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  1. Shame Andy isn't still playing
  2. Forum Move to Inactive Players
  3. Andy's Life After Retirement Thread
  4. Andy Roddick Through The Years (Pictures)
  5. Summer Hardcourt & Olympics
  6. 2012 Grasscourt Season
  7. Un bref séjour en France - Andy at Roland Garros Thread
  8. We need photos of Andy
  9. Spring Hardcourt Season
  10. AO 2012 - Limping Closer to Retirement
  11. Could Roddick Win an Australian
  12. It's not too much to ask the mind & body to work at the same time is it? HC Thread
  13. The "" thread
  14. The "Clay is for Pots" 2011 Useless Clay Season Thread
  15. Spring Hardcourts
  16. Andy's 2011 Live Score Discussion Thread (basel)
  17. Starting off 2011 Down Under
  18. Roddick's Grunting
  19. Roddick fans! Help me out! :D
  20. The 2010 Fall/Indoor/Craptastic Off-Season Thread
  21. 6 years ago today..
  22. Stefanki
  23. Queenland's alert: IT'S QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!
  24. Well it wasn't a new losing technique but it was a good one nonetheless. Bye HC Seaso
  25. Who cares about Andy's loss when it's our debtastic mod's bday?!
  26. The "Speechless, and not in a good way" grass thread
  27. The "Nice of you to show up, Andy" clay season thread
  28. Andy's gifted in basketball as well (video)
  29. Andy Roddick News Thread
  30. Who needs creativity when you can just say YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!! (Spring HC Thread)
  31. Andy's 2010 Season Live Scoring Thread (London WTF)
  32. The "let's erase the last 6 months from our minds" Australian Swing Thread
  33. ATTENTION PLEASE!!! Cancel Christmas Because It's Kate's Birthday!!!!!!!
  34. The "Zachary is in the Stars: Happy Birthday Renée!" Thread
  35. Fall tourneys thread
  36. 2011 Davis Cup Thread
  37. Feliz aniversário, Re!!!
  38. Happy Birthday Fee!!
  39. ATTENTION PLEASE!! This is a Birthday Celebration Fit for a QUEEN!!!!
  40. The "You can't be a TB king if you lose every single important TB" HC Thread
  41. The "27 down 230 more to go: HAPPY BDAY DEBSSSS" Thread!!!!!!!!.
  42. The "Life is Completely Unfair, But We are Proud to be Your Fans" Grass Season Thread
  43. Yay French Federation, You Got Exactly What You Wanted. Nice Try Anyway, Andy.
  44. Andyland Chat Thread Part 2 (they made me.)
  45. The "enjoy your little break, you've earned it :D (and vamos mandy)" Spring HC Thread
  46. Andy's 2009 Season Live Scoring Thread (Shanghai, Post 3,398)
  47. Andy might be skipping Kooyong, but we can still have the bong AO Season Thread
  48. Happy Birthday Katakate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. 2009 News/Schedule Thread
  50. Happy Happy Birthday to my lovelyawesome Renée! :D
  51. The Andyland awesome smileys thread :D
  52. 2009 Davis Cup Thread
  53. The "Kick-ass coach has been found" off season thread
  54. It's time for an AWESOME BIRTHDAY PARTY!
  55. Roddick Fires Roddick, Hires McEnroe
  56. The Hot Swimmers Picspam Thread :) (aka the Chat Thread) II
  57. USO poll: Will Andy reach...
  58. LET'S HAVE A PARTY!!!!!!!!! It's Queen's bday!!!!!!!!!!
  59. The "Andy's Classy Win or Lose & That's Why We Still Love the Loser" Summer HC Thread
  60. Happy Birthday Debs!!! :aparty:
  61. The "no matter how much he sucks we just can't quit him" Grass Thread!
  62. The "Yay, False Hope Once Again!" Clay Season Thread
  63. Roddick is engaged to be married!
  64. The appreciation thread.
  65. The "Thanks for ending it with a big fat step back" Spring HC Thread.
  66. She's not here but who says we can't party!!! *rocker*
  67. 2008 Andy News/Schedule stuff
  68. Andy's 2008 Live Scoring Thread (See You in 2009!)
  69. Discuss the separate livescoring thread here please!
  70. 2008 Australian Open. Sunscreen required, 4th round tickets optional...
  71. A Song Remixed by BGT; Dedicated to Andy
  72. Andy's Political Stance
  73. Happy "Andy Roddick Thread" Holiday Season
  75. *ahem*
  76. The "I kind of got a little evicted..." Ugly Betty thread
  77. Would you buy a ticket for a RODDICK SAMPRAS rematch?
  78. Thailand open
  79. The "Slip-Sliding to Spain to Try Their Best" 2008 Davis Cup Thread!!
  80. Happy Birthday to a really nice person...
  81. ahem, my twin's having a birthday, so we need to CELEBRATE!!!!
  82. Your Round Robin group is a Wonderland (TMC Thread, no we're not joking he's there)
  83. The 'teenylicious, g1MmMyl1CiOus,saralicious-It's a licious thread!!' thread
  84. Montreal media not disappointed to see Andy leave
  86. John is slightly awkward, but still hitting the ball well
  87. Happy Birthday To Me....
  88. feliz cumpleaños!!!!!!! |:!!!!
  89. *cough* It's the Queen's birthday!
  90. Just because learning portuguese is fun (só porque aprender português é divertido :D)
  91. The Harry Potter Fan Club *SPOILERS*
  92. ** Pwned by the USO Draw!!! Good luck, Andy, eat your Wheaties! **
  93. IMPORTANT: Tytta is an Andy forum Moderator until September 12 (seriously, read this)
  94. The Hot Swimmers Picspam Thread :) (aka the Chat Thread)
  95. Happy Happy Birthday to a Debsically Debtastic person!! :aparty:
  96. i made a hawaiian cake for someone's birthday...
  97. i don't get it.
  98. no longer a car salesman, andy looks into used lawnmowers.
  99. Andy Roddick's extra muscles on Men's Fitness magazine
  100. What has happend to Andy's forehand
  101. if you're a slut for heroes, this is the thread for you!
  102. The "Thanks for living down to our expectations Andy. Love ya!" clay thread (RG)
  103. "Let's go Party!" - Happy Birthday Ken!!!!! :inlove:
  104. The "AMER DELIC NEEDS A FORUM" Thread!.
  105. A Happy Thread
  106. 24! Happy Birthday, Mary!! (aka KieferKiwi & simpleternity)
  107. :') It's a very important someone's birthday!!!
  108. Standing on the Baseline this Spring (Spring indoor/HC thread!)!!
  109. Happy 18th Birthday to the GIRLS!!!!! (oh, and Danielle too!!!)
  110. It's Ducktastic! [please read]
  111. Is Andy Roddick hot?
  112. Ahem ahem ahem ahem (times TWO!!!!!)
  113. Photo Album of Andy Roddick Neatness (2007-09)
  114. The "You didn't get the slam but improvements were yay! We still love you" AO/Kooyong
  115. The "Let's Stay out of the Tabloids kthanks" 2007 News Thread!
  116. The "Andy likes to sing and dance" music thread ... We Like John Mayer!!! :D
  117. Happy Happy Birthday!
  118. The "Debsically!.ð Debtastic!.ð Deboogling!.ð Deb!.ð" Appreciation Thread!!!!.®©ð
  119. Websites
  120. It's time to party, we have a birthday boy!
  121. The Partyboy lounge
  122. The "7 years and counting in the Top Ten" RANKINGS WATCH Thread!!!
  123. Starting off 2007 with a Bong in Kooyong (Andy's 2007 Schedule Thread Updated 3/15)!!
  124. Excuse me, it's someone's birthday!!!!!
  125. the "CAROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" thread
  126. Lets us eat cake and celebrate because we have a BIRTHDAY!
  127. The "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 2007 DC thread
  129. Why do so many players have the match of their lives against Andy Roddick?
  130. Big reason for a PARTY!!!!!
  131. Andy Roddick Massage Board
  132. Good way to get our frustrations out.
  133. The "Please Learn How to Win an Effing Tiebreak During the Off-Season" Indoor Thread
  134. A A
  136. The Andy Roddick blog (sub forum) is stupid and a waste of space
  137. Andy vs Lleyton in Progress
  138. Okay. What the hell is a quack?
  139. Guess what! We got a birthday boy!
  140. Has Anyone Met Roddick?
  141. Andy fans!! I need your help!!
  142. I love you Andy! 4 gs finals in 4 years not bad!(Andy's US Open Thread!!!!)
  143. Andy impersonates JMAC, Agassi. Hewitt, Pova LOL
  144. Hey Fee! It's your birthday!
  145. Happy Birthday Naldo!!!!!!!!!
  146. Andy OUT of Legg Mason
  147. Mandamoo Birthday Partay!!!!!!!!
  148. WTF
  149. Happy happy birthday
  150. dun dun dun...we have a birthday girl!
  151. Deb, Nat, and Brian's Thread of Grammar Shame.
  152. The "HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" HC Thread (Cincy!)
  153. it's ms. noelle's special day
  154. it's already the big day in some parts of the world...*ahem* we have a new bday girl!
  155. Andy's 18 year old girlfriend...???
  157. Fat John and Invisible Lawrence (Andy's Brothers Thread)
  159. Why Andy
  160. "At home mowing the Lawn" (Andy's Wimbledon thread)
  161. Sorry players' interviews. Death of Tennis Mourning Thread.
  162. At one point
  163. The "when I said 'healthy' I meant mental health too" Queens thread
  165. Happy birthday Mizzzzzuh Q!!
  166. The "Andy will never be as cool as Dmitry" Blog Thread...
  167. Top Spin WINS
  168. Dmitry Tursunov is a winner at life and Marat Fangirling.
  169. Zoltan83 vs. MisterQ: a.k.a. Battle of the 10-point Scrabble Letters
  170. Questions for Andy that must be answered (no matter how stupid or offensive!)
  171. Andy becomes Stefankinstien's monster!! (Andy's coach thread)
  172. Is Roger the only player to win the PS3?
  173. The "Good fight anyway Andy!" Houston thread
  174. The "injuries still suck" RG thread
  175. Happy Birthday Tangy!!!11111111
  176. Tennis Videos
  177. Cheetos
  178. The "ok, get some cheetos, drill some forehands, and don't upset Jen" Miami Thread
  179. Andy's black compression shorts
  180. How do you like Andy's new hair cut?
  181. Horia's House of Hoochies
  182. I know it's not the 8th where you are, but, it's your birthday party!
  183. The "Shameful, Andy! Shameful!" Indian Wells Thread
  185. doug = greatest ballkid ever.
  186. Which board hosts the dumbest tennis fans?
  187. new roddick fan :D
  188. One thing about Andy
  189. Happy Birthday N@!
  190. The "rant here until Andy's next tournament" thread
  191. What should Andy do next?
  192. The "I don't even know what to say anymore :(" Memphis thread.
  193. Roddick Serve and Forehand
  194. happy birthday p. jinny [:
  195. Is Andy dating Maria Sharapova??
  196. Happy Birthday Mrs. Spadea!!!
  197. Roddick Fires Goldfine!!!
  199. Andy Grand Slam Results, 2000-present
  200. Would someone like to run their own Andy Roddick website?
  202. The well, at least the discussion was fun for a day not-really-Delray-Thread
  203. Good effort anyway, Andy. FIND YOUR CONFIDENCE SOON! (SAP Open thread)
  204. This joke hurts. (*tell Andy Roddick the truth)
  205. Another Grand Slam for Andy -- EVER?????
  206. Jiat needs her own Birthday Thread cause she's that awesome k? k (:
  207. GIMME AN M! A! N! P! R! E! E! T!
  208. ~It's ok, hair grows back and so will your confidence~
  209. the "ADAM : THEATRICAL :: COW : MOOS" AI thread
  210. Roddick at CNN
  211. NEWS: Studly Andy Murray likes to fondle Slutty Novak Djokovic.
  212. The well, at least the Bryans know how to win! AO thread (Andy, you still suck)
  213. progress, y/n
  214. ...and the Oscar goes to King Kooyong!
  215. For all those times you just have to say...... OH MY OVARIES!
  216. .
  217. nat likes to bump things. |:.
  218. Its a FAIRYLICIOUS Birthday!
  219. Pat McEnroe,"Roddick rubs people the wrong way"-MORON commentators
  220. Where are the fans who always.......
  221. 2006 PICTURE THREAD: So many Andy images you could go BLIND!!!
  222. Andy's 2006 Schedule!!!
  223. LACOSTE
  224. andy in 06
  225. dean goldfine
  226. 'Spadea ain't afraid of ya': A wifey's insight into the live of ice ice Vinnay.
  227. Andy Roddick 2005 Year in Review!
  228. A Proposal to Overhaul the Schedule
  229. :)
  230. Something to comfort Andy fans
  231. The back in black 06' thread. (hopes for 06')
  232. 2006 Andy News/Articles!
  233. TMC: Andy def. Roger (via Dahveed) :p
  234. Funny stuff
  235. Roddick is one of only two players to have won 50+ matches for the past 4 years
  236. 2005 Losses: Tie Break Hell
  237. The Roddick Crime and Punishment Thread
  238. The "Merde Sainte!!" Lyon and Paris thread
  239. were are the nude andy pics?
  240. AHEM. Ahem. ahem. AHEM!.
  241. SHOUTouts to missing persons...
  242. AngryAndy Ragin' in 2006?
  243. ahem ahem ahem!!!!
  244. Playing Russian Roulette on the Clay (The 2006 DC thread!)!
  245. *cough* *cough* Kellerer *cough* *cough*
  246. Andy's Ranking (points, stats, updates, etc.)! Current Ranking: Entry: 3, Race: 3
  247. Renata......*cough* *cough* clears throat......
  248. The Robert Loves Us and Leaves Us Thread
  249. Vote for your favorite Andy-Lexus-Amex ad!
  250. Doubles!