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  1. General Messages
    10 wins, 20 sets and 2 ITF titles in a row !!! in Cancun
  2. General Messages
    This was behind a paywall site of the Gold Coast Bulletin - the local paper for where he lives on the Gold Coast. Best I could do was export it as a PDF. Thought it might be of interest to some forum members Cheers
  3. General Messages
    Will Bernie the Tank Engine play again? His ranking is outside 200 atm and he looks like he’s in party mode.
  4. Chengdu Open
    Earlier today, Bernard Tomic beat Bradley Klahn 67 76 62 in Chengdu R1. He's playing as a qualifier here. First hard court main draw win for him after 357 days (Tokyo 2017, beat Joao Sousa). Faces Monfils/Harris in R2.
1-4 of 4 Results