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    Given below are 24 reasons why I feel the ATP cup sucks and must be abolished. 1. The format is not novel. It is a poor mimicry of Davis cup which it almost immediately follows. 2. There is no prestige associated with the tournament and barely any history. 3. The tournament is always played in...
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    How do players usually divide the huge prize money between them? In 2019 it was at least 515K Euros for the players in each team: Is it customary to split it evenly or do top players demand to get more?
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    After watching tennis for many decades, it's been a long time since I have found a reason to be excited about it. While I have great respect for Federer and Nadal and their accomplishments, it's not healthy for the sport to be so dominated by two players. This is why I find Denis' rise so...
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    Do you know of a free stream that's quick / easy without signing up for a trial membership? Thanks in advance.
1-4 of 4 Results