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    How one can play in Grand Slam if you are from US??
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    Right when he was closer than he has ever been... This cruel twist of fate will haunt him forever.
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    Let's admit it. Everyone can say that Novak, Federer or any other player is a better in hard court than Nadal, but in this moment, I don't see anyone who can beat Nadal at Bo5. Maybe next week in Cincinnati or in the US Open things can change, but now, two weeks before US Open begins, Nadal is...
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    This is something I've been interested in for a longtime other people views on the majors. Not sure if there are other threads like this but I couldn't find one so I thought I'd create one. In your view, which is the best grand slam tournament with regards to level of play, organization...
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    Quite often, while watching live matches on TV, tennis fans turn to their mobile phones to discover the variety of apps they have. It may be social media apps to chat with friends and share thoughts on the match or some news-related apps to find out details on a particular tournament or rivalry...
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    I went through the junior Grand Slam champions from 1998-2015 (I started in 1998 as it was the oldest year that still had an active player - Roger Federer) and took note of their career-high ranking, their best performance in the junior Grand Slam they won, and their best performance in any...
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    I think the Masters Slam is harder. Just looking at things statistically: More events More or less the same top players play in both series More surface variety etc
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    [update:] After the FO 2016, the Big Four have the following numbers of Grand Slam match wins: Federer 302 Djokovic 221 Nadal 200 Murray 165 Will this order change? If so, how? Possibilities: Murray may pass Nadal if Nadal declines/retires well before Murray. 40 match wins is something...
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    It has something divine about it Quite a beautiful return/winner. Quite a beautiful return/depth. Quite a beautiful return/winner. Quite a beautiful return/depth/winner. Bonus, a minibreak for GOATovic Beautiful, glorious sights. (:
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    Book this thread.
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    Volume three is here...