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  1. Nole - Bercy Champion 2009!! Anyone for an Encore?? 2010 Paris Cheering thread
  2. Vote for Novak in the ATP World Tour Awards!
  3. Is Nole stupid enough to play 4 weeks in a row ?
  4. Basel 2010: Nole Fights to Retain the Crown Seized from the Swiss King! F v Federer!
  5. The ' Nole Rocks in Shanghai' cheering thread :rocker2:
  6. China LOVES you~! 2010 China Open Cheering Thread!
  7. Let's vote for Nole!!!!!
  8. 2010 USO Cheering thread (Nole Made the Final!)
  9. Sizzling in Cincinnati - 2010 cheering thread - QF vs Roddick
  10. 2010 Toronto Cheering Thread: Ajde Nole! Ajde Rafole! SF vs. Federer
  11. So, when did we all first become fans of Nole?
  12. Where is Novak's girlfriend?
  13. What can Nole do....
  14. Will we see another dramatic match from Nole? Wimbledon cheering thread! SF-Berdych
  15. Queen's tournament - England, Land of the Fairies - Let's start the magic
  16. Djokovic' racquet switch
  17. '10 Happy Birthday Nole! :-)
  18. This time it is! Roland Garros cheering thread, Ajde Nole!
  19. The medical explanation for his underperformance
  20. Ajde Nole! Serbia Open 2010 Cheering Thread: Lose to Krajinovic in QF
  21. 500 reasons we are fans of Novak!
  22. Time for Nole the King to conquer Rome
  23. The "Finding our feet and game on clay in Monte Carlo" cheering thread!!!
  24. should we give djordje and marko individial threads?
  25. The doors keeps getting slammed in his face.Lost to Oli the Hobbit in R2.
  26. Come on Guys - Let's be positive !!
  27. Djokovic the Sampras-tard :)
  28. The Promising Tennis King Novak Djokovic
  29. Seeking for a long smooth ride on the Djokocoaster in Indian Wells ends in R4
  30. Novak's nicknames
  31. The Djokocoaster creaks,gurgles and belches but ultimately rumbles on:Next stop Dubai
  32. Who is more talented player?
  33. The solutions for his underperformance
  34. Rotterdam or Anywhere: The Dream is Over:( Lost in semis to Youzhny.
  35. Our boy In with a Spectacular Chance in Melbourne
  36. Ding Dong Gone! We're Out of Melbourne Park! (2010 AO)
  37. Dear Nole: From our lips to hunk-god's ears
  38. Kooyong 2010 Cheering Thread : Let the Joy Rise! (vs. Tomic)
  39. Djokovic's best match of 2009!
  40. Fans of Serbian Tennis on Facebook
  41. Nole will have the last laugh in London! 2009 ATP World Tour Finals Cheering Thread!
  42. Novak 2010 Aus Open outfit.
  43. Allez Nole! 2009 Paris Masters: Bringing the Basel Party to Bercy! 2009 CHAMPION!
  44. Our Boy is in Great Form
  45. Business in Basel: Nole takes the king's crown!
  46. 决战上海滩2009 Cheering Thread
  47. Let's bring it in Beijing! China Open 2009 cheering thread. Nole - 2009 champion!
  48. Champions keep playing until they get it right: Nole takes on USO2009! SF vs. Fed.
  49. Win It All in Cincy! 2009 Cincinnati Cheering Thread!
  50. For us girls: Novak wearing almost nothing!
  51. Let the Summer Passion Burn!!! 2009 Montreal Cheering Thread. Ajde Nole!!!
  52. Who will be the new guy(s)in Novak's entourage?:)
  53. Nole in doubles in beautiful Croatian city Umag
  54. The "Go With The Flow" Wimbledon 2009 Thread
  55. Novaks Wimbledon shirt. Vol 2009.
  56. Halle 2009 - Lets embrace pastures new!
  57. The "100+ sports we follow" thread
  58. '09 Happy Birthday, Nole !
  59. Expect The Unexpected Roland Garros 09 : N.Djokovic vsPhilipp Kohlschreiber (GER)
  60. The Game Thread - 2 Questions! :)
  61. Formula for Nole to beat Nadal on clay found!!
  62. "Tras las líneas enemigas: Nole in Madrid" Ajde chico! SF: Nadal
  63. where i can watch krajinovic's match?
  64. Novak GIFs
  65. Going Home to Beograd: Ajde Nole! Serbia Open 2009 Cheering Thread. 2009 ŠAMPION!
  66. Announcement
  67. All roads lead to Rome: we've done it once, we can do it twice! F: vs Nadal!
  68. pictures of novak,the most handsome tennis player ever,number 2!
  69. Monte Carlo or Bust: Maturity is the capacity to endure uncertainty.
  70. All Nole fans in this forum, please read
  71. The new (and improved) Djokoforum chat thread!
  72. Novak Djokovic - Championship Picture Thread
  73. Serbia Open news
  74. Miami '09:Come on Nole! Shake your Body! Feel the Joy of Tennis Getting Stronger!
  75. The "Nole is a serial-hugger" aka 'he just can't help it' thread [victims inside.]
  77. Indian Summer in Indian Wells! Beat the Heat NOLE! Cheering Thread QF vs Roddick
  78. 2010 Davis Cup Cheering Thread: SERBIA IS 2010 CHAMPION! defeats France 3-2!
  79. Reasons that Nole lost
  80. Dubai-ye Dubai-ya Take the heat DEAR! Congratulation! Nole's first title in 2009
  81. Allez Nole! Le jour de gloire est arrivé! Marseille Cheering Thread. Semi v Tsonga
  82. Novak's Best Quote
  83. The Wizard is Back like a BOOMERANG: AO 2009 (QF vs. Roddick!)
  84. My photos from Brisbane and open call for messages for Sydney fanbook
  85. Sydney: 'It is a far, far better thing that he does...'
  86. Will Novak take a WC for a tournament next week? Should he?
  87. Brisbane: Going Down Under to Get the 2009 Party Started!
  88. my analysis
  89. Novak!!
  90. Nole Caption!
  91. Player of the Month for December 2008, Novak Djokovic.
  92. Novak's Aus Open and French Open outfits!
  93. Novak's 2011 Schedule - a very special year:)
  94. Djokovic Brothers To Play Doubles in 2009
  95. Nole at The Masters Cup - Shanghai Surprise? 2008 Champion!
  96. Nole at Paris Masters--Time for a Good One
  97. Olé Nole! And good luck in Madrid!
  98. The Nole, some of us wonder why on earth you are playing in Thailand cheering thread
  99. Just venting
  100. Nole's newest trophy?
  101. The "We all accept to share Nole" thread aka "The sharing thread!" =)
  102. New York, New York - it's up to you Nole...
  103. BRONZE MEDALIST in Beijing-- Novak at the Olympics!
  104. Good luck to Nole in Cinci - just relax and have some fun:-))
  105. Kirkicica the Great, happy birthday!
  106. At last - back to the hard courts :-)) Nole trying to defend his title in Toronto
  107. Time for Champagne and Strawberries - the Nole at Wimbledon Thread
  108. Queen's Club 2008---Final Sunday vs. Nadal
  109. Nole's Wimbledon 2008 outfit/s
  110. New article in today's Telegraph
  111. Novak new video interview & Sampras praise
  112. Novak in Paris - the next chapter in his 2008 adventures!
  113. Happy Birthday to Novak Djokovic !
  114. So...who loved Nole singing at Eurovision put your hand up!
  115. IMPORTANT: Novak's Birthday!
  116. Hamburg 2008 thread---SF loss to Nadal 5-7, 6-2, 2-6 in 3 hours 3 minutes
  117. The 'Dokic is back! Good luck, girl!' Thread
  118. Nole slugs it out against Wawrinka in the ROME FINALS! Forza!
  119. Novak Djokovic OFFICIAL WEB TV!
  120. Novak in MONTE CARLO thread (SF,lost to Federer 3:6 2:3 retired)
  121. Will Novak be the Serbian Flag Bearer In Beijing?
  122. Nole's US Open 2008 outfit/s
  123. Nole is a BIG Dolphin Ready to Catch more Fish in MIAMI (or maybe not)
  124. Novak in INDIAN WELLS thread ( Nole beat Fish 6:2 5:7 6:3 to win the title!!!)
  125. Nole's wife
  126. The "Nole is in Dubai but everybody kind of didn't notice it" thread
  127. Nole in Marseille but we rather he rest thread
  128. I love Novak
  129. Civic reception for Nole in Belgrade?
  130. Novak's father?
  131. 2008 Davis Cup Thread. Mission: Stay in World Group.
  132. Making some Thunder Down Under: AO Thread (He brought a whole t-storm :p CHAMPION!)
  133. Novak's NEW Official Site on 7th July 2008 (!
  134. Found this on Talk about Tennis...guess who's number 1..
  135. Nole`s season the way we saw it! :D
  136. Noles 2008 Australian Open outfit.
  137. the zorro mask
  138. Terra Cotta Warrior Nole to conquer Shanghai thread
  139. Nole at the PARIS Masters Thread! (Welcome to Bercy ;-)
  140. Time for another survey
  141. Nole at the MADRID Masters Thread!
  142. |||Viva Vienna||| Nole wins! [saved 2 MPs in the QFs]
  143. DAVIS CUP 2008: Serbia travel to RUSSIA!
  144. Novak Djokovic OFFICIAL SITE 2nd Birthday Thread!
  145. "Does Maria deserve her thread?" thread
  146. To Make a New Forum from Nole
  147. A few avatars and others
  148. The "Marko Djokovic deserves his own 16th birthday thread" thread
  149. Djokovic's promotional stuff
  150. US OPEN 2007 thread----Finals l. to Federer 6-7, 6-7, 4-6
  151. The "Marian Vajda deserves his thread" thread
  152. Nole in Cincinnati thread
  153. Nole in Serbian Edition of PLAYBOY!
  154. Nole is THE CHAMPION of MONTREAL Thread!
  155. Novak in UMAG Thread!
  156. The "We have been saying Jelena needs a thread but no ones made one yet" thread.
  157. Janko deserves our undivided attention now :)
  158. We don't bite!! Introduction thread!
  159. Our guys at Hertogenbosch
  160. Wimbledon 2007 SF loss to Nadal (second youngest to make RG & W semis in same year)
  161. Belgrade, 10th June - Welcome to Serbian players!
  162. Queen's Club 2007--- 3rd round l. to Clement 6-2, 3-6, 4-6
  163. Milan Dokic-our real hero!Thx for all you`ve been doing for us and Nole!
  164. Novak Djokovic OFFICIAL SITE needs English news writers!
  165. Cette année, pas d'abandon! [Roland Garros thread]
  166. Nole`s Bday is coming!!!:PpPpPp~
  167. The "Nole is peaking for RG" Hamburg thread
  168. govori SRPSKI da te ceo svet razume
  169. La vita è bella in Roma!
  170. Next Up... ESTORIL OPEN from 30th April!
  171. Monte Carlo 2007---Round of 16 l. to Ferrer
  172. Davis Cup: SERBIA DEF. AUSTRALIA 4:1 and enters WORLD GROUP!
  174. ATP: Novak Djokovic MOST IMPROVED PLAYER in 2006!
  175. Novak in MIAMI Thread (Novak CHAMPION def. Canas 6:3, 6:2, 6:4 in the final!)!
  176. Vote for Nole!
  177. Novak in INDIAN WELLS Thread (Final lost to Nadal 6:2, 7:5)!
  178. London Telegraph: Nole will seek John McEnroe or Stefan Edberg for a special coach
  179. Novak in DUBAI Thread (QF lost to Federer 3:6, 7:6, 3:6 NEXT Indian Wells)!
  180. Novak in ROTTERDAM Thread (SF lost to Youzhny 3:6, 7:6 (9:7), 7:5)!
  181. Marseille thread (1st round L. to Youzhny)
  182. 100th match win Party Thread
  183. Novak Djokovic's VIDEO Adelaide Final REQUEST!
  184. Australian Open 2007--4th round l. to Federer
  185. SPECIAL: Novak Djokovic's DIARY at!
  186. Novak's 2008 Official Tournament Schedule
  187. Adelaide
  188. Novak at exhibition in St. Anton, Austria (6th - 9th December 2006)!
  189. Why do people call Novak "Nole"?
  190. Rankings Thread---Betterer than Federer
  191. Paris Was The Last Tourney of '06. Go rest, see Jelena and prepare to kick butt in 07
  192. Nole WITHDREW from BASEL due to exhaustion!
  193. Nole at MADRID MASTERS Thread (QF lost to GONZALEZ 7:5, 5:7, 7:5)!
  194. who knows where is the first place nole will go to in 2007?
  195. Nole in VIENNA Thread (Round 2 lost to WAWRINKA 6:3, 6:3)!
  196. Nole in METZ Thread (NOLE IS THE CHAMPION)!
  197. Novak Djokovic videos
  198. On Sept. 1, some 22 years ago, a special Nole's fan was born - Happy birthday Jess!
  199. Novak Djokovic - US OPEN 2006 Thread!
  200. ASK NOVAK'S BROTHER MARKO :: Interview is ONLINE!
  201. Djokovic might leave Serbia next year unless conditions improve
  202. Good luck Novak in Cincinnati! (Jess and Nole are here, and ready to kick some ass!)
  203. First career title won without losing a set
  204. Novak @ Rogers Cup Toronto, 7-13 August
  205. Novak Interview from Amersfoort , Netherlands
  206. Novak Djokovic - Britanski pasos
  207. Exclusive interview with Novak in Umag
  208. Nole @ Umag Thread!
  209. 50000!!!
  210. Novak Djokovic - KING of AMERSFOORT (1st ATP title)! BRAVO Noleeeeee!
  211. Where is Nole in your faves list?
  212. zasto je novak tako slab mentalno i fizicki
  213. Making Swiss Cheese of the Opposition - Nole in Gstaad Cheering Thread
  214. The "Marko and Djole deserve their own thread" thread
  215. Natasha250688's Birthday Thread!
  216. Nole and Andy: BFF!
  217. When will Nole be world No. 1?
  218. London Calling -- Novak in Wimbledon Cheering Thread
  219. Nole @ Ordina Open ('s-Hertogenbosch) Thread!
  220. what improvements should he make ?
  221. Novak Djokovic: "Now I know how much I know" (Hotel Intercontinental Interview)
  222. Press Conference in BELGRADE (New coach, next tours...)
  223. *PiXmIx*WaLlPaPeRs
  224. Novak looking for a new coach , splits with Riccardo Piatti
  225. What's all this then? Novak to miss Queen's Club.
  226. SUPRISE: Novak in Paris exhibition from Tuesday!
  228. My website dedicated to NOVAK!!!!
  229. Novak wird in Hamburg besser spielen! Auf geht's!
  230. Novak à Paris!!! Allez Nole, tu vas cartonner!!!
  231. Novak in ROME (1.870.000 €)!
  232. Novak in BARCELONA (850.000 €)!
  233. Clay Season - Monte Carlo
  234. The thread formerly known as Adam's birthday thread.
  235. When did you become Nole`s fan?
  236. Miami
  237. Nole & Andy Doubles Cheering Thread!
  238. To Jess :D
  239. ~*Frank Dancevic Appreciation Thread*~ (And everyone else we love who isn't Novak)
  240. LiVE Chat with Novak new questioning system *Must read to understand*
  241. Serbian sub-forum
  242. The "We are all attempting to learn Serbian" practice thread
  243. 1,000th Post
  244. Indian Wells Cheering Thread!! (Beat Benneteau!!)
  245. Nole play in Dubai?
  246. LiVE CHAT with Novak on HIS Official Site!
  247. *~* Rotterdam cheering thread *~*
  248. Free Reputation Points
  249. Novak`s ranking
  250. DC 2006.