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    Titles are the main criteria here, followed by rankings and finally H2H performances. We apply a set of 18 metrics, according to a pre-determined hierarchy of Tennis criteria: Titles > Rankings > H2H ; in a proportion of 6-3-1 (🏆🥈⚔) or 60% / 30% / 10% - vis-a-vis Titles 2x more relevant than...
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    It’s not often discussed, but did you know that Federer has been able to defeat Djokovic in the finals of no fewer than TWO different events above the ATP 500 level? US Open (2007) Cincinnati (2009, 2012, 2015) Moreover, in Cincy, Federer has beaten Djokovic in the final after Djokovic became...
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    H2Hs with a gap of at least 3 at one point. Nadal-Djokovic French Open 7-2 Nadal-Djokovic Rome 6-3 Nadal-Federer French Open 6-0 Nadal-Federer Australian Open 3-0, now 3-1 Nadal-Federer Monte Carlo 3-0 Djokovic-Federer Australian Open 4-1 Djokovic-Federer Indian Wells 3-0 Djokovic-Federer Rome...
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    This time we talk H2H skew :) People often talk about how H2H can be skewed because players played a lot on one player's favorite surface or because some player performs in H2H matches better on bigger occasions. Most notable example is Federer vs Nadal H2H. It is often believed that Federer...
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    Dav h2h vs Rafa 6-1 (6 HC wins in a row) Del h2h vs Rafa 5-4 (Potro prevails over Nadal on the fast HARD 3-0 (Rogers-Shanghai-US Open) Nadal leads on the slow HARD 4-2 (IW-Miami-Rio)) Dav h2h Del 3-3
1-5 of 5 Results