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    Who wld be the Goat if Tennis only had one serve and each and every serve is like a 2nd serve..The results of Roland garros wld be somewhat same as Serve is not a deciding factor there.. Wimbledon- The biggest question mark..As Sampras and Federer wld not have won as many titles as they have...
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    Nadal will retire as the all-time slam leader. Nole will be two behind him and outright Wimbledon King and people will always bring up the vaccination bans. The GOAT debate will never be settled.
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    An analysis of how Novak defeated Nick in the Wimbledon final! How Novak changed the dynamic of the match after dropping the 1st set A tactic Novak used to keep his service games ticking over A point-by-point play of two key moments
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    Our extensive analysis of how this match played out for those that are interested 🙏
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    Comeback complete. Too strong for Musetti, who did have some chances to break but Djokovic always came up with the clutch serve.
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    More trouble for Djokovic on the horizon, according to current Spanish regulation for entering the country, you either need to be doubly vaxxed or have a medical exemption to enter Spain but the Spanish media report that Djokovic hasn't asked or received any permission from Spanish authorities...
1-20 of 94 Results