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    I checked the live rankings and if he wins IW he'll be less than 1000 points behind Djokovic. He's defending 180 pts in MC, 500 in Barcelona, 180 in Madrid, 1000 in Rome, 720 at RG. That leaves him with 1640 + 1280 pts to earn = 2920 Djokovic's defending 90 + 500 + 600 + 2000 = 3190, he could...
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    On November 22, 2011, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have met for the 26th time at the O2 Arena in London, and Roger scored his 11th win over his nemesis, toppling the Spaniard in just 61 minutes.
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    Found this just yesterday What a crazy video, some may find it a bit over the top perhaps but I love the passion ? On 1:39 he says: 'But he was already dead, look at him roar, he was dead, he was already inside the coffin, the Russian brought flowers. And now he's going to put Medvedev...
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    After losing the 2017 AO final to Federer, Rafa went on to win 7 out of the 8 grand slam finals he played! His only loss came to Djokovic in AO 19 final. I realized it when I was looking at his Wikipedia page and slam statistics. This is an amazing achievement!
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    It was not easy to believe Rafa would get 21 at 0-2, 2-3, 0-40? How many of you believed Rafa would pull it off? How many of you quit watching? I made my peace with another loss but I didn't stop watching, deep down I didn't lose hope, but it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel in...
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    After so many years of disappointment at AO, this man came and won DCYGS and broke the slam record in his least successful slam, not at RG. And he did this after missing two slams last season and having serious doubts about returning to competitive tennis. Rafa now has 6 HC slams and 8 slams...
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    21 RAFA YOU GOAT RAFA YOU LEGEND RAFA YOU BEAST You made me suffer but you can't be the greatest if you don't suffer. I'm in tears. There will never be a player like him again. Never
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    To me, this realistically seems to be Rafa's last chance to win DCGYS and another AO title. In case he wins, it would be a 13-year gap between his first and second title in Melbourne. No matter what happens I don't think we can hope for another deep run or a good chance to win more titles at the...
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    The last time the legendary foes met on the London grass was in the 2008 championship, which many experts still say is the best match in history. Entering the match, Federer had won five of their past six meetings, with three of those victories coming in straight sets. But Nadal, who was trying...
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    From Wimbledon to The French Open and beyond, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have won it all when it comes to the magnificent game of tennis. So what happens when you pair these two greats of the game together in a doubles match?
1-20 of 66 Results