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  1. Why do you think women live longer than men?
  2. Mitt Romney Style
  3. ATP fan video
  4. Are capitalists always atheists?
  5. A serious discussion on the term MUG and the negativity that surronds MTF atm. :(.
  6. The Greatest Switch
  7. Implications of Lance Armstrong saga on PED testing procedures
  8. I have decided to retire from MTF
  9. Have you had any near-death experiences?
  10. Nobel committee shows MTF how to troll awarding the Peace Prize to the EU
  11. Admit you consider yourself hot? And what do you consider hot?
  12. Har-Tru's Menu Card
  13. To write is to forget
  14. Redbull Stratos Skydive
  15. Does Johnny have real talent?
  16. Hugo Chávez re-elected president in Venezuela
  17. Orlando Cruz becomes first active, out gay male boxer in history.
  18. Orange Wombat's ANIMAL thread (read OP)
  19. Stay Pressed.
  20. Francis' playlist.
  21. Chick-fil-A brand rating drops 30+ points after boycott of company.
  22. How the US government armed Mexican drug cartels
  23. National celebrities from your country!
  24. Song lyrics game.
  25. THE Thread
  26. Boy Scouts: Don't let your anti-gay policy deny my son his Eagle award.
  27. Cyberbullying.
  28. Some people really should stop with the bad reps...
  29. scoobs makes top list!
  30. 1st 2012 US Presidential Election Televised Debate
  31. So I bought a pug...
  32. The Mobile Phone Thread.
  33. What Was Your First Post?
  34. Slasher's new signature
  35. Trap Music
  36. the BEER thread
  37. Activists stage street action in Jerusalem to protest Israeli torture practices
  38. Was the US Election 2000 rigged?
  39. FIFA 13 Ultimate Team [FUT13]
  40. Syrian children speak up
  41. Thoughts on New Zealand
  42. Why is golf so crazy rich?
  43. Your MTF team.
  44. Funny, Cute, Weird Quotes of MTF Members
  45. 2012 MTF Award Thread.
  46. Your Vagina is Too Ugly
  47. Anthropology Help: Need to interview someone who looks "different"
  48. Me and a freind started a EPIC dubstep group, check it out.....
  49. Commenting Etiquette Tips [please make it sticky]
  50. Man lures 2 policewomen to house, kills them, suspected of multiple murders
  51. The Wire is the best TV-series ever
  52. Gangnam style is the first Youtube video ever to reach 2 (!!) Billion views!
  53. which country have the most beatiful womans???
  54. Best Comic TV shows
  55. US sends Marines to Libya after deadly attack
  56. What is your profession/what are you studying?
  57. Canada Shuts Iranian Embassy
  58. Does the United States' performance at Paralympics say anything about US healthcare?
  59. the best nightclubs in your city
  60. *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Doris (Eden)!!! ***
  61. A Touch of Cloth
  62. Anyone been to/live in/travelled to PERU/LIMA
  63. How come Tennisforum has more activity than MTF?
  64. If you ever visit Barcelona...
  65. Andy Roddick Tribute
  66. world's richest woman thinks ppl envious of the rich should whine less & work harder
  67. Neil Armstrong is dead
  68. Anybody listen to tennis
  69. Happy birthday Javi (EnriqueIG8)!!
  70. Are you happy? Why or why not?
  71. Dick Clark interviews Cock Robin
  72. Woah .. I did it .. 1 less lie on my resume :D
  73. Safin avatars
  74. Lance Armstrong finally banned for doping
  75. United Kingdom threatens to storm Ecuador embassy in order to arrest Julian Assange
  76. Sid waddell 'the voice of darts' Dies
  77. Your ideal Olympic Games
  78. Please review my tennis website
  79. Luciano Pitronello solidarity thread
  80. Happy (belated) birthday MariaV
  81. Olympics: Gold medal swimmer admits to cheating in 100m breaststroke
  82. Olympics cycling: French raise questions over Team GB cyclists hiding 'magic wheels'
  83. Olympic basketball: Spain loses on purpose to Brazil to avoid the USA
  84. True Australian Black Metal
  85. Happy Birthday JayR !!!
  86. Dunning–Kruger effect
  87. Greek athlete expelled from the olympics over racist tweet
  88. MTF awards 2012
  89. MTF Bios - Added chapter 8: Pat Cash
  90. In Zimbabwe Land Takeover, A Golden Lining
  91. Will the WTF Get a New Sponsor? Barclays in Deep Trouble!
  92. 12 killed and 59 wounded in Denver shooting at a Batman showing
  93. Blast in Bulgaria: will the war between Israel and Iran begin?
  94. founding fathers or traitors?
  95. MTF 10 years old
  96. Happy birthday Stupid Dream (Karin) - July 18th
  97. RIP Jon Lord
  98. Do you actually play tennis?
  99. Happy Day Of Birth To The Superior Limb On This Forum: Raquel (arm)
  100. Awkward./Teen Wolf
  101. Hian goes to Holiday
  102. Azealia / LDR / Santi / MIA / CharliXCX / MsMinaj [?]
  103. Higgs Boson finally discovered
  104. Anderson Cooper comes out as gay.
  105. Olympic Games 2012 London Thread (All other sports besides tennis)
  106. Hianland
  107. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to DIVORCE after 5 years of marriage.
  108. Looking for Views & Likes For a Potential New Artist!!
  109. US Supreme Court upholds health care reform law.
  110. Biggest bromances in history
  111. I am writing a screenplay, opinions, ideas, and trollings welcome
  112. Kartrider Dash Facebook Game
  113. ||| *** Speedway fans unite *** |||
  114. Sinn Fein to meet the Queen?
  115. Barack Obama is...The Most Arrogant Man in the World
  116. WARNING: Video posted is incredibly angering. 69 year old woman abused by teen punks.
  117. The song "Call Me Maybe" is........
  118. Whats your favourite type of ice cream?
  119. The "Who plays tennis?" thread
  120. Rodney King dead at 47
  121. Database maintenance?
  122. How much has my e-street cred increased now that I've been banned?
  123. Law Against Trolls!
  124. Give me your reaction to this video please:
  125. Chile protesters rally against Pinochet film
  126. How long do you think a human could live with the best diet possible?
  127. Syria
  128. Operacion Galgo investigation hits the bin
  129. Paul McCartney conciously conceived "Yesterday" when he was taking a shit
  130. I lost my correcting spelling option
  131. Who used to collect pokemon cards?
  132. should women's weight lifting competitons be banned?
  133. Happy birthday Kat_YYZ
  134. Do you open doors for others in public?
  135. The MBA Thread
  136. Euro 2012 MTF Game - Nikki♥ (Spain) vs. Har-Tru (Italy)
  137. Happy Birthday Jason (Certinfy) - 31 May
  138. Do you have any phobias?
  139. Baking Issues
  140. What's the most interesting country you've been to?
  141. Have you cried as a result of physical pain after the age of 16?
  142. Fantasy game: Euro 2012 (Got 5 days to join)
  143. Pump-Up Songs
  144. Saudi woman speaks up: Manal al-Sharif in Oslo
  145. Homophobe Dharun Ravi gets 30 days in jail for driving Tyler Clementi to suicide.
  146. Hockey thread
  147. Things that can beat Johnny Groove in a tennis match
  148. Which "faceless" MTF user would you like to see a picture of?
  149. Happy birthday Har-Tru aka José
  150. The institution of marriage - discuss its future
  151. European Football Championship 2012 Thread (Spain are champions)
  152. MTFers on tumblr
  153. President Barack Obama becomes the first in US history to endorse marriage equality.
  154. Anyone in touch with boarder35m?
  155. Amendment One passes in North Carolina by 61-39% vote.
  156. MTF on Android and iPhone! Finally, its here...
  157. How many countries of the world can you name?
  158. Happy birthday Harmless (Maya)
  159. What things are unique about your city?
  160. Madrid or Prague? Locals and former tourists, advice?
  161. Socialism sucks....seriously.
  162. Need Help With This Girl...
  163. Favorite movie endings
  164. Anyone here have a secret romantic interest in a poster on this site?
  165. Cereal breath
  166. Daddy why dont you love me?
  167. The words that come to mind when I hear the term social conservative is..........
  168. Your Childhood
  169. Religion vs Spirituality
  170. Russia gears up for war.
  171. quitting smoking
  172. How do you stop yourself from becoming old ahead of time?
  173. Using the term "my other half"
  174. Study: Homophobia is linked to gay desires.
  175. Race/Culture wars 2012 edition.
  176. Atheists/Agnostics lack of morality?
  177. German Nobel Prize winner deemed "persona non grata" by Israel
  178. The usage of the word ra*e casually.
  179. The New Cool Google Glasses
  180. Who do you wanna see? Supermodels from the 90s or no-name-18-year-olds?
  181. Happy birthday Machiavelli - Sretan rođendan, Stipe
  182. Djokovic, Milosevic, Republika Sprska contd.
  183. General Messages live commentary
  184. How to return to HD Youtube again
  185. any european members heard of "Lyoness" ?
  186. In the striplight - tripwires (4000 ajde posts as well)
  187. The one word that comes to mind when seeing my favorite player list is..........
  188. Trayvon Martin support/discussion thread.
  189. Stalin's famines and the British Empire's famines
  190. What's the point of living?
  191. What do you feel about Filo V's current avatar?
  192. Best autobiography of a tennis player?
  193. Most successful national songs in your country
  194. Watches
  195. Whats your favorite part of your body?
  196. Best Ways To Study?
  197. Post your first tweet ever!!
  198. Food thread
  199. How do you get over a Break Off?
  200. Bitch, I got a suggestion, get your ass up out my face, don't ask no questions.
  201. Any other writers out there?
  202. Whats worse, 2-3 drinks a day, or 20-25 alcoholic drinks in one night once a week?
  203. Exclusive, monogamous relationships are disgusting.
  204. Are men and women compatible with each other?
  205. My eating habits.
  206. Truth and Fiction.
  207. Songs whose meaning you don't understand?
  208. R.I.P. Davy Jones
  209. Guantanamo detainees get new $750,000 football pitch
  210. Sacha Baron Cohen is an asshole
  211. fast stack
  212. Is it really necessary to have a game named "suicide tennis" on this forum?
  213. Sponsorship and Sport
  214. Having a gut, in dating, to which sex is it most harmful to your chances?
  215. Sugar - The Bitter Truth
  216. The myth, the legend that is 2003; a deprived virgin or a sex god among men?
  217. Increasing Political Correctness - Doing harm to the Sporting entertainment form?
  218. Congrats Hewitt =Legend and leng jai: You've levelled up your posting skills.
  219. Better Career: Johnny Capo vs Xristos
  220. What did humans do before toothbrushes? Did people used to kiss back then?
  221. Do you think humans were meant to eat meat/animals?
  222. I like this game.
  223. Ladies, can it become a burden when a guy friend tells you he likes you?
  224. Mens Sex Forums
  225. People in their 20's/30's, what is the oldest person you would sleep with?
  226. Jeremy Lin for president
  227. Palestine-Israel conflict
  228. Sex before marriage/children before marriage
  229. Tulipe vlog requests/discussion
  230. Whitney Houston Dead at 48
  231. Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen
  232. Does having money really help a guy to get girlfriends?
  233. The South Asian music thread...
  234. The Saudi Salman Rushdie: Hamza Kashgari
  235. Israeli agents posed as CIA spies to recruit terrorists to run a cover war in Iran
  236. Madonna
  237. French Presidential Elections 2012
  238. How easy is to go to bed "cassualy" with someone in your country?
  239. HELP!!! Need a poem/limerick for an 80 YR OLD
  240. Panetta won't dispute report Israel may attack Iran
  241. Barbie or Bratz or Monster high?
  242. Syria Crisis: Obama warns Assad faces "consequences" if he uses chemical weapons
  243. Drugs
  244. brit tourists imprisoned and deported from the US over twitter jokes
  245. "Hey, hey, I wanna be a tennis star"
  246. The 'This' fad.
  247. Need help with choosing a school! HELP!
  248. There is little accounting for averages in sexual performance, agree or disagree?
  249. Gimme Java
  250. Do you think men or women have higher standards in the opposite sex?