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    My first time starting a thread, so forgive me if I make a pig's ear of it. I was very doubtful about the wisdom of Roger playing on clay this year. But it seems to have paid off, regardless of the outcome of the final tomorrow. Last year, he had everything except match-toughness and he paid...
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    Nadal, Rafael Nishikori, Kei Hyeon Chung Berdych, Tomas Schwartzman, Diego Sebastian Goffin, David Kyrgios, Nick Dimitrov, Grigor Wawrinka, Stanislas Cilic, Marin Zverev, Alexander Del Potro, Juan Martin Thiem, Dominic Djokovic, Novak Monfils, Gael I think Rafael Nadal because he is clay...
1-2 of 2 Results