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    Federer is arguably the most talented player to ever grace a tennis court, but i guess he's a little bit overrated. As a matter of fact, he could (should!) have won many more tournaments (Slam finals in particular), but he has had a tendency to choke under pressure. Even if i am a Roger fan...
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    Why not do another mug detector poll, I thought. So here it is: who impressed you more, the 'pathetic weak era mental midget' or the 'nigh unbeatable BOAT QF loser'?
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    Which of those two Wimbledon finals did Federer & Nadal play better in: 2007 or 2008? Now that's a better question, is it? Forgot to add a poll, jeez.
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    Roddick was *6-2 up and lost 6 points in a row, though only 2 were UEs - the famous BH volley at *6-5 and rally BH miss at 6-7*. Lost all three mini-breaks at net (though the first was a sweet half-volley pass). Khachanov DFed three times - Nadal didn't win a non-DF point on return and commited...
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    While I am new to this particular forum, I'm not entirely new to forums in general. I find each community have their resident personalities; some more vocal than others. We're passionate about the players we choose to follow; I get that. I really, really get it. I'm a self confessed fan of...
1-5 of 5 Results