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    Zverev will not return to the Top10 anytime soon. To do that, he needs wins against players above him in the rankings, and as things stand, he's not capable of that either in terms of his game level or mentally. Today's performance was embarassing. Today's match was one of the worst I've ever...
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    Hey guys, Who do you think will win the ATP finals this time around? My thoughts are given below. Would love to hear your thoughts. 2020 Nitto ATP Finals — Preview and Predictions
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    Slamrev or Slamray, who's better? Sascha Slamrev the real & legitimate 2020 US Open Champion or Sir Multi-slamray, who's here to stay?
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    “I don’t think either of us played particularly well when we were close to the finishing line, but [that was] maybe to be expected since we haven’t played any matches for such a long period,” said Murray. “He didn’t serve so well at the end, which obviously helped me but I fought hard and it is...
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    Zverev served for the match at 6-3, 6-5 40/0, but Federer raised his level, with two sensational volleys in particular helping him to win the next five points and then save two additional match points in the tie-break. But the German settled down and continued to play the aggressive tennis that...
1-12 of 12 Results