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  1. Non-Tennis
    The rules say no threads about WTA players but this topic is far bigger than Peng Shuai's on-court performance. Djokovic, Mahut, Federer, and others have weighed in so far. Every ATP player should. The existing topic about Mahut weighing in is not suitable for the poems I've written in support...
  2. General Messages
    I watched the match and I still can't believe how it happened, I remember being so nervous when the match started, but when he broke in the second, I felt very calm, feeling that the match was very close, he was playing incredible, there was no way that Zverev could won 10 of the last 11 games...
  3. General Messages
    Hope you're all enjoying tennis at the Olympics so far! I've written an overview of the home nation's hero, Kei Nishikori, covering his journey to the Olympics, his matches so far and his chances against Novak Djokovic on Thursday. Enjoy
  4. General Messages
    Since tennis returned to the Olympics in 1988, four times a player has won the first two slams of the year. Each time this happened in an Olympic year (1988, 1992, 2016, 2021). I'm assuming this is just a coincidence, but maybe players are more focused on a CYGS when there is an Olympic gold on...
  5. General Messages
    The next highest ranked Italian is Musetti who is outside the #56 ranking cutoff so I guess Italy will only have 3 men in the Singles event.
  6. Tokyo Olympics
    Australia has announced their team: MS: De Minaur, Kyrgios, Millman and Duckworth MD: Millman/Saville, Peers/De Minaur
  7. General Messages
    Hello. I would like to plan a trip to Tokyo for the Olympics and I am looking for tickets but I have a hard time finding ones. The lotteries have ended. The official site is not selling tickets outside of Japan. Our Authorized Ticket Seller Agency for Bulgaria - - has no...
1-7 of 7 Results