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  • tvitinman ·
    Steve -

    This is the 3rd time I'm reporting the same moderator that's abusing his privileges. "time violation" moderator/admin in the last week or so deleted SEVERAL threads (3 of which are mine) and locked couple of other threads - despite the fact that all of them were written perfectly within the rules of the forum and with an interesting and live discussions (10+ pages - hundreds of member posts).
    Here's the latest example - he deleted the thread I've posted an hour ago - and he deleted it almost immediately:

    Title: Djoker 3.0 - Next Gen

    Due to message limit (1000 chars) - I cant put the whole post here - but I have it and I can send it in a separate message. The post is just one fan positive take on a player situation and go forward view.
    No explanation for deletion, no notice, nothing. This is BULLYING and obvious abuse.

    I expect to receive a response from you about this stating actions considered/taken.

    ali ·

    just wanted to drop by to say thank you at this time of year end.
    thanks for all your work for our good time in MTF. :worship:

    a happy holiday season and all the best for 2016.

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