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  1. Tennis Academy Advertisement

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    Hello, I'm doing some research for a small tennis academy advertisement, and would like some feedback from the global tennis community. What aspects of a tennis academy are the most important to you? What are some selling points I should feature in the advertisement? Anything else you'd like...
  2. Tennis tips based on algorithms

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    Hello, I want to recommend everyone a tennis tips website which uses artificial intelligence and algorithms and it is free ! Their tips are great ! You can see it below
  3. Greatest Tennis Players of the Open Era - by Surface (Year-End 2019)

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    This is an update of my old thread ( From now on, I'll only update it once a year, and start a new thread. In 2019, four new players were added to the list...
  4. SmashingTip needs your feedback!

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    Hi everyone, I would like to share with you our site: Here we are posting previews for the most interesting tennis matches. Also, all readers and users can grab free SmashingTip for all of the matches! Here is the latest preview for the upcoming match between Dominic Thiem...
  5. VIDEO: National Table Tennis Video Holland!

    Hello there! I want to share a video with you. A video with national second division table tennis, two levels below the top level in the Netherlands. All players in the video are at least among the top 150 players in the Netherlands. Enjoy watching, and... reactions are always welcome! :)...
  6. Tennis apps lack these features

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    Quite often, while watching live matches on TV, tennis fans turn to their mobile phones to discover the variety of apps they have. It may be social media apps to chat with friends and share thoughts on the match or some news-related apps to find out details on a particular tournament or rivalry...
  7. Flex Tennis League & Free Friendly Macthes

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    Howdy, tennis players! We are - a fast-growing global online tennis community! Are you tired of swiping through content you are not really interested in on social networks? Don’t you want a social network that represents a whole special “tennis world”? Where there is talking...
  8. Hello Everyone

    Hello Finlay here. Glad to be part of the community. Will probably ask a few questions and read a lot. Hello everyone again
  9. Engineering Patent Project - Picking up tennis balls

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    Topic: Tennis (Specifically: Picking up tennis balls) 100 Responses required to create a problem statement, please feel free to answer my survey if you play tennis or are interested in the sport. Survey Link...
  10. Sporticrowd pocket counter

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    Hi all, did you heard about app Sporticrowd? This is pocket counter of score and great tool for statistics of games. Something like referee. More you can find here: or you can write here. It is very useful :grin2:
  11. Musings on Shapovalov's win

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    After watching tennis for many decades, it's been a long time since I have found a reason to be excited about it. While I have great respect for Federer and Nadal and their accomplishments, it's not healthy for the sport to be so dominated by two players. This is why I find Denis' rise so...
  12. The state of tennis today: "Who is injured when?"

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    That's tennis. It's not so much about talent now. It's about random injuries. Talent is buried, periodically, for every player. Long breaks from injuries and poor-quality play because of injury are both standard now. And, even when people are playing they're popping NSAIDs "like candy"...
  13. Tennis officiating - ITF Rules of Tennis

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    I am an amateur tennis player and have growing interest in becoming a tennis official. I am currently going through "ITF Rules of Tennis" as downloaded from There are some points I'd like to discuss/get help with. Hope you can share your...
  14. newbie

    hey guys, james from new zealand here, just basically making an account to help get my brother noticed, by posting his instagram and video here, is that aloowed? my brother alex hunt is a one armed player from nz, and he is trying to get a world ranking this year, it will be his first year on...
  15. nadal future vainqueur de Roland Garros

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    pensez vous que dans la foulée et après avoir décroché deux sacre sur terre battue (Monte Carlo,Barcelone), Nadal est le roi de ce court et le prochain vainqueur de Rolland Garros ? voir ses perf sur TENNIS CLUB DE KENITRA
  16. ATP Tour 2016 Preview

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    Image source General News: ATP to increase live match coverage(and hence, live streaming) : ATP Media To Produce More Live Matches In 2016 | ATP World Tour | Tennis 2016 schedule:
  17. input on this article of 2013, please

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    i just came across with this article titled 'The Aging Tennis Population' of 30 August 2012 by Jane Voigt. The Aging Tennis Population | | Jane Voigt Tennis i do not know Voigt at all and the article is 2-year-old. and apparently it starts with a stimulating start mentioning our...