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    I found this video very interesting where the famous AI model ChatGPT picked the Tennis GOAT along with the top 10 players of all time. Nadal not in top 3? Could it be because of the clay court dominance? Either way, very interesting. What are your thoughts?
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    Who wld be the Goat if Tennis only had one serve and each and every serve is like a 2nd serve..The results of Roland garros wld be somewhat same as Serve is not a deciding factor there.. Wimbledon- The biggest question mark..As Sampras and Federer wld not have won as many titles as they have...
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    The Torres Index compiles available critical data from all players over the last 150 years. Here is our time sensitive list of Tennis GOATs:
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    this will become the mother of all sports quests in modern sports. it will be known going forward simply as "The Quest". can he snatch a total of 100 titles before he hangs up his racquets? is that a viable goal for him to have? and also what about 20 slams now that 17 are in the bag? i...
1-4 of 4 Results