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    Anyone been watching Wimbledon's "Greatest Championships" (or the BBC's Rewind, if you're in the UK)? Enjoying the trip down memory lane? Any thoughts? A few of mine, totally at random: Wish the BBC weren't limiting themselves to finals: there were an equal number of classic matches...
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    What do you think? What did he do that truly deserves to be criticized/reprimanded? (and on what scale?) The Serbian authorities had allowed all the activities to take place in the manner they were carried out. The 1st leg of Adria Tour kicked off 12th of June in Belgrade. Already on the 10th...
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    I thought the idea was that the BBC was going to show us classic matches during what should have been the Wimbledon fortnight, but apparently not. They're in a convenient 3-hour afternoon slot on BBC2, so the conclusion is that they're all going to be edited down to fit. Disappointing :( I...
1-3 of 3 Results