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    "One thing I think I'll avoid in future games is taking a melatonin pill and taking a nap before playing because that doesn't seem to work." "The schedules have been a bit difficult in the last days and I had several meetings at night. Not too late, but long enough that my sleep was affected...
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    The current record holder is Nadal who achieved it at the age of 24 years and 101 days.
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    Even after Alcaraz won Indian Wells, Djokovic is still at the top and the real #1 by some distance #1 Djokovic 9160, calculated as (7160 + 2000) #2 Alcaraz 7600, calculated as (7420 + 180) The gap is still huge especially when we take into consideration that Djokovic was denied from...
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    I believe he is a great talent, but given his recent injuries, it would seem unwise.
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    Djokovic does not defend any points and so if he wins Adelaide and AO, he will have 7,090 points. Alcaraz loses 90 points at AO from 2021 and if he only gets to the AO QFs (very possible since he is coming off an injury and it is his first tournament back), he will gain 360 points and also be...
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    Carlitos is having a great season in my opinion and I think this is a very good prediction, especially if he has a good draw. What do you think? "I think Alcaraz is gonna win his first Slam" - Macci predicts 2022 US Open
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    Last Sunday, Lorenzo Musetti defeated Carlos Alcaraz in the Hamburg European Open final 🇮🇹 We've taken a look at why his one-handed backhand return was such an important factor to his success 😳 How Lorenzo Musetti defeated Carlos Alcaraz at the 2022 Hamburg European Open
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    Novak enters the French Open men's draw as the bookmaker's favourite 🥇 Have the bookies made the right choice? 🤔 We've undertaken a competitor analysis between Novak and each of his closest rivals (Zverev, Tsitsipas, Nadal and Alcaraz) ✍️
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    Carlos Alcaraz may have defeated Miomir Kecmanovic but the Serb played his role in one of the matches of the season ?? I've taken a look at how Kecmanovic was able to keep it so close against Carlitos ? Miami Masters 2022: Appreciating Miomir Kecmanovic
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    Full article with video is on my substack. The fourth-round clash between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Carlos Alcaraz was the match of the season for me. It felt like the beginning of a very important rivalry between two young players who will undoubtedly be challenging for the biggest silverware in...
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    From my substack. The full article is available there. For the current top-10, Carlos Alcaraz is a problem. At just 181 the young Spaniard is torching the tour with a degree of moxie not seen since Rafa himself burst onto the scene in the mid 2000’s. A quick list of his recent achievements...
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    Which one of these Millenials will break into top 5 or top 10 in 2022? Sinner FAA Musetti Alcaraz Others
1-12 of 12 Results