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    He basically has 0 points to defend in slams. If he gets a good fall season. He could very well be number by AO!
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    So I was thinking about this after Fed's lack of commitment/preparation/conviction call it what you want post Wimbledon which cost him a great shot at USO, I bet if he was in USO 15 form with his improved BH and BH return he would've done the treble this year too and I'm wondering if he's...
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    Gone, no prize money, large fine incoming I guess. out of doubles (next opponent gets a walkover)
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    We saw in 2014 how Federer without a slam for the year was able to push Novak close for the YE1 and now Murray is doing the same having won half the slams and M1000s as Novak. Does this represent a flaw in the ranking system? Do slams and Masters deserve to be given more weightage in terms of...
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    "I didn't feel good mentally" : Djokovic after RBA defeat in the press conference I really hope everything is fine with him. It's a testament to his greatness that he's had such a great year despite injury woes and these mental issues he doesn't elaborate on. I suspected something was up with...
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    Purely hypothetical. Discuss.
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    Posted this on another thread - but I think it deserves to be said aloud and in a separate thread. I can't believe the hate and how quickly it came bursting out... "Gael was goofing off!!! Unprofessional!!! Clown!!! Bloody-murder!!!" Just to remind all the glowing-green-haters here -...
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    I think this is a fair question - After seeing Fed's slow-walk-out, and struggles Rafa is going thru - with only Novak, out of the big 3, still standing - and with some recent successes Murray had, his fans are getting rabid and trying to hype up the idea that somehow "it's Andy's time"...
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    I foresee the Scottish Pride to win the USO title this year then go on and win AO and FO next year and complete the Golden Murray Slam. Mark my words, there is no stopping the Scottish Stallion. :worship: The following question remains though: IF Murray completes the Golden Murray Slam, will...
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    Cincinnati F: Cilic def. Murray 6-4 7-5 My reaction when the pusher FRAUD was exposed. Crying about the wind and the microphone, disgusting. Even a choking Cilic couldn't lose against this pusher. Exposed yet again. What a FLUKE. Some deserving no. 1 he is. As for the Muzzahtards, I'm...
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    Federer is the most dominant single surface player of all time beating Nadal. Federer has 10 wimbledon finals. Dull has 9. :spit: argument
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    Don't know what's going on lately in Djoker's camp - but I've never seen Djoker play this "relaxed" :) He looks like Tomic on Lithium :) He just played Berdych in a clutch first set tie-break at approx 60%... Was about to lose it, but looked like he could not care less. I actually like it.
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    Mugray is the most overhyped pusher this week, that's for certain, but let's look at some Wimbledon stats(the stats at the other grand slams are added for the laugh): Pushandy vs Nadal: Wi: 0-3 RG: 0-2 AO: 1-1(Nadal retired in one) USO: 1-1 VS Djokovic Wi: 1-0(the final he won) RG: 0-2 AO...
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    What will be the excuses of his fans when he inevitably gets stomped by Djokovic in the finals(if his pushing gets him there in the first place) to come? Discuss.
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    Fast forward to 1:04..OMG that pause :sadface:
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    I've had this weird feeling for sometime now but I feel like Fed constantly getting denied by hard luck(USO 14 losing to Cilic GOATing out of nowhere), then losing 2 wim finals to dj(esp wim 14), then losing the USO losing bp after bp and now culminating in the most cruel way possible of losing...
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    I got to say i am completely devastated that Murray did not win the french open. I was convinced he would win it and his demolition job of wawrinka only confirmed it. I was very depressed yesterday and could not eat. After the first set i thought the match was as good as won. Murray was playing...
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    We thought Nadal had slowed down sufficiently for Djokovic to never be troubled again (or never be troubled again physically). But I couldn't tell which one of them was more athletic at Rome 2016. Is this a concern for Djokovic? His only edge is now, mental? And if Djokovic loses ONE set point...
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    I'm in love with @Slade. He's just so cute, and he's really my type. I hope that one day, I get to have a boyfriend just like him. If Slade is my boyfriend, I'd spoil him, make him his favourite snack at 3AM, cook his favourite meals everyday, iron his clothes for work... give him lots of...