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  30. The OMG He Has a Girlfriend?! I Hope She's Not Skanky! Thread
  31. how could I know his next schedule
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  44. Two Titles Already,Acapulco Wait For The Third
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  46. The Champion In Buenos Aires
  47. our boy is 30 already!!!
  48. Birthday Week in Brazil: Juan Carlos plays Costa do Saoipe
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  50. The Will He Or Won't He Play Australian Open Thread
  51. New Zealand Open
  52. Juan Carlos plays Bilbao Masters exo Dec. 11-13!
  53. Ferrero plays at VALENCIA OPEN!!!
  54. Gossip Gossip Gossip
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  63. how's his status now... ???
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  68. Tough draw! Never mind. We still love him.
  69. Meanwhile Just Over The Border In Portugal...
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  88. The Great Green Grass, and JC, at Wimby.
  89. Messages for JC here!! He needs our support!
  90. Vamos Joan Carles
  91. 2008 clay season = nothing but bad luck. But Rafa was defeated.
  92. Ferrero's Weakness
  93. Tracking Juan Carlos all over the world
  94. Thanks for the hardcourt memories. We Still Luv Ya!
  95. The "Where will the Mosquito Buzz off to in 2008?" Schedule Discussion Thread
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  97. Magazine and Newspaper Stories
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  100. A Mosquito bites the Big Apple
  101. The 'OMG I Can't Believe Nobody Had Started A CincinThread So I Better Do It' Thread!
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  112. I need your help!
  113. Ask your questions to Ferrero and get presents from us!
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  121. Onto Miami ....
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  127. Happy Birthday To Us
  128. Non Tennis - Spanish Channels
  129. 'The Wizard Of Oz' aka 'Juan Carlos wins The Title And No One Slags Him Off Thread'
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  131. Patricia's Sister
  132. Ferreros coach...
  133. Upward and onward (and no cavemen!) in 2007
  134. Help Me! Cry From The Goddess
  135. Blog about JC Ferrero -Equelite Tennis Academy
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  137. "So much for Paris" Indoor Cheering Thread
  138. The "Hopefully we can get this thread to page 2" Metz cheering thread
  139. And a Lill one came?
  140. The "Thai one on for Juanqui" Bangkok cheering thread
  141. The "How does one flush a meadow?" Cheering Thread
  142. THE" Nous l'avons rêvé, il l'a fait" thread
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  144. Ranking Watch
  145. The "Juanqui, remember you made the QFs in 2001, EH?" Toronto cheering thread
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  149. News thread
  150. JC will play in Stuttgart !
  151. French Open match on video ?
  152. Dude, where's my Juanqui? Maybe Rosmalen?
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  157. The "remember the good old days back in 2001" in Barcelona cheering thread
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  163. "It's Juanqui's tournament so he can do what he likes Valencia cheering thread"
  164. The "We're Holding Patricia Hostage Unless You Win Miami" Thread
  165. Indian Wells..."wells, like water, no? Talk about being meant to cry."
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  168. It's Doubles Time in Costa do Sauipe Cheering Thread!
  169. Ferrero videoDVD matches
  171. Funny fotos
  172. The ultimative 26th-birthday-thread: happy birthday jc! let's have a blast!!!!
  173. New here and loving it so far!
  174. Ticket for Hamburg Masters !
  175. random question...
  176. Perlas to Coach Juanqui...Muppetness be gone!
  177. The "Win Buenos Aires or else there's no birthday present for you!" Cheering Thread
  178. short news or information about Juanqui
  179. The Aussie-Open 2006 "beauty over ugliness - EAT that Kiwi fruit" cheering thread
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  181. The "JCF: 3 wildcards won in 2005 so be the first in 2006!" Sydney Cheering Thread
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  187. Ah, Paris in the fall is magnifique, and so is JC!
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  191. My first thread... (or: JC`s gone!)
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  194. let's talk about stuff (anything)
  195. Save a Muppet Foundation
  196. "First round loss or win it all...whatever Palermo Cheering Thread"
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  198. JC & PAT
  200. The "we always luv ya, jc, through good & through bad times" beijing cheering thread
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  202. juanqui's head-2-head records
  203. The "Tough Love for Juanqui at the USO" Thread
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  207. What's happened with his clothes sponsor
  208. The Official Name Change Thread
  209. Back from VALENCIA !!!!
  210. 中国蚊迷欢聚帖(chinses JC fans)
  211. Have you ever seen JC in true ?
  212. Umag 2005: How Juan Carlos Became a Muppet
  213. Any news on Ferrero?
  214. We don't care where or how you do it, just beat Nadal and bring back a title already!
  215. |~-~Vamos Juan Carlos in Båstad~-~|
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  217. hello from China
  218. MARAT VS FERRERO : Are they enemy?
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  220. Win Wimbledon and make the Spanish press feel shame for their act!
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  222. Internet Poll: "Who's your favourite men's tennis player?"
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  224. Will JC be seeded for 2005 FO?
  225. Juanqui News and Articles 2005
  226. Hamburg Cheering Thread
  227. The "let's create hot, cute, sweet, funny,...avs of juanqui and have just fun" thread
  228. "Boo, the Rome Tournament Sucks!" non-cheering thread
  229. JC deserves a WC for Hamburg !!
  230. Story about Juan Carlos
  231. The "Finals Just Ain't Good Enough, We Still Want a Title" Estoril cheering Thread
  232. JC photos from Monte Carlo
  233. The "Semis Just Ain't Good Enough, We Want A Title!" Barcelona Thread
  234. YoUr PhOto of Juanqui or taken with him...
  235. YoUr PhOto of Juanqui or taken with him...
  236. The "King of Clay Back To Rule The Millionaire's Playground" Monte-Carlo Thread
  237. Juanqui at RG..
  238. the hometown Valencia tourney PLS give him some luck thread
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  244. Interview with Antonio Cascales
  245. The Juanqui Chant Thread
  246. The New and Still Ever So Dashing, JCF's New Profile Picture
  247. completley random question
  248. ferrero's fan with msn
  249. The 'No Chicken Pox This Year Plz!' Indian Wells Thread
  250. Juan Signature