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  1. Statistics
    Below are the raw statistics of big three at all levels of the tour. They include tournament wins at every level, rankings (weekly and season) and win percentage. These statistics are raw in the sense that they don't take into account the competition faced by the players, playing surfaces...
  2. General Messages
    After so many years of disappointment at AO, this man came and won DCYGS and broke the slam record in his least successful slam, not at RG. And he did this after missing two slams last season and having serious doubts about returning to competitive tennis. Rafa now has 6 HC slams and 8 slams...
  3. General Messages
    I have actually heard of Daniel believe it or not. No idea why. Murray should have too much class for this guy in straights. I really hope it will be straights ? Murray routined him in straights 6 years ago in Davis cup.
  4. General Messages
    Titles are the main criteria here, followed by rankings and finally H2H performances. We apply a set of 18 metrics, according to a pre-determined hierarchy of Tennis criteria: Titles > Rankings > H2H ; in a proportion of 6-3-1 (??⚔) or 60% / 30% / 10% - vis-a-vis Titles 2x more relevant than...
  5. General Messages
    Nope, never heard of him. Murray in straights for me.
  6. General Messages
    A - How dominant were Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Sampras and Agassi in the rankings? ( YE#1 ) B - How close were these players when finishing as #2? ( YE#2 ) C - Who is the best #3 in Ranking Points? ( YE#3 ) D - Is there any #2 (or #3) with higher punctuation than any YE#1? E - What was the...
  7. General Messages
    Good Morning Everyone! We would like to introduce you to the only actual all time ranking regarding the Greats of the Past. Some adjustments were necessary due to the lack of data and specially the differences in format. Digging into what really mattered in the past is almost like seeking...
  8. General Messages
    Epic comeback. Murray absolutely bossed the #6 seed out there tonight. This could and probably should have been a straight setter for The King. Can’t believe pretty much everyone in the pre-match thread thought Humbert would win :ROFLMAO: No disrespect to him but he is a complete no mark in...
  9. General Messages
    In 2021, which Djokovic equaling Federer's 20 Slams but surpassing his #1 weeks I came to realise something i've never bother to think before. Were we all fooled? Maybe Federer was never actually the GOAT of tennis, but we've rushed into this belief along with the present Zeitgeist. I explain...
  10. General Messages
    It seems like he will play wimbledon thanks to a private jet kindly offered by Djokovic, otherwise, by taking a normal passengers flight, he might risk to get quarantined if only one of the passengers is covid positive. Therefore, he will be practising on a soccer field to simulate the grass feels.
  11. General Messages
    Love this match! Let's see what Federer did this time around to get the better of the tall-serving Canadian.
  12. General Messages
    Starting with this year's AO, Djokovic will have about 24 chances to win a grand slam until he reaches the age that Federer was at the 2019 Wimbledon where he was 1 point away from winning the championship. (Granted, I am not counting the 2 1/2 months from Djokovic's BD in May to Federer's...
  13. General Messages
    New MTF member, love reading what you guys have to say. Here's a poll about a question I was discussing with a friend a couple days ago: after RG2020, which Grand Slam would contribute the most to Nadal's legacy? A strong case can be made for each of the four. AO: Career double Slam, hasn't...
  14. Non-Tennis
    Goat poster? take into consideration, style, uniqueness, longevity, peak ELO scores, comebacks, etc vote poll please.
  15. Non-Tennis
    Anton Maiden was a sensation in the late 90s-early 00s for covering iron maiden songs in the old days of internet file sharing and midis. Malvin is the singing legend of MTF.. both have solid careers, I will include videos from both, may the stronger man come up victorious. Dont...
  16. General Messages
    Slamrev or Slamray, who's better? Sascha Slamrev the real & legitimate 2020 US Open Champion or Sir Multi-slamray, who's here to stay?
  17. General Messages
    As a tennis fan for over 50 years I have had the privilege to watch some truly great players of our sport. There have always been big rivalries. But nothing compares to what we are seeing with the big three. Never before have three players matched each other so evenly in terms of skill...
  18. General Messages
    Federer is arguably the most talented player to ever grace a tennis court, but i guess he's a little bit overrated. As a matter of fact, he could (should!) have won many more tournaments (Slam finals in particular), but he has had a tendency to choke under pressure. Even if i am a Roger fan...
1-19 of 26 Results