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    Looks like US restrictions are not going soon, instead they're having more restrictions for international travelers, so my question is which tournaments are Djokovic going to be available this year? I think he is not going to be able to play IW and Miami and Cincinnati/US Open remains a...
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    Djokovic would have 6,320 points in normal circumstances while Alcaraz at #1 with 6,920 pts. So only 600 points were needed for Djokovic from the 6 premiere hardcourt tournaments which he was denied to participate in. :oops: Only needed a final in one of the four masters or a semi in one of...
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    Independently of what is going to happen tomorrow in the trial, in january of 2023 is the next Australian Open and COVID is not going to end in one year, it doesn't look like Australia is going to change their rules in a near future and Djoković is not going to get COVID every month before the...
1-4 of 5 Results