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    Tennis Espresso Journal presents its 2023 (February) edition of Vonder Index GOAT Rankings: Disclaimer: (i) Active players may appear higher than they will end up being for the simple reason their W% are relatively higher than what it should be when they reitre. (ii) Retired players may...
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    The Torres Index compiles available critical data from all players over the last 150 years. Here is our time sensitive list of Tennis GOATs:
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    "xyz years in a row" seems to be some exciting buzz phrase in many sports commentaries. But how much does it worth really? What do you think ?
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    Good Morning Everyone! We would like to introduce you to the only actual all time ranking regarding the Greats of the Past. Some adjustments were necessary due to the lack of data and specially the differences in format. Digging into what really mattered in the past is almost like seeking...
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    Well, Federer being the guy with more Grand Slam titles or weeks at #1 than anyone else seems a highly unlikely outcome of the Big 3 era. Most Australian Open titles, most hard court Major titles, most seasons at #1, most Masters 1000 titles don't look possible as well. A bit of a chance to...
1-5 of 8 Results