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    H2Hs with a gap of at least 3 at one point. Nadal-Djokovic French Open 7-2 Nadal-Djokovic Rome 6-3 Nadal-Federer French Open 6-0 Nadal-Federer Australian Open 3-0, now 3-1 Nadal-Federer Monte Carlo 3-0 Djokovic-Federer Australian Open 4-1 Djokovic-Federer Indian Wells 3-0 Djokovic-Federer Rome...
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    If you combine AO+Wim as well as FO+US, there is a very clear contrast in finals records between the pairs. Djokovic AO+Wim 15-1 FO-US 5-10 Nadal AO+Wim 3-7. Last title in 2010 FO+US 17-1 Federer AO+Wim 14-5 FO+US 6-6. Last title in 2009. Federer has the most balanced record of the three...
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    The stakes are incredible, bigger than for any other slam that I can remember. Given that Nadal,, Djokovic, and Federer are not getting younger, arguably this tournament is going to decide the slam race. Nadal is, as usual, the favorite at the French Open. If he wins he'll tie Federer at 20...
1-3 of 3 Results