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  1. What are your five favorite TV shows of all time?
  2. How many languages can you speak?
  3. Happy Birthday Johnny Groove
  4. Winter Olympic Games 2014
  5. People who say "Happy Thanksgiving" in social networks
  6. Kate Bush [appreciation thread]
  7. 2013 MTF Popularity Nominations Thread
  8. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest News and Commentary Thread
  9. Your top 10 albums of 2013?
  10. What is the most ridiculous sport you know?
  11. Six members of the Chilean Communist Party elected to Congress
  12. SPOILER ALERT - Family Guy kills off ...
  13. TWD - The Walking Dead
  14. "Ukraine cancels trade pact with EU" and "thousands gather in Kyiv for pro-EU rally"
  15. Which sport had the dullest 2013 season?
  16. Sports that you prefer more than tennis?
  17. working in a hospital makes me sick, any suggestions?
  18. How many infraction/warning do you have?
  19. When will the US adopt the metric system?
  20. Person of Interest
  21. World Chess Championsips
  22. Which Bocce ball court surface is the best and why?
  23. What's the capital of Canada? Watch Harvard students struggle to answer. Embarrassing
  24. What's your fav tennis and overall videogame?
  25. Article: The NFL Has A Large Number of Closeted Gay Players!!!
  26. Pepsi advert against C. Ronaldo and Portugal
  27. Cristiano Ronaldo
  28. World Cup 2014 Brazil - Congrats to Germany
  29. "Twin Peaks" [TV Series] - UPDATE: the show returns after 25 years (in 2016)
  30. Let's have a very serious talk, MTF
  31. Your biggest dreams in sports? (as a fan)
  32. FDA Issues French Fries Health Alert
  33. Arsenal fan in Uganda left homeless after losing bet
  34. Mike Tyson does an Agassi (explosive autobiography claims)
  35. Share your photography
  36. Some cool stuff that happened on MTF this season [2013]
  37. Happy Birthday Freak3yman84!
  38. Who is the best emergent diva of pop?
  39. MTF Most Knowledgeable Poster of the Year [INTRO] [CANCELLED]
  40. Americans states you have been to (maps)
  41. Happy Birthday Clashcityrocker!
  42. Latso's Q&A
  43. Who was in the wrong here? Slade's Tale of Rage and Mugginess
  44. Extremist feminist ideas have been thouroughly debunked
  45. Happy Birthday Slasher1985!
  46. Anyone knows this guy's nick here on MTF?
  47. TOTY (Troll Of The Year) Contest
  48. In the spotlight - warehouse / sportennis
  49. What's your opinion about this?
  50. What is your impression of me"honestly"
  51. is airbrushing hurting women?
  52. Popularity contest
  53. Hitler finds out about Obamacare Exchange Problems
  54. Online pharmacy advice
  55. STOP living animals keychain/lucky charm in China
  56. RIP Lou Reed
  57. Happy Birthday Keech !!!!
  58. Guess The Member Game (Season 3)
  59. Tablet computers
  60. Cut Copy - "Free Your Mind"
  61. Random acts of human kindness.
  62. Can you Photoshop?
  63. Moments of unparalleled irony.
  64. 2-0 Phantom Goal Bayer Leverkusen v Hoffenheim
  65. ****NEWS FLASH**** What did you see on your internet today?
  66. Please Help! No Offense Intended
  67. omg cctv also means camera
  68. Britney Spears espouses Marxist theory of labour as value
  69. China, US, France, UK and Russia
  70. 23 Reasons That Turkey Is The World’s Melting Pot
  71. Drunk Russian Survives 8-Floor Fall Onto Car
  72. Best football fans
  73. 6 Football Matches That Changed The World
  74. The world's second biggest sport?
  75. Neo-Nazism is on the rise in Europe.
  76. Predict the next country that will use the nuclear bomb.
  77. Online drug market Silk Road seized by the FBI, owner arrested
  78. Would you read a tennis novel?
  79. Recruiting tennis writers (especially challenger-future level)
  80. Italian justice....
  81. The best non-English language films.
  82. Do ya think Snowwy's attitude has changed ever since he left the mod charge?
  83. Why are there no great tennis movies?
  84. Stop the dogs slaughter in Romania - adopt a stray dog
  85. Homage to Hugo Chávez, the most humane leader of his times
  86. Your longest time without sex?
  87. Your favourite fictional villains/anti-heroes?
  88. Your longest time without sleep?
  89. Your favorite WTA chicks?
  90. Turkish "The O.C."???
  91. Why Gen Y yuppies are unhappy
  92. Anyone knows Slovene?
  93. ---GTA V thread-- *Possible spoilers*
  94. Besides China, what country is the next potential superpower?
  95. The Simpsons Thread
  96. Affleck .. Batman, Bieber .. Robin
  97. Help Kickstart World War III!
  98. Are most tennis fans right wingers?
  99. 40 year commemoration of the Coup in Chile against president Salvador Allende
  100. Most hateful post you ever read on MTF
  101. MTF's Jukebox/Song rating - "Words I Don't Remember" (How to Dress Well)
  102. World's happiest nations are...
  103. I'd like to host sexiest MTF members contest.. Or maybe call it MR. MTF
  104. Is Sapeod the most improved poster in the last 2 years?
  105. Tokyo to host 2020 Olympics!
  106. Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag Eden!
  107. Which city do you think should host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics?
  108. RIP Henry Chinaski loses battle with cystic fibrosis
  109. Is vile an insult?
  110. Is Student loans the Next Crisis?
  111. US is going to spread Afgani-Iraqi democracy in Syria
  112. The Gay Chat Thread
  113. Are video games and smartphones a menace to human species?
  114. North West baby face
  115. Te
  116. What's your favourite Bjork song?
  117. Remixes? Help please.
  118. The real state of Medicine is so bad
  119. 'I am Chelsea Manning,' says jailed soldier formerly known as Bradley
  120. A sincere apology
  121. Happy birthday EnriqueIG8 (Javier)
  122. Improbable/unlikely sports happenings
  123. What's your favorite season?
  124. Global MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering
  125. Happy birthday Fidel!!
  126. THE Game - still in trial - now Cincinnatti
  127. Happy birthday Punky aka Amber
  128. Has looks ever come into the equation when you have decided to support a player?
  129. Sexiest player?????????? 2013 edition
  130. Russian Man Turns Tables on Bank, Changes Small Print in Credit Card Agreement, Then
  131. "Son" of Argentinian right-wingers discovers his true identity
  132. Who was the last poster who GREYrepped you?
  133. What happened to Sweet Cleo?
  134. British man apparently fathered 500 children for the motherland after the Great War
  135. Happy Birthday JayR
  136. Advice
  137. THE Game - In Trial - Litotes and Unforced Terror GOAT Montreal!
  138. South African man is too fat to live in New Zealand
  139. Pope Signals Openness to Gay Priests - WaPo
  140. Happy Birthday to the greatest troll of all time; TopSpinDoctor!!!!!!!!!!
  141. Happy Birthday to Pirata
  142. Do you play Tennis Elbow 2013?
  143. Top Spin 4 yet to sell 1 million copies WW, will we see Top Spin 5?
  144. Boston Bomber in the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine
  145. French lawmaker: "maybe Hitler didn’t kill enough” Gypsies
  146. Your favourite youtube videos?
  147. Happy Birthday Leng Jai!!!
  148. 21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity
  149. The Deleted Threads Thread
  150. What is wrong with amuricans?
  151. Favourite songs by ABBA?
  152. Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  153. Zimmerman found NOT GUILTY of killing Trayvon Martin
  154. Most plausible and implausible conspiracy theories?
  155. Happy Birthday Popcon Queen Tripwires!! :)
  156. Happy birthday arm (Raquel)
  157. Are Americans morally confused?
  158. Russia to arrest openly gay tourists.
  159. What made you Happy today?
  160. Journalist Barrett Brown possibly facing a 105 year sentence for denouncing espionage
  161. Maria Callas
  162. Tennis Elbow 2012/2013
  163. Chile’s abortion debate
  164. Brazil, soccer referee stabs player then gets stoned to death and dismembered.
  165. Any solo travellers here? Planning on going to Belgrade alone...
  166. Wall Street Journal recommends Egypt's generals to follow Pinochet's example
  167. Which sports have produced the most GOATsportsmen from a whole country?
  168. Empire of the Sun-Ice on the Dune
  169. Who's your favourite pop girl?
  170. 6yo beautiful little girl, singing - Big Surprise
  171. Is there any place where i can...
  172. Is it too many pathetic new threads here now? Vote!
  173. Why doesn't eurosport broadcast this sport anylonger?
  174. Are you as hateful(mean,disgruntled,etc.) in real life as you are on MTF?
  175. What made you upset today?
  176. what happened to duong
  177. Pancakes are tasty
  178. Would you consider living on the 13th floor bad luck?
  179. Guess The Member - Riddles and Mysteries
  180. Mong Mong's Novel | The Preview in OP
  181. Restart the world
  182. North West
  183. Are "male player bulge" and "fattest asses on tour" threads borderline pornography?
  184. R.I.P. James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano (1961 - 2013)
  185. Local recipe thread.
  186. MTF Top Spin 4 Tournament - PS3 and Xbox
  187. Happy brithday Naudio Spanlatine
  188. #changebrazil
  189. Special things/sports in your country?
  190. North Korea appreciation thread.
  191. JRRT or GRRM?
  192. Anyone watching The Borgias?
  193. Just for Laughs! Let's Talk Comedy!
  194. Arrested Development
  195. How do I convert vCash into real dollars?
  196. Does anyone know Assembly Language?
  197. Is being a mug the only way to gain recognition on MTF?
  198. young guy imitating rafa,roger,andy and nole!!!
  199. FIVB World League 2013
  200. Kids' rights?
  201. Are there any real perks in being a wallflower?
  202. They DO spy on us I am not schizophrenic
  203. 3 year old explains why he doesn't want to eat meat
  204. China Tried To Convince North Korea To Stop Conducting Nuclear Tests
  205. Is 1984 the best book ever?
  206. Farewell, MTF
  207. Best country in the world?
  208. Is Kim Jong-Un the greatest leader the worlds ever seen
  209. Guess The Member - Pictures and Puzzles
  210. Do you think that exist a gay culture?
  211. Happy birthday Kat_YYZ
  212. Mark Lenders' recent behaviour.
  213. New Moderators - June 2013
  214. Turkey blocked access to twitter and facebook
  215. I need your help...
  216. this dude david smith(650 pound virgin) lost 400 pounds
  217. scoobs??
  218. Unarmed Chechen man shot dead by the FBI during "interrogation"
  219. Happy Birthday Lena (Jelena)!!!!!!
  220. Let's get the party started! "Happy Birthday Genci"
  221. GeoGuessr
  222. The Microsoft Thread | X Box ONE Revealed.
  223. Angelina Jolie double mastectomy
  224. Who has the most GOODreps per amount of posts?
  225. I Injuried my knee badly, how much time I need to recover?
  226. A question to android phone users
  227. Is torture ever acceptable?
  228. Original attempts to earn million dollars
  229. Anyone in Santo Domingo, Dominican republic?
  230. Any Dentists here or who use Dental Instruments?
  231. Like it or not? Mariah Carey & Miguel #Beautiful
  232. American-backed dictator in Guatemala convicted of genocide in his own country
  233. How many active footballers are more popular than Federer/Nadal/Djokovic?
  234. Mobile phone thread
  235. Jeff Hanneman passed away
  236. WWW Snooker world championship SF: O'SULLIVAN - TRUMP
  237. Australia in two Minutes (18+)
  238. Freakyman is back!
  239. Best Batman villains
  240. The Forum Police are in town
  241. Miss England 2013
  242. WWE Thread - CM Punk still the best in the world.
  243. NFL Star Kerry Rhodes ex has outed him.
  244. The Lifting Thread
  245. Which forum users posts do you always read?
  246. article: Why hasn't A Top ATP Male Tennis Pro Come Out As Gay?
  247. Massive explosion near Waco,Texas. Fire, homes leveled, near fertilizer plant
  248. 2 explosions at Boston Marathon, UPDATE: at least 3 dead, 144 injured
  249. Which is better IYO? Gangnam Style vs. Gentleman?
  250. Season-ending injury for Kobe Bryant