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    Momentous time in the history of tennis. For the first time since Laver, a men's singles player holds all 4 Grand Slams! Rejoice for we have a story for our grandchildren.:worship:
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    Wasn't Wawrinka supposed to win this easily? :confused: :lol: Andy was fantastic throughout the entire match despite some shaky games. Godrinka didn't show up obviously but anyone who though he'd definitely make an appearance and annihilate Andy is a complete moron :lol: Andy now has finals at...
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    WWW RG SF: [2] Murray vs. [3] Wawrinka? Fun fact: Wawrinka won last 10 tournaments on hard&clay where he made SF and played in this SF neither Djokovic nor Federer.
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    Murray 25-3 France. Last two sets: Clayray has finally shown up. Even Nadal and Borg combined wouldnt have stood a chance. First two sets: Dropray failing. Gasquet showed good mental strength until midway through the tiebreaker and the net cord. After that he was garbage.
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    RG R1: [2] Andy "Clayray" Murray def. [Q] Radek Stepanek 3-6 3-6 6-0 6-3 7-5 Current live look at chico and other Djokotards:
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    The best player in the world on clay - sir Andrew "Clayray" Murray :worship: Well played by Andy. Maintained his focus throughout the whole match, saved couple of break points with great serves and volleys, was aggressive from the baseline. He's a favorite to win French Open for me :worship...
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    Just have a weird feeling Clayray will take RG... clay might honestly be his best surface nowadays. He was really struggling in Indian Wells and Miami but has made at least the SF of all 3 clay masters. Novack is wearing himself out with all the long matches... foot not 100%, all the pressure...
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    WWW? Rome Final: Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic Here is a preview of tomorrow's trophy ceremony, courtesy of my local fortune teller.
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    Rome SF: A. Murray d. L. Pouille 6-2 6-1 Easy. Solid from Murray.
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    David was awful in the first set. had a brilliant start than just fell apart. 2nd set david played a little better and was helped by andy's level dropping.In fact that 2nd set was just a mess. whats particularly frustrating here is that every time david got ahead or broke murray's serve he would...
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    Chardy then Goffin... Didn't Clayray already have this draw :lol:
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    I know "Clayray" is purely satirical and a catch nickname in the past, but seriously Murray's best results over the last 2 years has been by far on clay... only lost 3 matches in the last 2 years and all were in final sets. Look at this year - he bombed out early in IW and Miami but found his...
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    Are you enjoying the domination of Serbian Lord Nolemort? Kudos to Murray for making this match interesting on his worst surface. ATP should start putting handicap weights on Djokovic like they do to the best horses on horse racing, to make things even and competitive.
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    Andy Murray becomes the first player to beat Rafael Nadal at the same clay tournament in two consecutive years. :worship: :) Amazing who of all people was able to do this :wink2: This is not a bad lose at all for Rafa as he is actually back, go get some rest and prepare for the Rome QF...
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    Murray wanted to choke it away but Nadal was too kind himself I wanted Djokovic to have the privilege of silencing the crowd but I'll take it
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    Last year final, this year semifinal. :) Who you got winning this, Clayray or Rafa ? Murray just won convincingly against Berdych meanwhile Indoordal struggle to beat Sousa. Taking all this into account Nadal will probably take the match in 3 sets. :wink2:
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    It's a Clayray slay on this day of May... Yay.
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    Murray has won the last few matches but Berdych is 3-0 on clay which is a bit worrying. Still I think Murray will win this in 2 sets, he was playing pretty well today.
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    Murray served from a tree. Hasn't had many routine wins this year so to get one here against a good player is encouraging.
1-20 of 37 Results