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  • norajuna ·
    Hi there

    Didn't dare to ask in public. But what was it that some Rafa haters mentioned about him cheating? What did he do and when was it during the match?

    Bargearse ·
    Hi Mimi... how's things in HK? As bad as the media is making them out to be? I was there in April and could sense some unrest coming because of that extradition thing. Anyway - there are serious things going on in the world besides a tennis tournament! I think unless Medvedev can pull off a miracle Rafa's got this one in the bag.
    Losange ·
    Hi Mimi,

    Yes, he's been disqualified by the USTA for racist comments after he questioned the impartiality of the umpire based on her race at an American challenger in 2016 against Donald Young. He's an idiot.

    fenway4 ·
    Hi Mimi,

    I was looking at my user profile, and I noticed that you gave me some rep points in the last couple weeks. Thank you. :)

    Master Yoda ·
    Thank you Mimi. I sometimes forget that you are a Rafa fan. I hope you dont get upset when I write about other players. I dont mean half the crap that comes out of my mouth. I wish Nadal a fast recovery.
    Budadiii ·
    Well, still no rep to give around since I never rep, but you're such a good Rafa fan so you can go for Sascha over Domi (I generally do too) any time :D
    Monsi ·
    I have no rep to give back, as usual. :hug:
    The unholy trinity keeps being unique, however, the folks in the stands just want to see their fave succeed. Rafa and DelPo, for that matter, don't suffer from lack of support either. That US Open match vs. Thiem... gosh :lol:
    Monsi ·
    They are unique and they leave everyone puzzled. Oh well, their bitterness is beautiful in its own way. Let's enjoy it. :p
    Joe Speedboot ·
    I'm going around thanking a lot of people for giving me good reps, because after a year I just discovered all the the reps I've been giving. Never knew. So thank you. I could've giving you some good reps back if I had only known:smile2:
    Monsi ·
    I wish you not to have a bigger sorrow in your life. ;)
    I am sure both you and Rafa will be fine sooner rather than later. :)
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