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  1. Olympic tennis tournament importance

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    Many tennis players don't care about Olympics (even if Massù, Rossett, Nadal and Murray did). For instance Thiem will skip Tokyo 2020 cuz he thinks Kitzbuhel ATP 250 is more important. In your opinioni, the Olympic tennis tournament is: A) as importanti as ATP 1000 B) as important as ATP 500...
  2. What would Murray fans rather he win in next few months?

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    As a Murray fan, I've been thinking about what I'd rather he achieved in the coming months. All of the above would be incredible, but if I had to choose, then the slams always come first for me. The Aus Open would have to come top due to all his near misses, followed by the French. Having said...
  3. Is this Andy's only chance to be #1??

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    I mean, Roger is out, Nadal is still coming back, Novak has -and this is the big news for Andy- this on and off injury. Delpo, Stan, and a few others are still a few steps behind. And to make it better for him, Cinci and USOpen are right away For me yes, because next year either Nole or rafa...