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    12+ has been done 14 times in the Open Era, including 12 times by a member of the Big Three (Federer 6, Nadal 4, Djokovic 2). I think Federer’s 16 SFs at the Tour Finals, one of the strongest tournaments, is an underrated record. So far only Federer has 15+ SFs at a single event, which he did...
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    There's just no way around it. Djokovic was simply too good in this match. Let's see if we can draw some takeaways, painful as it was! Enjoy :)
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    ... that Roger had won the QF? After the first 3 games of the first SF took 19 minutes? After set 1, 2, 3 ...? Once you realised it was really going to screw up Novak/Rafa's chances? When you'd spent all that money on a Centre Court ticket and realised you'd have to leave before N/R even...
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    We just had one in the Citi Open. Attached is the score. (If there are tiebreaks, then the point scores have to match completely) Just curious :smile2:
1-4 of 4 Results