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  1. "Something's Missing" just don't give up (indoor thread)
  3. Step aside Andy, Katrina Grand Slammed
  4. The No Longer a Boy, Not Quite a Man "Happy Birthday Andy" Thread!
  5. Lance Armstrong guilty?
  6. The "We've got videos of that dork Andy!" Media Center
  7. The "It's OK Andy, James, Andre & the Bryans saved the USO For you" USO Thread
  8. song of the month
  9. What is wrong with Andy Roddick?
  10. Andy Interview 2001 (translated version of the scans) second part added
  11. I was cleaning out my closet and look what I found!!!!!
  12. The "WOOT WOOT we are proud of you, Andy!" Cincy thread.
  13. RandomRoddickComments
  14. because we're so on top of the birthdays around here...
  15. The "Andy just crawl into a hole and die" Montreal Suckage thread.
  16. Happy Birthday to Me.
  17. Lacoste (in color) will save your hawt life.
  18. To the lovely mandamoo who is my cousin...*ahem*
  19. apologies if this has been posted...
  20. To my favorite cuz........
  21. ahem....*clears throat*
  22. because caro is effing awesome...
  23. Andy and Maria?
  24. The "I want Kell back. Now." Thread
  25. From a Roddick fan to any fan
  26. Andy Forum Issues - please read
  27. From a Federer fan to Roddick fans...
  28. just so you know! - london check in please!
  29. The "Ice Ice Baby! Andy wins his fourth title!" summer hardcourt thread!
  30. Does anyone know where to find...
  31. Happy (belated) birthday Amber!
  32. Was It Just Me or....
  33. We have a birthday girl in the house!
  34. The "Andy likes women too" WTA Chat thread!
  35. andys wimbledon
  36. Tennis is not the only thing they're good at...
  37. Davis Cup: Belgium vs USA: on Clay
  38. Only 17 Roddick's fans ?!?!?
  39. Tangy I love you!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Andy's Head-to-Head Records (last updated 10/30/05)
  41. ** Third time's the charm for the Roddick Express at Wimbledon 2005! **
  42. Debstah
  43. Roddick Wins Third Straight Queen's Title
  44. Anti-Roddicks
  45. Happy Birthday Smucav
  46. The scream
  47. The Beard
  48. Time to Turn it Around
  49. A grinder. Hm?
  50. Recommend Stuff!
  51. The Wish Bone of Doom!
  52. Mountain crumbles, gag, choke
  53. Write to Andy ?
  54. It's hard...
  55. Hate to bring up this thread, especially after Roddick's dissappointing loss but...
  56. Group Hug thread...WE ROCK! :hug:
  57. It's time to smoke grass (the post-2005-clay-court-season thread)
  58. "Andy has kicked some ass on grass!" the green grass Queens thread
  59. Breaking News...AR signs a footwear deal with Babolat
  60. The Roddick Racquet.
  61. The Roddick Racquet.
  62. Andy's biggest win in 05'
  63. What's the best possible draw for Andy at RG
  64. *** Happy Birthday Mister Q *** :)
  65. yum
  66. ....
  67. Another Birthday Thread
  68. "Tennis aside, Roddick comes up aces off court, too" (Boston Globe article)
  69. Why Is Andy Skipping Indianapolis this year?
  70. is down???
  71. the fifteen lives of thomasina.
  72. The "Andy, if you EVER do this will die" thread.
  73. Tennis Video Games
  74. Tennis Video Games
  75. Lacoste signs Andy
  76. *cough* *cough* Birthday time *cough* *cough*
  77. RED ALERT...REEBOK and ANDY RODDICK part ways...
  78. What did you first notice about Andy Roddick?
  79. BORED? Post a cartoon version of yourself or fav tennis player!
  80. Andy Roddick is father. Washington affair
  81. holycrapdeath. (The Funny Andy Thread!)
  82. The Acting - You know what I mean
  83. The Captain Obvious Thread.
  84. The "Andy says, 'I have no excuses this year if I don't do well.'" RG thread
  85. Is there any tennis in this forum?
  86. Do you like Jim Carrey?
  87. Don't call it a comeback, it's just Jelena Dokic! (A place for Fumus, Naldo, Jace)
  88. Roddickless Shirt!
  89. Is Andy in a slump?
  90. *ahem* *ahem* a certain citrus fruit has a birthday!!!!!!
  91. Sometimes, good news deserves its own thread.
  92. Will Andy show up? The Monte Carlo AMS tourney
  93. Why is Andy Roddick known as 'Ducky'?
  94. Why is Roddick's nephew chinese?
  95. *drumroll* Dun dun dun...My 10,000th Post! Yeehaw!
  96. Hey, I'm new here!
  97. Getting to know other A-Rod Fans better.
  98. My idol!
  99. what does andy need to return 2 his rightful place in tennis?
  100. The "Feel the Miami Heat as Andy Sprains his Wrist!" Nasdaq thread
  101. Pics of Andy from Indian Wells
  102. Finally the PUMPS are mine!!
  103. andy on punk'd
  104. Roddick/Mardy Fish exhibition match
  105. mani, come look at our sign!!!
  106. finally gives Roddick the funk
  107. the DC Pics thread
  108. ahem ahem ahem tout le monde!!
  109. Deb makes apperance on ESPN Chat
  110. The "Please Find Your Confidence, Andy!" Indian Wells thread.
  111. RO needs your help! please nominate
  112. Who has the best poster?
  113. Andy's got SIDES!!!
  114. ahem ahem ahem ahem!!!!!!!
  115. Congrats Paige!!!!
  116. 2004 US Open shoes
  117. Our little Tytta off to university
  118. Ace Hotlist 2005 Sexiest Player on Planet
  119. Andy TV Alerts UK! Punk'd Monday night!
  120. The Ultimate Showdown - The battle of the sexay hotties
  121. Carolerers Wedding
  122. Hi guys!!!!!
  123. Andy's Body
  124. Fashion Faux Pas
  125. *ahem ahem ahem*
  126. because i felt like making a poll...
  127. Kellerer and Amanderer's tips for ATP hair
  128. Lets vote for Andy!!!
  129. The "Don't Eat Too Much BBQ" Memphis Thread!
  130. Happy Birthday Jenny!!
  131. the thread tangy and ren@erer wanted.
  132. Happy Birthday, Danielle!!
  133. Blue Man's Needs
  134. Hi,i am new here!!!
  135. Hi,i am new here!!!
  136. ppjgd is just like an iron so yeah... BURN! (:
  137. Tytta's Wedding
  138. There was a thread "100 reasons why we like Andy Roddick" can I find it? :)
  139. Andy's distracting belly button
  140. What to do...
  141. RCA Indianapolis 2005?
  142. The "There's no crying in tennis!" San Jose thread!
  143. the ultimate question! lets hear the theories
  144. How are you going to stay up late?
  146. Message to Jiat...and everyone else as well *hippo noises* ppsst it's someones day!!
  147. The Andy Game!
  148. What does Andy have to do to beat Fed?
  149. can someone help me with this?
  150. New Andy and Mardy site :)
  151. The "We Love You, Dean!" Australian Open Thread!!
  152. NO COMPROMISE bands available now!
  153. Interesting Forum Posts
  154. The "No more saggy man tits!" Kooyong thread!
  155. Andy Matches(videos) Andybody ?
  156. Post pictures of your PETS here! (was: For amanda (: )
  157. 2004 Fashion Review: Andy's most BORING outfits!
  158. 2004 Fashion Review: Andy's WORST outfits!
  159. 2004 Fashion Review: Andy's BEST outfits!
  160. 2005 PICTURE THREAD: All the Andy images you can stand!
  161. Please, vote for Andy
  162. 2005 Andy Articles!
  163. Does Andy still have a place in Boca?
  164. Which traits do you share with Andy? -- PART TWO
  165. Questionnaire!!!
  166. When was Andy playing his best this year?
  167. Cheesy Andy joke thread
  168. Fumus plays hardball with Brad
  169. The important part of 2005...y'know, the clothes!!!!
  170. Favorite Shot to watch Andy hit.
  171. Just what is Roddick's ride?
  172. Happy Holidays!!!
  173. Tournements that Andy is due to win!
  174. Bye-bye Gilbert. Welcome back visor and old style?
  175. Fan Experiences
  176. Andy Tennis
  177. Who fits these descriptions?
  178. roddick beats andre 7-6, 7-6 in mobile,al
  179. Ranking, draws, schedule
  180. sexy shirtless pics
  181. Oh Dear God What is he Doing!
  182. I can't help falling in love
  183. uh, Andy fired Brad. And Hired Dean!
  184. My little ryme about Andy
  186. How do we get to change Andy's residence to Austin?
  187. Girlfriend?!
  188. Waffling the Belgians On The Way Back To The World Group!! (The 2005 DC Thread)
  189. New member
  191. 2005 Schedule & Stats (schedule updated 5/18, stats 4/4)
  192. Maximum Encouragement.
  193. OH no....... (ANDY vs HEWITT)
  194. Roddick Online is back!!
  195. whats 'roddicks ride'??
  196. Happy Birthday Jace!!!
  197. Andy is 2???
  198. The Curse of the Fedbino?!
  199. Houston Re-ducks
  200. Not Dating, but playing in, Paris!
  201. Andy and Paris Hilton
  202. Boxers or Briefs
  203. The MTF Anniversary Thread!
  204. snoitciderp 5002
  205. xotherxmatchesx
  206. especially for naldo!
  207. The "What a KERJ!!!!!" Thread (aka Andy's Charity Stuff!)
  208. Andy's Gallery
  209. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!!!!!!!
  210. *clears throat* ahem ahem
  211. Andy and Brad is the honeymoon over?
  212. the "mallard SHOULD BE in madrid" thread
  213. Interesting tidbits from Brad's book
  214. "Cap'n Fumus' Swashbuckling Wench Catching Thread"
  215. idea what to put just
  216. Who is Andy's Closest Rival?
  217. hello andy fans
  218. Pics : Andy Roddick VS Jeff Morrison in Thailand Open 2004
  219. exploit on clay.......
  220. Munching the carpet (Euro indoor season)
  221. Thai Duck?
  222. A present for Jackson
  223. Happy Birthday to Proph!!!
  224. Sexy Andy pictures (preferably shirtless :devil:)
  225. Too many trolls! We need a Forum moderator!
  226. Andy Outfits
  227. stnemanruot deppiks ydnA
  228. MisterQ has a website
  229. What are Vcash?
  230. Reebok Store in NYC!!!!
  231. A question about the duck name
  232. I want the pumps!
  233. Back to the drawing board for Team Roddick
  234. Andy lost....
  235. sillyness pics thread
  236. Speaking of sexy beasts...
  237. haha i'm an andy troll
  238. Andy Shirtless Pics
  239. This is a dumb question but why is he called duck?
  240. Why I like Andy
  241. Vote for Andy!
  242. Andy Agassi ROFL
  243. Movie preview - the chronicles of roddick
  244. Cousin Vinny raps about Andy
  245. Happy Birthday Andy!!!
  246. Bad Temper- sexy?
  247. Andy multi-talented
  248. Best Andy Site
  249. Andy on Magazine
  250. duckies body part thread