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    Hey guys, I really like the looks of the water bottles the players use at Roland Garros since they have started using reusable bottles since last year. Would love to buy one myself to use during a session of tennis, but i really cant find a webshop that sells them. Since they were introduced to...
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    I have some Roland Garros solo tix that I bought before finalizing my travel schedule and I can no longer attend a couple of the matches I have tickets for. I was just going to resell on the official site but figured I'd check here to see if anyone was interested, especially since I know they...
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    Apparently all spanish media are reporting it
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    Our extensive analysis of how this match played out for those that are interested 🙏
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    Two former junior world #1s, a college player, an energizer bunny, a complete player, a huge server, a junior RG champ... Damian Kust joins us with everything you need to know about this year's men's French Open qualifiers 📊 Spotify:
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    Novak enters the French Open men's draw as the bookmaker's favourite 🥇 Have the bookies made the right choice? 🤔 We've undertaken a competitor analysis between Novak and each of his closest rivals (Zverev, Tsitsipas, Nadal and Alcaraz) ✍️
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    I know that this has likely already been discussed on this forum, my apologies for not keeping up with MTF much in the recent months, but Djokovic has been some phenomenal "sports psychology study" this year in my book. Make of his health-related decisions all you want, it's undeniable that...
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    Just heard part of Djokovic's press conference He seemed a little concerned about being able to recover for the finals. It's not going to be easy getting that energy after today's match and the past couple of matches against Berettini and Musetti. It's going to be an interesting final.
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    No love for the Germans who only established themselves on the ATP Tour in 2018. Back to back French Open titles. In an event which usually brings up a different winning team most years. Only 1 set dropped in the tournament.
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    Right when he was closer than he has ever been... This cruel twist of fate will haunt him forever.
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    I think we're far enough away from Roland Garros for me to ask this with a degree of impunity: we keep being told how different courts Philippe Chatrier and Suzanne Lenglen are (am I right in thinking that they are virtually at opposite ends of the complex?), and how Chatrier appears to play to...
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    Nadal, Rafael Nishikori, Kei Hyeon Chung Berdych, Tomas Schwartzman, Diego Sebastian Goffin, David Kyrgios, Nick Dimitrov, Grigor Wawrinka, Stanislas Cilic, Marin Zverev, Alexander Del Potro, Juan Martin Thiem, Dominic Djokovic, Novak Monfils, Gael I think Rafael Nadal because he is clay...
1-15 of 17 Results