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  1. potentially worst horror tv series ever
  2. MTF Tennis Elbow - ATP Munich - Join in before Saturday 12:00 CEST!
  3. Useful Statistics Website
  4. CNN refused to air clips from Assad's interview with AFP because it contains lies
  5. Cleveland Shooting Spree Massacre (Suspect not caught yet)
  6. I can't stop watching this amazing video
  7. US drops biggest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan
  8. Sexual no-nos
  9. Stocks
  10. MTF Tennis Elbow - Monte-Carlo Masters - Nadalsknees Winner and Sarasota CH - SF
  11. Feminists nightmare - USA women's football team loses to boys U15 team
  12. Terror attack in Stockholm: hijacked truck hits pedestrians and crashes into building
  13. BSG #48: Songs from 2016 || Semifinal voting deadline Sunday, April 30th, 5PM CEST
  14. Check this out!!
  15. WWW Epic Rematch: Johnny Groove vs. Freakyman
  16. Russell Westbrook just made history
  17. Mirka Federer on beach
  18. Your favourite restaurant
  19. Showing Facebook videos
  20. Ridiculous verbal barrage from woman in public.
  21. Hockey thread vol. 3
  22. Boosting sex drive
  23. Monte Carlo: Impressive daylight heist at Cartier
  24. Wouldn't it be cool...
  25. Presidential elections in France - Second round: May 7 (Macron vs. Le Pen)
  26. Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds
  27. after catching the husband and the wife together..the wife's lover kills the husband
  28. Moving to Colorado in a few weeks. Any MTFer's near Denver?
  29. T2 Trainspotting is fucking crap
  30. BSG #47: Sibling songs, Direct final, congrats to TheBigFourFTW!!!
  31. Elections in the Netherlands
  32. 2017 March Madness
  33. What are your deal breakers?
  34. Palestinians urge Radiohead not to entertain Israeli apartheid
  35. Changed my internet browser to Opera.
  36. Rapper Sentenced to 3 Years in Jail for Rap about King of Spain
  37. Longest rally in table tennis history: over ten minutes
  38. The need for the war in Syria
  39. Ugly architecture
  40. Asian Girls: Very Underrated
  41. USTA apologizes after using Nazi era verse of German national anthem during Fed Cup
  42. MTF Mafia Game #44 - Commit, Commit, and Commit Again
  43. How do you think the human race will eventually cease to exist?
  44. Have you ever performed cunnilingus?
  45. Superbowl 51: Miracle come back by New England...
  46. 24: Legacy
  47. Disaster averted in Paris: Soldier shoots machete wielding man yelling "Allahu Akbar"
  48. Six people killed in Canada mosque attack
  49. Tell me something about Sheffield
  50. Men of MTF who can wear pink-coloured clothes
  51. MTF Mafia Game #43 - The Arseclowns win !
  52. 'Generous' aka manipulative people
  53. A client at work offered me $1,000 if I could name every Fedal match in 8 min
  54. where do I change the language settings?
  55. OK, Canadian women solidarity shit in the USA
  56. Tell me about your life
  57. What happened to the chat threads?
  58. 2017 World Men's Handball Championship
  59. The Sun sets - this time it's Forever
  60. What happened to Croatians on MTF?
  61. Generate Trump quotes about tennis
  62. Merry Christmass for Orhodox Christians - January 7th
  63. Beautiful literary articles
  64. Return of the Jedi [Master Yoda]
  65. Does Michael Jackson deserve to be called the GOAT artist?
  66. Are Millennials worse than the previous generations?
  67. What do you do when you are so furious?
  68. 39 dead in terror attack at nightclub in Istanbul
  69. Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60
  70. Gluten free diet does make a change
  71. Disturbing dream - thoughts?
  72. George Michael died
  73. Rank Star Wars movies from best to worst
  74. hi
  75. MTF Polls
  76. Global Affairs Thread
  77. Post 2016 US Presidential Election
  78. Truck kills people at a Christmas market in Berlin - terror attack
  79. Blade Runner 2049 [first trailer]
  80. Darts
  81. Odell Beckham Jr Appreciation Thread.
  82. Tennis Forum is so bitchy
  83. Why is the Western media so biased in its coverage of the Syrian war?
  84. MTF FIFA 17 tournament
  85. RIP Craig Sager
  86. PDC World Darts Championship 2017
  87. The OA - Netflix Series
  88. MTF Risk
  89. Paste what's in your clipboard
  90. Russian politicians want to ban FIFA 17 - homophobic motive
  91. Anyone into board games?
  92. Terrible plane crash in Colombia killed at least 76 people
  93. So what do you think of Che Guevara?
  94. Fidel Castro has died, aged 90
  95. #1 MTF Best Album Game: Open Theme - R3 Group C&D (DL: May 7, 16h00 CET)
  96. Haircuts you loathe?
  97. Who is the most interesting man in sports?
  98. State Dept dismisses question from RT, says won’t treat it like other media
  99. The Indian Politics Thread
  100. Leonard Cohen dies aged 82
  101. Christmas commentary thread
  102. How rich do you want to be?
  103. Do you prefer to watch sports in your local language or english?
  104. I hate buffet restaurants
  105. Proof that looks don't matter to girls
  106. Will Artificial Intelligence take over our lives?
  107. How does cocaine/heroin feel?
  108. Wintersport 16/17
  109. Who is the less terrible human being, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
  110. Anyone here who can speak Turkish?
  111. Short Series Thread
  112. Amy Goodman Is Facing Prison for Reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline
  113. "Like If You Agree" Thread
  114. MTF way better than TTW
  115. Did Human Rights Watch Sabotage Colombia's Peace Agreement?
  116. White Helmets: Syrian Heroes or Lobbyists for American military interventionism?
  117. Mathieu Kassovitz tweets"Proud to be parisian"after biggest jewellery theft in France
  118. Thank you MTF
  119. Annoying driving habits
  120. Labard's permaban
  121. Why don't we have public elections of all moderators?
  122. Looking for a beginner golf buddy
  123. Life of Spanish player video/report
  124. Kitten rescued from motorway in the nick of time
  125. Chicago Marathon Fundraising
  126. Isner and Harrison involved in Twitter spat with ESPN writer
  127. Clay Death has left the building
  128. The same dream every night in the last 10+ years
  129. NFL 2016 Season Thread
  130. Your Favourite Album
  131. 2024 Olympics
  132. Lochte, 3 US swimmers lied about robbery to cover up gas station brawl
  133. Stranger Things
  134. What's the greatest/best movie you've ever seen?
  135. Your New Assignment: How To Revive NT
  136. Couchsurfing. A disgusting site.
  137. Help Drunkchi to decide how the weekend should be spent?
  138. Nadal vs Federer of Table Tennis
  139. Clay Death returns to MTF after 1474 days
  140. This man makes me want to watch baseball.
  141. Is the forum dying?
  142. 2016 - The list of all bad things that happened this year.
  143. ISIS kills priest in France
  144. Japan: Man kills 19 and wounds 45 in knife attack. Worst attack in Japan since WW2
  145. Shooting in Florida
  146. Explosion in Germany
  147. Next attack in Germany
  148. Olympic Games 2016 - Medal Predictions
  149. Entire Russian team banned from Olympics [Story proven incorrect: No blanket ban]
  150. Shooting In Munich
  151. Happy birthday Leng Jai!
  152. Us backed rebels behead child in Syria
  153. If tennis players were Pokemons
  154. The struggle of a uni graduate
  155. Coup in Turkey?
  156. BBC Panorama: Catch Me If You Can (Doping)
  157. Bastille Day attack in Nice
  158. Pokémon Discussion - Pokémon Go Now in Mobile
  159. Who are the real Canadians?
  160. I need your help.. for my dear mom
  161. EU Commission: CETA should be approved by national parliaments
  162. 250+ people killed in one of deadliest attacks ISIS has carried out worldwide.
  163. It's my birthday today!
  164. Do you feel guilty..
  165. Film director Abbas Kiarostami dies at 76
  166. Fapping Challenge: Fapping is good. Share your fapping experiences!
  167. I defeated Dominik Hrbaty, Former World No. 12, 6-2... at Trivia Crack
  168. Happy Western Thread
  169. Which are the top 5 countries that produced the most all-time greats/great players??
  170. WWW: TdF 2016
  171. ISIS back in Europe: 41 killed in explosions at Istanbul Atatürk Airport
  172. Lionel Messi retires from international football
  173. Matías Schwartzman(Diego´s brother) has a Twitter account in Big Brother(please read)
  174. Changes for ACC 2016
  175. I need some help
  176. Lost my cool today
  177. "BREXIT" - decision day
  178. Euro 2016 Sabotage
  179. Olympic Tipping
  180. Rutinos Harcos spotted on camera(not his)
  181. Need some help, unable to serve
  182. Sepp Blatter claims having witnessed rigged draw!
  183. 49 People killed by Islamic terrorist in the Worst mass shooting in US history
  184. We were hacked...MONTHS AGO.
  185. Muhammad Ali 1942-2016
  186. R.I.P. Luis Salom (Moto2 crashed during second practice at the Catalunya)
  187. Happy birthday Kat_YYZ
  188. MTF Debate II: This House Would Abolish the Death Penalty
  189. DTF girl, what to do next
  190. 24 yo Texas teacher gets impregnated by 13 yo student
  191. E-Books Thread
  192. Olympics 2016 - Rio - 05th Aug to 21st Aug
  193. Those little things which bug you even when they maybe shouldn't.
  194. WWW: Giro d'Italia 2016
  195. Capybaras on the loose :)
  196. Modern art in a nutshell
  197. What song is this ?
  198. MTF Debate II: Choose the Motion!
  199. Beautiful places to see before you die! Add your picks
  200. 15 year old girl has sex with 25 boys in school bathroom
  201. Egyptair plane goes down over the Eastern Med (66 missing)
  202. Are nadalfan20XY all double accounts? If yes how much left for him/her?
  203. Make some creative insults to our fellow tennis lords.
  204. Fair to say that Luis Suarez deserves to be called best player in the world atm.
  205. Eurovision Song Contest 2016
  206. How many likes do you have?
  207. Migration plan
  208. MTF Debate II: This House Would Formalise Debating on MTF
  209. IIHF World Championships 2016
  210. Why is this pasty Swede so unconventionally attractive?
  211. Anyone older than me?
  212. MTF Debate I: This House Would Frack, Teams Posted!
  213. Mortal Kombat X fatalities
  214. Nightcrawlers
  215. Funny video: Guy tries to smoke and he fails!!
  216. What the hell is wrong with this dog?
  217. Doe anyone here has played this videogame?
  218. Anyone here a fan of John Maus?
  219. Game idea: MTF Debating
  220. Do you have any idea what is this clipper thing called and how to use it?
  221. Eurotrip thread - June/July 2016
  222. Vikings
  223. Prince Dead at 57.
  224. Donald Trump incorrectly refers to 9/11 attacks as '7/11' popular convenience store
  225. Is anyone else having problem with MTF?
  226. Who's on twitter here????????
  227. Pinworm
  228. What do you think of this baseball player's body?
  229. Is Slade the best member in MTF?
  230. Tennis players are spamming Twitter with a god-awful song by Bedene's girlfriend
  231. Canadian Government Introducing Legislation to Legalize Euthanasia
  232. ClutchOn&Win's Workout Journal Log
  233. American doing indian accent standup
  234. David Copperfield- The best illusionist of all time?
  235. Olympic games 2016 - first time in South America - Rio De Janeiro
  236. 61.1% of Dutch voters reject EU association agreement with Ukraine in referendum
  237. Panama Papers Leak
  238. Does this freak you out?
  239. help with ''ŋ'' sound during or after the vowel
  240. 2016 EURO Sticker Album
  241. What's the most enjoyable sport out of these?
  242. Do you miss Master Yoda?
  243. Axl Rose and Slash on stage together for the first time since 1993
  244. Wrestlemania 32
  245. Alvaro Recoba retires - Grazie El Chino.
  246. Which party do you sympathize/vote for in your countries?
  247. The annual purge
  248. fantasy baseball
  249. RIP Johan Cruyff
  250. Again terror in Europe - Brussels attacked