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    I have question for all. How come Nadal was allowed to enter to Australia just 10 days after he got infected with COVID19? If you are australian citizen and you had COVID19 in some foreign country , you are not allowed to enter country for at least 14 next days! Why this rule was not applied...
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    Let's pick the best of their matches, you get to choose the best match of their rivalry. Federer vs Nadal Nadal vs Djokovic Federer vs Djokovic The poll is included.
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    Not sure if we had a thread about this, but let's talk about the absolute peak level of tennis displayed by the members of the big 3. When did you think they reached their absolute peak? The poll is included. PS You might want to break it down into several categories such as physicality...
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    End of 2021: Federer will have 3765-1380=2385 year-end points, Nadal will have 5815-940=4875 year-end points. Right now that would be 17th and 8th, but current points are inflated and this inflation will be reduced towards the end of the year as other players’ potentially duplicated points are...
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    H2H is 1-0 in favour of the South African who won last week in Washington DC. Will Nadal manage to beat Harris this time around?
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    What a great MP for the south african! Rafa definitely not looking good, let's see how he goes in Toronto and Cincinnati.
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    In 2021, which Djokovic equaling Federer's 20 Slams but surpassing his #1 weeks I came to realise something i've never bother to think before. Were we all fooled? Maybe Federer was never actually the GOAT of tennis, but we've rushed into this belief along with the present Zeitgeist. I explain...
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    Let's cut to the core and get rid of titles they have all won and see what's left. Djokovic vs. Federer 8 Masters vs. 1 YEC + 10 ATP 500's + 15 ATP 250's Djokovic vs. Nadal 5 YEC's + 1 ATP 250 vs. 1 Olympics + 8 ATP 500's Federer vs. Nadal 6 YEC's + 2 ATP 500's + 16 ATP 250's vs. 1...
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    Novak’s performance in the second week of the French Open was, in a word, gritty. It’s a theme we have seen him play in many grand slam performances over the last decade or so. From 0-5 down in the first set against Nadal, Novak kept on coming up with the goods when it mattered most. The final...
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    This analysis of their historic semifinal suggests Novak's forehand played a huge role... Hope you enjoy it
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    Some brief analyses of men's French Open Round of 16 matches including: 1. Rafael Nadal's latest victory over Jannik Sinner. 2. Novak Djokovic's peculiar comeback against Lorenzo Musetti. 3. Diego Schwartzman's thriller against Jan-Lennard Struff. Enjoy
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    WB SF 2018 between Rafa and Djoko was a huge match that marked the beginning of Djokovic's resurgence after a bad period during which he won no slams. Was one of the best matches I've ever seen and pretty underestimated. Rafa had a chance to take that one but got tight in the 3rd set TB and it...
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    The last couple of years Rafa has been vulnerable on hard courts, pretty much apart from his US Open 2019 win where he played well. The loss against Tsitsipas at AO this year was telling. Usually it's Rafa who's coming from behind to win, but this time he lost while being 2 sets to love up. On...
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    As always, Rafa will be the one to beat in Paris. Judging by his presser he's looking confident but with his feet on the ground.
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    One of Rafa's best tournaments, so it takes something special to be considered his #1 match. My vote goes to this one vs Verdasco in the 2010 final. Verdasco honestly played quite well, hit some great winners and won an epic rally, yet only won 1 (!) game in the entire match. In the prize...
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    Forehand Theory: Developing a Virtuous Swing Path Nextgen forehands that flex the wrist have ceiling effects for players IMHO. My article outlines 3 keys for a shot to have greatness: 1) gravity 2) grip 3) wrist laid back, or , 'wrinkles in the back of your hand' Doing so allows you to...
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    Nadal became the first player in the Open Era to lose 7 times in the quarterfinals of the same Slam. Roddick only got to 6, at the US Open from 2001-2011. Nadal did it first in 2007 versus eventual finalist Fernando Gonzalez. Two of the 7 he retired, and the first 4 losses were in straight...
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    Tomas Berdych played the match of his life against Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open 2012 quarters, but still came out on the losing end. How did it happen? Do you think Berdych played his best here? What are some other matches that he played spectacularly but still lost?
1-20 of 66 Results