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    With his win today, Djokovic now has 234 wins over Top Ten players. His overall is 234-106 (68.8%) vs Federer 224-123 (64.6%) vs Nadal 185-100 (64.9%). Other important stats, Djokovic is one win away from being 50 WINS over Top Ten players ahead of Nadal. Also, Nadal, the clay GOAT has 102 of...
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    Who wld be the Goat if Tennis only had one serve and each and every serve is like a 2nd serve..The results of Roland garros wld be somewhat same as Serve is not a deciding factor there.. Wimbledon- The biggest question mark..As Sampras and Federer wld not have won as many titles as they have...
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    A lot of people suggest that the only people who support Djokovic are Serbians, but I disprove that assertion. Frankly, I don't care who someone supports, but I think it is likely that a large portion of Nadal's supporters are from Spain or "greater Spain" as in Central and South America. In...
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    2020, Djokovic would have won W, but the tournament was canceled. On the opposite, French Open was played and Nadal duly won it. 2022 Djokovic ready to win, as usual, the Australian Open but he was deported from the country. And Nadal vultured the title. It's pretty apparent Covid has...
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    Second week = Grassdal at full power. Rafa in 3
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    After Berrettini's forfait and Hubi' s early elimination, who can prevent him from reaching the final and his 3rd slam this year? Uncle Tony? No, I don't think so. Congratulations to Nadal.
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    Marca just published that Nadal had a private training session today on the grass courts of the Santa Ponsa Tennis Academy, where the Mallorca Championship will be played at next week. Although they do say that he...
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    I have the feeling that he is going to take a break no matter what it his final result in the French Open, he is definitely not at his 100% and I find uncertain his participation at Wimbledon.
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    I hope it is in night session, way better time for the rest of the world to watch it
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    Novak enters the French Open men's draw as the bookmaker's favourite 🥇 Have the bookies made the right choice? 🤔 We've undertaken a competitor analysis between Novak and each of his closest rivals (Zverev, Tsitsipas, Nadal and Alcaraz) ✍️
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    Let me know your thoughts/records I missed out. What I mean is what records that the big 3 hold that I think are gonna take decades for another player to beat, ranked in how difficult it will be for a next gen great to beat. For some pts, I've put arguments why I think they're hard...
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    There should have been no way back from two sets down. But somehow Rafael Nadal found a way ?? Here’s my match analysis of one of the most insane pieces of theatre we've ever witnessed!
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    Rank Nadal's 21 Grand Slam titles in terms of your favourite and his best performance. My favourite was for sure USO 2019 while highest level has to be either FO 2008 or 2017
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    He breaked Rafa's serve when he was serving for the match, he was serving fine, he had the momentum and he serve a very poor game with not many first serves, many unforced errors and some silly decisions. Nadal didn't even played that great to break, he just had to put the ball in play and let...
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    I have question for all. How come Nadal was allowed to enter to Australia just 10 days after he got infected with COVID19? If you are australian citizen and you had COVID19 in some foreign country , you are not allowed to enter country for at least 14 next days! Why this rule was not applied...
1-18 of 85 Results