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    There should have been no way back from two sets down. But somehow Rafael Nadal found a way ?? Here’s my match analysis of one of the most insane pieces of theatre we've ever witnessed!
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    He breaked Rafa's serve when he was serving for the match, he was serving fine, he had the momentum and he serve a very poor game with not many first serves, many unforced errors and some silly decisions. Nadal didn't even played that great to break, he just had to put the ball in play and let...
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    After so many years of disappointment at AO, this man came and won DCYGS and broke the slam record in his least successful slam, not at RG. And he did this after missing two slams last season and having serious doubts about returning to competitive tennis. Rafa now has 6 HC slams and 8 slams...
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    21 RAFA YOU GOAT RAFA YOU LEGEND RAFA YOU BEAST You made me suffer but you can't be the greatest if you don't suffer. I'm in tears. There will never be a player like him again. Never
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    To me, this realistically seems to be Rafa's last chance to win DCGYS and another AO title. In case he wins, it would be a 13-year gap between his first and second title in Melbourne. No matter what happens I don't think we can hope for another deep run or a good chance to win more titles at the...
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    Good match from Rafa bar the drop of intensity in the 3rd set when he lost a game he should've won. Still, he was good in the fourth set and was covering the court extremely well, some of the defensive/counter shots he made reminded me of peak HC Rafa. The last set was vintage Rafa. Enjoy haters!
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    What a mess has just been made! Now it will be a cakewalk for Alcatraz if he can get past Berrettini.
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    So, already in December, there's a lot of speculation as to whether Djokovic will play the Australian Open due to the undeclared, but very much obvious, fact that he didn't take the COVID-19 vaccine. Speculation continued throughout the month and into January while Djokovic keeps quiet on this...
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    Let's take a short break from the Visovic saga that's reaching its culmination as we speak and talk about tennis. Does the court appear fast this year in Melbourne? I would say that it looks medium-fast, certainly slower than 2017 but faster than the 2011 - 16 editions of the tournament. Discuss.
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    Independently of what is going to happen tomorrow in the trial, in january of 2023 is the next Australian Open and COVID is not going to end in one year, it doesn't look like Australia is going to change their rules in a near future and Djoković is not going to get COVID every month before the...
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    He's imprisoned in awful conditions. He's a victim of the western sanitary democracies for his beliefs. If he stood for next national election, who could stop him? He's a myth, an idol and a national hero. For example, George Weah became president of his country, and the Trump example teaches us...
  12. Australian Open
    Pick-a-Winner (PAW) Australian "Open" 2022 Melbourne, Australia Welcome to Pick-A-Winner (PAW), the Predictions game! Playing is simple: over the course of the tournament choose any 26 matches in the Main Draw and post who you think will win them. The scoring points beside each fixture...
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    We can really say that this is the final that Novak looks more vulnerable in an AO final than ever, but it's because Novak is 33 and isn't in his peak anymore or because Medvedev is the best player he is going to play in a final? In case he isn't the best, who it was? In my opinion, Medvedev is...
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    Tomas Berdych played the match of his life against Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open 2012 quarters, but still came out on the losing end. How did it happen? Do you think Berdych played his best here? What are some other matches that he played spectacularly but still lost?
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    I think there could be a thread for questions that don't need an own thread. If one already exist, please merge this with it. Anyway, my question is what is the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor tennis. Naturally there's no wind indoors. And why indoor courts are considered to be...
1-15 of 21 Results