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  • MWW ·
    Hello ali.

    I too appreciate your kindness towards myself and many others on this forum.
    I has been good to share many things together.

    I wish you much peace, blessing and happiness for 2016. :D

    Arsen ·
    As much as I would like to, General Messages is full of many excitable fans and angry people...

    Federer has 17 slams, that's made up of 4 Australian Opens, 1 French Open, 7 Wimbledons and 5 US Opens. Federer dominated the game for a long time before Djokovic and Nadal came, in total he was ranked number 1 for over 300 weeks...
    Nadal has 14 slams, 1 Australian Open, 9 French Opens, 2 Wimbledons and 2 US Opens, and is considered the best player in history on clay.
    Djokovic has 10 slams, but has never won the French Open. He has 5 Australian Opens, 3 Wimbledons and 2 US Opens. He has been ranked number 1 for longer than Nadal, but only half as long ass Federer with 150 weeks...

    Djokovic has the most ever Aussie Open wins, Nadal the most French, Federer the most Wimbledons.

    Murray, Wawrinka and Hewitt all have 2 Grand Slams. Hewitt was ranked number one a long time ago, even before Federer.

    If you have any questions relating to tennis history, just ask :)
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