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    So, already in December, there's a lot of speculation as to whether Djokovic will play the Australian Open due to the undeclared, but very much obvious, fact that he didn't take the COVID-19 vaccine. Speculation continued throughout the month and into January while Djokovic keeps quiet on this...
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    I have question for all. How come Nadal was allowed to enter to Australia just 10 days after he got infected with COVID19? If you are australian citizen and you had COVID19 in some foreign country , you are not allowed to enter country for at least 14 next days! Why this rule was not applied...
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    What do you think? What did he do that truly deserves to be criticized/reprimanded? (and on what scale?) The Serbian authorities had allowed all the activities to take place in the manner they were carried out. The 1st leg of Adria Tour kicked off 12th of June in Belgrade. Already on the 10th...
1-3 of 3 Results