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  1. I am looking for a smartphone?
  2. Guess the movie
  3. MTF Singing Contest?
  4. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel-winning author, dead at 87
  5. Burning Toast
  6. The Green Fad
  7. Chris Rea-Josephine
  8. Do you enjoy motorhead's posts?
  9. South Korean Ferry Capsizes, Hundreds Missing
  10. ---- What is an Alpha Female? ----
  11. Anyone had shrimps?
  12. My 22nd Birthday marks my 1 and 6/8 years anniversry on MTF....
  13. Favorite local food?
  14. Sherlock
  15. What Nationalities you relate the least ?
  16. Good Documentaries?
  17. Is Life too short?
  18. Favourite album covers?
  19. How has your musical taste developed?
  20. MTF Donation Contest - vCash
  21. Where would you travel?
  22. Me. Don't call this a comeback...
  23. Ian Thorpe in bad shape :(
  24. Can anyone get me copy of a ski article in a French newspaper?
  25. Shameless US Appreciation Thread [Season Finale discussion]
  26. The MTF Best Song Game (#2) - Winner: Sham Kay [The Mars Volta - "L'Via L'Viaquez"]
  27. Does anyone know that you post on MTF?
  28. Earthquake 8.2 Mw (North of Chile), again.
  29. Who is hotter: the leader of Germany or Denmark?
  30. The average U.S. orthodontist earns $196,270. The average CEO makes $178,400.
  31. 100 Years on: World War 1
  32. Sport with the brightest future?
  33. Reason To Play Tennis
  34. Daylight saving time?
  35. Spiciest food you have ever eaten?
  36. Change Films/Albums/Songs/Games/Books/Media/etc. titles with MTF usernames
  37. California anti-gun Senator Yee arrested for gun trafficking
  38. Is now the perfect time for Ukraine to become part of the UK (Donestsk tries to join)
  39. European newspaper depicts Barack and Michelle Obama as Apes
  40. MTF Contest - THE Voting Process
  41. I'm in Primark right now what should I buy?
  42. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  43. Anyone know about mkv. avi. files and converting and stuff?
  44. Im in Target right now what should I buy?
  45. The MTF Best Song Game (songs at posts 92-93; vote deadline next Friday 10 pm CET)
  46. The truth about Venezuela: a revolt of the well-off, not a 'terror campaign'
  47. Twitter blocked in Turkey
  48. Is now the perfect time for Latso to run for a mod position?
  49. Is now the perfect time for Obama to consider annexing a part or the whole of Canada?
  50. Stigmatization of Homeless Youth with Mental Disorders, A study conducted by Kowchi.
  51. Is now the perfect time for Maria Sharapova to represent the USA.
  52. Soccer (World Cup) Nations Dogs. Someone can answered with cats?
  53. How long before a global football league?
  54. MTF Contest - New Usernames for Freaky and Unforced Terror
  55. 8-- ALPHA MALES --8 Definition & Characteristics
  56. Been away for two/three years or so.. Updates on the following members please
  57. What kind of drunk are you?
  58. The British Empire is the best in history.
  59. What is your favorite Malvinluisandy cover?
  60. The worlds hardest game
  61. Can you get to 2048? Addictive internet game!
  62. Removing the Stigma of Mental illness
  63. Would MTF be boring without the tard wars
  64. B. Munich boss Uli Hoeness has been sentenced to 3 and half years for tax evasion
  65. Bands/Artists that have regressed/declined considerably?
  66. Weird habits. Do you have any?
  67. Two New York buildings collapse after gas explosion
  68. GREATEST moments in All Sports?
  69. English speakers, please help me out
  70. What's your fav MTF rivalry?
  71. Edward Snowden should get Noble prize
  72. Your top 10 daily websites
  73. This day in history, Up Went Nelson!
  74. American Appreciation/Deppreciation Thread. B)
  75. Funny and Cool Picture and Video Thread
  76. Too drunk to gamble - gambler sues Las Vegas casino over $500,000 debt
  77. Malaysian Airlines bound for Beijing goes missing, 239 on board
  78. Congratulations to Gulzan
  79. Jokes
  80. Burger or Fries, what do you eat first?
  81. How to be fair?
  82. What does Facebook mean by Custom?
  83. Pope Francis drops "F" Bomb at Vatican address!
  84. Bill Gates regains top spot as world's richest person - worth $76,000,000,000
  85. Kaiser Soze
  86. Any descendants from Adolf Hitler alive?
  87. 28 people killed, 162+ injured in knife attack in Kunming, China
  88. Murray, Nadal, Dimitrov, Monfils, Djokovic support peace in Ukraine
  89. Recent & upcoming bands/musicians that deserve more attention!
  90. Question for Croatians (and other people familiar with it): What's Vodice like?
  91. I apologize !
  92. 8 Ball Pool Rule Question - Help!
  93. Scary but subtle and gorgeous music accompanying movie scenes
  94. U2: Their new album and how they've gone to shit
  95. Say No to another Cold War
  96. Paco de Lucía dies at 66
  97. I miss exams
  98. Anybody eaten or want to eat dog?
  99. Alex Gibney documentary on Lance Armstrong 'lie' - available on youtube and torrents
  100. The Amiga appreciation thread
  101. We describe an MTF User with and Emoticon or Smiley Face.
  102. the caste system?
  103. Our friend MalvinLuisandy trolls tennisforum. WTA favourite - Roberta Vinci
  104. ***Forza Azuri***
  105. "El Chapo" Guzman finally fails to elude capture
  106. Programmers/Hackers Thread
  107. Jonathan Morgan should be ashamed of himself
  108. Brazil electricity problems may affect FIFA World Cup
  109. Roger,Rafa and the Others at the Olympics !!!
  110. A plea for your support!!!! PLEASE!
  111. New york chat thread
  112. So I just randomly bought a ticket to Singapore in June ...
  113. Afghanistan before liberation
  114. Farthest You've Traveled For Sports?
  115. True Detective
  116. so mean
  117. House of Cards
  118. Sport with the Best Athletes
  119. sick great song
  120. How patriotic a sports fan are you?
  121. Happy Valentine
  122. British posters
  123. The 9 most boring TV sports
  124. Why does humanity hate itself?
  125. What's your favorite soccer team in the world and how long time?
  126. awful day
  127. Twitter Gods (Classic Tweets Thread)
  128. Official 2014 Sochi Olympics Snow Bunny and Ice Angel thread
  129. Most Difficult Sport
  130. Your reaction to a silver/bronze medal performance?
  131. MalvinLuisandy vs sportstennis - Who is the best?
  132. Ice apokalipse in Mateya's country :sad:
  133. Can MTF do math?
  134. Pennsylvania judge sentenced to 28 years in prison for selling teens to prisons
  135. Dylan Farrow accuses Woody Allen of sexual abuse
  136. "Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 46"
  137. User name Kenny
  138. The History Thread (?) and the Rise and Fall of Great Powers
  139. 'Foxy Knoxy' GUILTY (again)
  140. I have a problem with a friend and I don't really know what to do
  141. Vertical sports free app--how the heck do you log in to your account?
  142. MTF'ers up to go to a tournament together?
  143. Mother of bad luck...
  144. Capitalism and publicity
  145. Mong Mong's Most Favourite Nole Fans
  146. MTF Knowledge Judge Volunteering Thread
  147. Is white poverty more upsetting to white people than black/latin/asian poverty?
  148. Losing someone you love
  149. MTF Knowledge Hall of Fame
  150. MTF Knowledge Rankings Thread
  151. Are men more shallow than women?
  152. Sex Sent me To The ER!
  153. 86 Oscars Nomination 2014:
  154. Happy Birthday AdeyC!
  155. 3 Days Notice
  156. Cristiano Ronaldo wins 2013 ballon d'or
  157. Happy MTF Birthday Freak3yman84!
  158. MTF Knowledge Reference Thread
  159. Kowchi's hottest woman MTF poster,
  160. DCC Refugees Chat Thread -- Something About Nothing 7
  161. Pronounce Your Username/Name
  162. Aids
  163. Is everyone on MTF a troll??
  164. Predict 2014 For These MTF Members
  165. MTF Knowledge Competition 2014
  166. MTF has a bad reputation on TF
  167. Evander Holyfield showing his ignorance on TV.
  168. RIP - Eusebio: Portugal football legend dies aged 71
  169. Chris Kuerten's Hottest MTF Minxes List
  170. Type "Mens Tennis Forum" with your nose.
  171. Best places to travel
  172. Happy Birthday Tag!
  173. If you had to choose between these 2 scenarios...
  174. WWW MTF bogan off: Hewitt =Legend Vs leng jai
  175. Your most embarrassing moment
  176. R.I.P. James Avery aka Uncle Phil (1948-2014)
  177. Do you shave your chest hair?
  178. Michael Schumacher: Jean Todt "hope" he can lead a relatively normal life
  179. Differentiating between a game and a sport
  180. Happy birthday Marcelo "chino" rios and me (chilenaitor)
  181. K, local MTF pervs , this is how it's done
  182. I am so scared of this...
  183. MTF Tennis Elbow Game (commit to the test in brisbane)
  184. Sherlock's back.
  185. Merry Christmas everybody!
  186. Ugandan Aggravated Homosexuality Law.
  187. Happy Birthday Mark Lenders!
  188. Mong Mong's Funniest MTF Members
  189. Happy Holidays
  190. Merry Christmas Everyone
  191. Some terrible things you did as a kid or even now.
  192. Happy birthday joe (ProdigyEng )
  193. Chuck Norris wishes everyone a Merry Christmas
  194. Mong Mong's Nicest MTF Members List
  195. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - Congrats to ProdigyENG
  196. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - bronze medal match - vote now
  197. Rebecca Mader on Once Upon a Time
  198. China becomes the 3rd country to land on the moon
  199. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - Tiebreak voting till 9 pm CET
  200. Rest in Peace
  201. Ms. MTF 2013?!
  202. Abel's list of the most alpha MTF members
  203. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - QF, vote now
  204. Mong Mong's Hottest MTF Hunks List
  205. Story in 3 words
  206. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R5 vote now
  207. Are happy with you life?
  208. Have you had or do you want plastic surgery?
  209. Your favourite social media?
  210. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R4 vote now
  211. Anyone on Instagram?
  212. Is pursuing a career related to Tennis the right thing for me?
  213. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R3 2nd half, vote now
  214. 8 Subliminal Messages In Corporate Logos You've Never Noticed Before
  215. Songs you once liked and now hate (and are ashamed to say you once liked)
  216. Should I quit my job for epic road trip?
  217. What would your version of a paradise be?
  218. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R3 1st half vote now
  219. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R2 4 quarter vote now
  220. Is this the best minute of basketball ever?
  221. I Have Never...............
  222. The 45 most powerful photos of 2013
  223. Your favourite hair colour?
  224. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R2 3rd quarter, vote now
  225. Men who are feminists
  226. Unpopular opinions that you have on Movies/TV/Music/Videogames
  227. Love at first sight
  228. Should you spank your kids?
  229. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R2 2nd quarter, vote now
  230. Why are there so many porn stars from the Czech Republic?
  231. Have you got a beard?
  232. Was it accepted to be weirdly affectionate with children back in the day?
  233. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R2 1st quarter, vote now
  234. College student gunned down by a police officer in front of my freaking door
  235. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R1 4 quarter vote now
  236. What's your top 5 favorite characters of all time (only TV shows)?
  237. Save the Canary Islands
  238. RIP Nelson Mandela
  239. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R1 3rd quarter, vote now
  240. French general Paul Aussaresses who admitted torture dies at 95
  241. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R1 2nd quarter vote now
  242. Internet Games or when the boss is not around
  243. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - R1 1st quarter vote now
  244. geoguessr, place where you are
  245. Are you happy where you live?
  246. Happy Birthday viruzzz !
  247. All time great sports moment Saturday
  248. All-time-great athletes without Olympic gold
  249. What's your fav NBA team? And since when do you support them?
  250. 2013 MTF Popularity Contest - Qualification Round vote now