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    In terms of their career achievements, how would you rank the Big 3? Let's make it the ultimate GOAT discussion.
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    Welcome to the Endless GOAT Debate Mega thread. In an attempt to organize the never-ending and popular GOAT discussions on the forum, the MTF staff and a slight majority of the users who participated in the recent GM poll (as of 11/1/2020) agreed that this thread can and will be used for: All...
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    As the title says, will we ever have another match of Murray between those two? Last year we ere supposed to have a Djokovic - Murray in Madrid, but Murray withdrawn at the last moment. Last Djokovic - Murray: Doha F 2017 - 63 57 64 Djokovic d. Murray Last Nadal - Murray: Madrid F 2016 - 75 64...
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    Even after Alcaraz won Indian Wells, Djokovic is still at the top and the real #1 by some distance #1 Djokovic 9160, calculated as (7160 + 2000) #2 Alcaraz 7600, calculated as (7420 + 180) The gap is still huge especially when we take into consideration that Djokovic was denied from...
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    I found this video very interesting where the famous AI model ChatGPT picked the Tennis GOAT along with the top 10 players of all time. Nadal not in top 3? Could it be because of the clay court dominance? Either way, very interesting. What are your thoughts?
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    There are so many talks about titles and records these days. It looks like people forgot the initial purpose of tennis which is about entertaining the viewers. Here is where you can rank Federer, Nadal and Djokovic by how exciting their game is.
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    It must be a sort of compensation for last year's evens, I think. Carballes, Dellien/Q, Dimitrov/Karatsev, Carreno/De Minaur. Please somebody tell me this is a joke. I hope to wake up tomorrow morning and see that this draw is just the result of my imagination.
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    Bad news for djoko fans
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    Djokovic does not defend any points and so if he wins Adelaide and AO, he will have 7,090 points. Alcaraz loses 90 points at AO from 2021 and if he only gets to the AO QFs (very possible since he is coming off an injury and it is his first tournament back), he will gain 360 points and also be...
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    Looks like US restrictions are not going soon, instead they're having more restrictions for international travelers, so my question is which tournaments are Djokovic going to be available this year? I think he is not going to be able to play IW and Miami and Cincinnati/US Open remains a...
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    Anyone who watched Djokovic obliterate Rublev and still thinks he is on his last legs, to use an American expression, is 'whistling past the graveyard' which means putting on an optimistic read in dire circumstances. I am a physician and have watched Djokovic for years. His game has...
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    With his win today, Djokovic now has 234 wins over Top Ten players. His overall is 234-106 (68.8%) vs Federer 224-123 (64.6%) vs Nadal 185-100 (64.9%). Other important stats, Djokovic is one win away from being 50 WINS over Top Ten players ahead of Nadal. Also, Nadal, the clay GOAT has 102 of...
1-19 of 105 Results