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    Starting with this year's AO, Djokovic will have about 24 chances to win a grand slam until he reaches the age that Federer was at the 2019 Wimbledon where he was 1 point away from winning the championship. (Granted, I am not counting the 2 1/2 months from Djokovic's BD in May to Federer's...
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    New MTF member, love reading what you guys have to say. Here's a poll about a question I was discussing with a friend a couple days ago: after RG2020, which Grand Slam would contribute the most to Nadal's legacy? A strong case can be made for each of the four. AO: Career double Slam, hasn't...
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    Goat poster? take into consideration, style, uniqueness, longevity, peak ELO scores, comebacks, etc vote poll please.
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    Anton Maiden was a sensation in the late 90s-early 00s for covering iron maiden songs in the old days of internet file sharing and midis. Malvin is the singing legend of MTF.. both have solid careers, I will include videos from both, may the stronger man come up victorious. Dont...
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    Slamrev or Slamray, who's better? Sascha Slamrev the real & legitimate 2020 US Open Champion or Sir Multi-slamray, who's here to stay?
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    As a tennis fan for over 50 years I have had the privilege to watch some truly great players of our sport. There have always been big rivalries. But nothing compares to what we are seeing with the big three. Never before have three players matched each other so evenly in terms of skill...
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    Federer is arguably the most talented player to ever grace a tennis court, but i guess he's a little bit overrated. As a matter of fact, he could (should!) have won many more tournaments (Slam finals in particular), but he has had a tendency to choke under pressure. Even if i am a Roger fan...
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    This is an update of my old thread ( From now on, I'll only update it once a year, and start a new thread. In 2019, four new players were added to the list...
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    Which of those two Wimbledon finals did Federer & Nadal play better in: 2007 or 2008? Now that's a better question, is it? Forgot to add a poll, jeez.
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    Well then.
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    Djokovic is THE MAN TO BEAT on HARD. THE MAN TO BEAT on GRASS. THE MAN TO BEAT on CLAY. THE MAN TO BEAT INDOORS. That's what it means to be the simultaneous holder of all 4 Grand Slams and World Tour Finals. Another incredible feat to cement Djokovic status as the BOAT. All hail the...
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    It has something divine about it Quite a beautiful return/winner. Quite a beautiful return/depth. Quite a beautiful return/winner. Quite a beautiful return/depth/winner. Bonus, a minibreak for GOATovic Beautiful, glorious sights. (:
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    Volume three is here...