after his loss, understandably so... just disappointed, trying to explain his loss saying his game is not 100 % in any area even though he has practised well since two months. What's next for him? Full presser below:
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    I am not sure about the updated ranking system. But I read on twitter that ATP silently announced that the ranking system would carry over points until March 8, 2021. It means Djokovic should be able to hold on to all the points from Paris Bercy, ATP Cup, Australian Open and Dubai championship...
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    After Domi's first major title, there's lot of expectation that he is going to have a breakthrough and win many slams soon. I have no doubt that his current level is very good and consistent in the tour, the mental block is still a little bit (which he successfully overcame in USO final), and I...
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    I was wondering with Thiem probably winning the US Open since Novak got kicked out and having only reached R1 last year (should then jump from currently 7k points to around 9k points), and the remaining tournaments that probably most players will play the upcoming few months being Rome/Madrid...
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    How close is Thiem to being the greatest Austrian tennis player? Muster reached world no. 1 and won the FO. He has 44 ATP title. Thiem has reached 3 GS finals along with 16 ATP titles while Muster reached only 1 GS final.
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    Many tennis players don't care about Olympics (even if Massù, Rossett, Nadal and Murray did). For instance Thiem will skip Tokyo 2020 cuz he thinks Kitzbuhel ATP 250 is more important. In your opinioni, the Olympic tennis tournament is: A) as importanti as ATP 1000 B) as important as ATP 500...
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    H2H: 6-3 Djoković H2H in hard: 3-0 Djokovic H2H in indoor: 1-0 Djokovic Last match in indoor: Djoković 6-7 (10) 6-0 6-2
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    Why not do another mug detector poll, I thought. So here it is: who impressed you more, the 'pathetic weak era mental midget' or the 'nigh unbeatable BOAT QF loser'?
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    When I say this, I do not mean they will be ranked in top 10 or will make Slam F etc, simply at ATP level throughout the year will we see the kind of results from youngsters from all around we have been treated to in Jan and Feb? By youngsters I don't just mean the new generation, generation...
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    Not sure I can pay attention to the tennis. Anyone want to give me a ticket to Argentina? All I can say is that I really enjoyed Lajovic's match against Isner, especially with the slow motion key. Best asset in tennis. I enjoyed Coric's match the other day, too. Tennis on The Tennis Channel...
1-11 of 12 Results