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    Big 3 tards and tennis junkies brace yourselves, it's time for MTF to show its famous prediction skills! Who will be the first member of the Big 3 to win 21 slams and make history?
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    Let's pick the best of their matches, you get to choose the best match of their rivalry. Federer vs Nadal Nadal vs Djokovic Federer vs Djokovic The poll is included.
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    Not sure if we had a thread about this, but let's talk about the absolute peak level of tennis displayed by the members of the big 3. When did you think they reached their absolute peak? The poll is included. PS You might want to break it down into several categories such as physicality...
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    With Hilmy having not played any competitive matches for many months and certain to be unseeded, will he create havoc for one of the Big 3 in early rounds? Will his on court demeanour change back to normal now that the threat of suspension has been lifted? Can he handle Bof5 without match...
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    Which player? Poll will be for the AO. At AO: I think Novak Then the rest may depend on who hasn't won one yet, but independently I would say. At RG: I think RAFA At Wimbledon: I think Roger At the US Open? Again, whomever hasn't won one yet, but probably Novak, if he is still behind...
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    Roger Federer 22 (46 wasted match points) Rafael Nadal 8 (17 wasted match points) Novak Djokovic 3 (7 wasted match points)
1-6 of 7 Results