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  1. Is the USO Final 3rd set the best set in tennis history (pure level)?

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    The tennis that was played in 2011 remains some of the best the world has ever seen. The third set of the US Open final that year showcased that fact more than any other set. Djokovic, at the peak of his powers, facing his nemesis Nadal in prime condition with vengeance in his hitting. Rest...
  2. Federer's disappointing last 10 years

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    2011-2020 4 Grand Slam 1 ATP Finals 11 Masters 1000 48 weeks at #1 That's all He was the best during the 2001-2010 decade and he still is, according to numbers, the greatest tennis player of all times. That said, in the last 10 years he has been just a bit player in the great scheme of the...
  3. Nadal's drama: if FO 2020 is canceled he will NEVER get 20th Slam title

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    Right when he was closer than he has ever been... This cruel twist of fate will haunt him forever.
  4. Matches lost after having MP

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    Roger Federer 22 (46 wasted match points) Rafael Nadal 8 (17 wasted match points) Novak Djokovic 3 (7 wasted match points)
  5. Olympic tennis tournament importance

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    Many tennis players don't care about Olympics (even if Massù, Rossett, Nadal and Murray did). For instance Thiem will skip Tokyo 2020 cuz he thinks Kitzbuhel ATP 250 is more important. In your opinioni, the Olympic tennis tournament is: A) as importanti as ATP 1000 B) as important as ATP 500...
  6. Nadal playing on Suzanne Lenglen?

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    I think we're far enough away from Roland Garros for me to ask this with a degree of impunity: we keep being told how different courts Philippe Chatrier and Suzanne Lenglen are (am I right in thinking that they are virtually at opposite ends of the complex?), and how Chatrier appears to play to...
  7. The all-important 2020 French Open

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    The stakes are incredible, bigger than for any other slam that I can remember. Given that Nadal,, Djokovic, and Federer are not getting younger, arguably this tournament is going to decide the slam race. Nadal is, as usual, the favorite at the French Open. If he wins he'll tie Federer at 20...
  8. 2019 Nitto ATP Finals – Preview and Predictions

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    Hey Guys, After a small hiatus I'm writing about the 2019 ATP Tour Finals . A 5 minute read about the 2019 ATP finals format, qualified players and predicted results. Who will win the tournament...
  9. US Open 2019 Predictions — Can Novak Djokovic win his third Grand Slam of this year?

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    Can Novak Djokovic win his third Grand Slam title of this year? My predictions based on a detailed analysis of the draw for 2019 US Open. Would love to...
  10. WWW? Wimbledon R3 : [3] Nadal vs Tsonga

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    WWW? Wimbledon R3: Tsonga - Nadal Maybe five years ago this was a very close match, but I don't really expect something special from Tsonga
  11. Tennis Myth Busters Series - Post 2 - H2H skew

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    This time we talk H2H skew :) People often talk about how H2H can be skewed because players played a lot on one player's favorite surface or because some player performs in H2H matches better on bigger occasions. Most notable example is Federer vs Nadal H2H. It is often believed that Federer...
  12. Serious question: Would Nadal have retired if he had won the first set?

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    As the title says, do you think Rafael Nadal would have retired in the semi-final of the US Open 2018 against Juan Martin Del Potro if he had won the highly competitive first set. In this set, Rafael Nadal played at an incredibly high level. Breaking right back after the opening game, and then...
  13. Nadal is the favorite for the US Open

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    Let's admit it. Everyone can say that Novak, Federer or any other player is a better in hard court than Nadal, but in this moment, I don't see anyone who can beat Nadal at Bo5. Maybe next week in Cincinnati or in the US Open things can change, but now, two weeks before US Open begins, Nadal is...
  14. Nadal to beat Federer and Connors in Top-10 Consecutive Weeks?

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    Nadal has been holding a top-10 rank for 687 weeks and currently he is the only one who has still maintained a top-10 rank since 2005. After the sweep of the clay season this year, he is guaranteed to be ranked top-10 until next year's clay season. That means, he will definitely cross Federer's...
  15. Nadal 2018 vs Djokovic back in form??

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    Guys, what do you think the results would be if Djokovic were to get back to his 2015/2016 form? With Nadal improved backhand and aggression do you think Nadal will have a better results playing against Djokovic today as compared to earlier?
  16. Djokovic would beat Nadal on Clay... Today.

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    I truly believe that like most greats, the best in Djokovic is brought out in him by facing the best. If he were to play Nadal, the old shirt-ripping, line painting, grunting, not giving a **** tennis legend would reappear for the chance of announcing his return. When the greats play, ego is...
  17. Boris Becker about Nadal's butt :" it's the perfect size"

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  18. Roger vs Rafa : been nothing like it!

    Roger Federer Blog
    Ive made a series of videos covering the history of Roger vs Rafa. If you have enjoyed the matches as much as I have, please check it out! :) Thanks! Cheers, Dan (LOS)
  19. who will have the better 2017 season, Federer or Nadal?

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    some years ago jokes were made here about that scenario, but who would have thought that the question could seriously be relevant in the year 2017 ? :eek: Federer is half a decade older, which is virtually massive, but: - defacto he has had better Slam performances in recent years than...