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  1. Shapovalov-Auger-Alliasime

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    Anyone know if their doubles match will be televised anywhere? Even a live stream? Not on TSN or showing on Tennis TV.
  2. Musings on Shapovalov's win

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    After watching tennis for many decades, it's been a long time since I have found a reason to be excited about it. While I have great respect for Federer and Nadal and their accomplishments, it's not healthy for the sport to be so dominated by two players. This is why I find Denis' rise so...
  3. Denis Shapovalov's ethno-religious identity

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    I've come across a number of articles that have, I believe wrongly, referred to Shapovalov as "Jewish". I think this is a bit of a stretch for a number of reasons: 1. Although Denis' mother is Jewish, he identifies with his father's religion of Russian Orthodoxy, even wearing a cross during...