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    Good match from Rafa bar the drop of intensity in the 3rd set when he lost a game he should've won. Still, he was good in the fourth set and was covering the court extremely well, some of the defensive/counter shots he made reminded me of peak HC Rafa. The last set was vintage Rafa. Enjoy haters!
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    Meh as meh is. Oldal is unspectacular but still has too much class for these mugs. Cressy had a proper chance after Nadal DFed at 5-5 in the TB, but hit nervous 2nd serves and got busted. Nadal even played a feeble game to go down a break in set 2, but regrouped and chewed out the wilting...
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    The last couple of years Rafa has been vulnerable on hard courts, pretty much apart from his US Open 2019 win where he played well. The loss against Tsitsipas at AO this year was telling. Usually it's Rafa who's coming from behind to win, but this time he lost while being 2 sets to love up. On...
1-4 of 4 Results