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  • Martin12 ·
    Your new rankings site is really great. I will certainly use it regularly. Thanks a lot for setting it up. Just one point for the moment: on my notebook (Mac OS 10.12.3, Safari 10.0.3) most of the column titles are printed upside down. Looks kind of funny.
    JIvanHaz ·
    Hello, greetings from Colombia. First of all, huge fan. Searching in the web i find your forum and i search for the database ranking post, and i have to say. Congratulations! You have achieved a big deal. Hope the ATP consider you as a valid source.

    Looking at the Open Era in men tennis, i can't find a properly equivalent from the 70's or 80's from ATP Masters 1000 aka. Super 9 that began in 1990. The only close material is a wikipedia page, (Tennis Masters Series records and statistics), that is not accurate. I'm asking you, what database do you use for this tournaments for the 70's and 80's players.

    Thanks for your time. And i apologize for my english.
    RAFAism ·
    I suspected nadalfan2017 was a djokovic fan earlier and I won't be surprised if it is.

    2017 wasn't my DA but I can't speak for any other nadalfans.
    Cloren ·
    Nvm saw it. Is the DA also one of the accounts of the Nadal Clones (13/15/16/07) or just another different nadaltard? just wanna know that, don't need the name :p
    [email protected] ·
    I have been directed to you to help me recover the password for my previous account "[email protected]" which was a very old account (since 2008). I know the password but have been unable to acess it for a while. More trouble some is that the main email account associated with that username of mine has been hacked meaning even a password recovery is impossible now. Please can you help?
    Labard ·
    Thank you again for deleting my threads. Do not worry, I will never post a thread, so you can sleep well.

    At least relevant threads like the one about Nadal on the golf course can stay.

    Labard ·

    I received a warning from you because of my thread (I am not sure, ?)
    I wanted to create an unorthodox thread instead of the same PR type of threads. If that is a sin, please let me know. I did not want to bait anyone or hurt feelings.

    TrolTennis ·

    What would be best place to create thread about fans visiting to Cincy tournament? Is it allowable? I couldn't find anything related.

    Thank you.
    Hypnotize ·
    Hi Slasher, I accidentally reported a post by Shirt Ripper when I meant to click the feedback link. Sorry for the confusion and please ignore my report.
    swissmaestro92 ·
    my apologies for my comment on Gulbis, I did not realise this was against the forum rules, I will not post negative comments again.
    masterclass ·
    Unfortunate, but no disaster. The delay between my request and any potential action was too great. I requested it just after I created the thread and poll (~15 minutes) as I realized my error. And then I compounded the error by not sending this directly to the ones with permission to change it - admins. It needed to be done in the first hour or two. Anyway, lessons learned...

    Thanks and regards,
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