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  1. Introductions
    Hey all, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I recently wrote and published a research paper on how the perception of Tennis has changed throughout history. I would love for any of you to read it and let me know what your opinion on the situation is. The link to it is...
  2. General Messages
    There are many mysteries in men's singles tennis. These are the ones that appear most mind-boggling to me.
  3. Introductions
    Hey everyone. I am a former D1 college player and current coach. I focus on movement, physical prep and longevity. Love to collaborate with people that are open minded and concerned with performance and longevity. Would love to discuss why there are so many injuries in tennis, and what...
  4. Tennis Equipment
    Hello Everyone, I am searching for best tennis shoes for hard court because I am beginner and I love to play tennis.
  5. Advanced Discussions
    Hello Guys, Here is the best Online Tennis Instructor, Video Courses About Tennis Technique. Check out the link below The Serve Blueprint Video Course
  6. General Messages was formed in 2016 to provide the sports community with a means to sell or buy used sports rackets. The Racqueteers team comprises of keen racket sports players who play competitively. We found that it was extremely difficult to replace existing rackets that we had played with...
  7. General Messages
    Hello, I'm doing some research for a small tennis academy advertisement, and would like some feedback from the global tennis community. What aspects of a tennis academy are the most important to you? What are some selling points I should feature in the advertisement? Anything else you'd like...
  8. Tennis Betting Forum
    Hello, I want to recommend everyone a tennis tips website which uses artificial intelligence and algorithms and it is free ! Their tips are great ! You can see it below
  9. General Messages
    This is an update of my old thread ( From now on, I'll only update it once a year, and start a new thread. In 2019, four new players were added to the list...
  10. Non-Tennis
    Hello there! I want to share a video with you. A video with national second division table tennis, two levels below the top level in the Netherlands. All players in the video are at least among the top 150 players in the Netherlands. Enjoy watching, and... reactions are always welcome! :)...
  11. General Player Talk
    Quite often, while watching live matches on TV, tennis fans turn to their mobile phones to discover the variety of apps they have. It may be social media apps to chat with friends and share thoughts on the match or some news-related apps to find out details on a particular tournament or rivalry...
  12. General Player Talk
    Howdy, tennis players! We are - a fast-growing global online tennis community! Are you tired of swiping through content you are not really interested in on social networks? Don’t you want a social network that represents a whole special “tennis world”? Where there is talking...
  13. Introductions
    Hello Finlay here. Glad to be part of the community. Will probably ask a few questions and read a lot. Hello everyone again
1-13 of 30 Results