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  1. Football Tipping ~ Someone must manage Spanish Primeira to validate it!
  2. Drunk Sapeod...
  3. Ample Proof that King Puru of India aka Porus defeated Sikander
  4. How much do you change after orgasme?
  5. Drusilla's Den
  6. Should voting REALLY be a right granted to all?
  7. USA, female teacher gets 30y prison for sex with teens boys
  8. Crowd attacks Serbian PM at Srebrenica Anniversary
  9. Amazing story in third world part of USA
  10. What drugs have you used?
  11. MTF Mafia Game #16. DAY 7 ENDS 16:00 New York Time
  12. Interesting game concept LEGO Dimensions ft. Doctor Who
  13. Would you guys be OK if your gf wants to wear this regularly?
  14. What are the most dangerous and evil sects? And tips on how to fight them.
  15. I wrote a book!
  16. I find female friends boring to hang out with
  17. Vanuatu 46, Micronesia 0
  18. Anyone watching True Detective - season 2
  19. WWW The Ashes 2015
  20. Wimledon Quiz
  21. Remember how much better TV was in the 90s?
  22. Anyone using the new Apple Music streaming service?
  23. So what the hell is going on with Greece?
  24. MTV's new series Scream (based on Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson's movies)
  25. Football Tipping league selection poll | PLEASE PM IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MANAGE
  26. MTF BSG #21: Synthpop Winner: MWW (Art vs. Science - Create/Destroy)
  27. Tour de France 2015
  28. Chris Squire passed away at 67
  29. MTF Mafia Game #15 -- Day #6. Deadline 0530 EDT (1130 CEST)
  30. Motor sports
  31. Japanese women flock to zoo to see Shabani the handsome gorilla
  32. US Supreme Court overturns gay marriage bans; SSM now completely legal
  33. MTF Football Tipping game - SELECT LEAGUES!!!
  34. Tipping game Tour de France 2015?
  35. Joy Division vs. The Smiths
  36. How do you feel about this song?
  37. Australian Piracy Legislation
  38. How many times do you exercise in a week?
  39. America pretending to be fighting ISIS while allied with its Kingdom' version
  40. Race war inevitable in USA?
  41. Elton John-Weak era vs. Strong era.
  42. US study suggests Earth "entering new mass extinction phase"
  43. Is being Gay really a natural way of life?
  44. Does this motivate you?
  45. What really matters in life ?
  46. The MTF Mafia Game #14 - Arseclowns Win!
  47. Is being attracted to only one race makes you a racist?
  48. Kirk Kerkorian,casino mogul dead at 98
  49. MTF pick up lines
  50. Goalkeeper cheating - destroys penalty spot
  51. Which mor alfa: GOAT=Fed or Nole Rules???
  52. Dumped my GF- show of alphaness of insecurity?
  53. European Games! Did you hear about it?
  54. Have you met a person who sees dead people like the kid in The Sixth Sense?
  55. Christopher Lee dies aged 93
  56. New sports and disciplines in the 2016 and 2018 olympics
  57. Happy Birthday BlackeyeVuk!
  58. ITT: Post your favorite songs
  59. Maybe its time to end the tard wars?
  60. Variations of tennis
  61. MTF BSG #20: Flute/Clarinet | Redaftw wins!!
  62. Will safin-rules-no.1 make 10 years on this forum?
  63. Moderation appreciation thread
  64. Why do some men want to be women?
  65. Do you enjoy summer?
  66. Happy birthday Kat_YYZ
  67. Just Do It!
  68. Rusty Nole Rules playing tennis.
  69. Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn
  70. 2015: The Evolution of Technology
  71. The MTF Mafia Game #13 - CONGRATS MODS!
  72. Vulnerabilities in Hola found. Real issue or media firms' attack for hurting cartels?
  73. I am no longer a tennis fan.
  74. Would you allow a needy stranger in your home?
  75. Scientists: MDMA may help social anxiety in autistic adults
  76. FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges; Face Extradition to U.S.
  77. Happy (belated) birthday Deathless Mortal
  78. Nobel Prize John Nash dies in car crash
  79. Your thoughts on this video?
  80. Transgenders.
  81. ISIS still advancing
  82. Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - Winner: SWEDEN
  83. How tall are you?
  84. The MTF Mafia Game #12 - Game Over! Arseclowns win!
  85. What dish do you make the best of the world?
  86. A prison in Norway.
  87. Venezuelan Officials Suspected of Turning Country into Global Cocaine Hub
  88. Who will win - Game of Thrones
  89. Why haters are useless and the way to deal with them.
  90. Would you date a woman with kids from a previous relationship?
  91. Cycling thread
  92. Why is TPP secret?
  93. 2015 Euroleague Final Four (15-17 May)
  94. Why do men cross their legs?
  95. Riley B. King (BB King) Dies
  97. Summer plans?
  98. How to “Accidentally” Abort in Chile
  99. Man fired from his well paid job after heckling female reporter with FHRITP
  100. Vatican officially recognizes 'state of Palestine'
  101. Pep Guardiola: Is he overrated?
  102. What is love?
  103. WWW Giro d'Italia
  104. The MTF Mafia Game #11 - Day 7 (deadline: 00h00)
  105. Which char from GOT do Mods remind you of?
  106. Uncle Latso Schooling Bulgarian Young Gun. Top 5 Endless Loops. JG vs.Latso?
  107. Uncle Latso tennis (vid)
  108. Another MTF mug playing tennis...
  109. Person holding a sign with text generator
  110. Who is the greatest boxer of all time?
  111. The MTF Mafia Game #11 - Sign up and Discussion
  112. 70 years ago
  113. Israeli soldiers detail how they fought in Gaza: "There were no rules"
  114. Winnipeg/MullerMagic's Tennis Career (Or Lack Of One)
  115. WWW WS Championship FINAL: Murphy vs Bingham
  116. WS Championship SF: Bingham d. Trump 17-16
  117. Princess name?
  118. RIP. Maya Plisetskaya dies
  119. My brother gets his lunch taken away from him
  120. Come join MTF...slightly addicting.
  121. Nepal earthquake
  122. WWW WBC/WBO Mayweather F. J. - Pacquiao M.
  123. The MTF Mafia Game #10 - Mods Win!!!
  124. Baltimore, USA akin to third-world conditions
  125. What kind of racquet is this?
  126. Nazarbayev re-elected President of Kazakhstan with 97.7% of the vote
  127. Johnny Groove Tennis Career Volume 2
  128. Which Game consoles do you own?
  129. Tennis thread
  130. Any other instances of "weak era" in other sports/competitions?
  131. Wayward Pines
  132. WWW: In Real Life Tennis: Uncle Latso vs. Johnny Groove?
  133. Get in on this thread.
  134. When will anglo racism stop? "Police shot Brazilian eight times"
  135. Friends kicked me out of their home
  136. Fucking Almonds
  137. Rank the Champions League Winners (2004-2014)
  138. Allied soldiers rap*d almost 1M women after WWII
  139. What was the best sports year for you?
  140. Who is greater, Michael Jordan or Lionel Messi?
  141. MTF Best Song Game #18 | Congratulations to citizen_insane ! [with "Hosianna Mantra"]
  142. Better military?
  143. Dragon Ball Z : light of hope (Live Action)
  144. New Star Wars trailer
  145. YodaKnowsBest Threads
  146. The MTF Mafia Game 9: Arseclowns win
  147. How much did you cry at the end of Furious 7?
  148. Favorite movie director?
  149. You think some people killed themselves out of pure curiosity?
  150. Another tragedy due to gun laws in the US
  151. Q&A / Blog with Vukie...
  152. Firearms thread
  153. GOAT Male Pornstar?
  154. Oil discovery in South East England estimated at 50-100 billion barrels
  155. 40 years old living at home with their parents.
  156. Replace a word in a movie title with the name 'Dave'
  157. European vs Anglo Women
  158. Spring
  159. The MTF Mafia Game #8 - Game Over
  160. Lance Armstrong and 2003 Laureus Sportsman of the Year
  161. American couple got 1 million viewers with their video
  162. MTF Favourite Musicians Contest - Pink Floyd are the Winners
  163. US Military will reportedly train neo-nazis in Ukraine
  164. Why are Europeans so progressive?
  165. RKO Outta Nowhere!
  166. The MTF Mafia Game #7 - Mods Win
  167. Tattoos and piercings, your opinion on them?
  168. MTF Favourite Musicians Contest - Nominate your 30 favourites by Wednesday, April 1
  169. Jeremy Clarkson fired by the BBC (Top Gear)
  170. Best Vietnam War Movie
  171. Describe yourself politically
  172. Germanwings Plane crashes in the French Alps. 150 Dead.
  173. 2001: A Space Odyssey discussion thread
  174. MTF BSG #17 Inspirational/feel good songs Congrats Droog
  175. RIP Lee Kuan Yew
  176. DO average non-mtf person would find us Weird?
  177. James Franco comes out.
  178. If you live in Boston of the surronding area you can come say hi to Kowchi!
  179. Why are always the beautiful blondes European and Not american?
  180. Has the Sun Eclipse damaged my eyes ?
  181. Lufthansa pilots strike
  182. The MTF Mafia Game #6 - Mods Win!
  183. Three judges fired for using office computers to watch porn
  184. Are Canandians really "that" nice...or is it just a running joke?
  185. Official Tennis Elbow (2013) Thread
  186. n8's (StatRacket) troubles - update post #28
  187. Is it just me or is this video a little disturbing?
  188. Penis transplant
  189. Bad/Funny dining experiences
  190. Apple Watch, any takers?
  191. CRISIS: All my favorite porn stars are age 30+ (and the next generation sucks)
  192. The MTF Mafia Game 5 | Mods Win
  193. Which language sounds more pleasant, French or Spanish?
  194. Models willing to do coprophilia with Sheikhs
  195. If all animals are driven to kill us, would they eliminate the human race?
  196. Is anyone with Tennis Channel seriously disappointed with its output?
  197. Banned Documentary goes viral on net
  198. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook appreciation thread. NBA 2016 Champs!!!
  199. What happens if you get enough bad reps ?
  200. The Righteous Brothers
  201. Weasel photographed riding on a woodpecker's back
  202. New study reveals average penis size
  203. The MTF Mafia Game 4 | Mods Win
  204. MTF BSG #16: Videos under 50 000 YT views (congratulations tekkanphan~~~!)
  205. Most bizarre comments you've seen in MTF
  206. Do you believe in deleting the post a user badrepped you on?
  207. The dress
  208. RIP Mr Spock - Leonard Nimoy dies aged 83
  209. Define Trolling
  210. Prenuptial Agreements
  211. What do you think about the nation state?
  212. When did you "choke" in real life and other sports?
  213. The Official Thread for the Seeker of the Sun's/Slade's activity outside of MTF
  214. New study suggests Gerbils helped to spread Bubonic Plague in 14th Century
  215. A man from UK predicted Boston bombings
  216. OSCAR 2015 Discussions + thread game
  217. The MTF Mafia Game: Day 7, conclusion - Arseclowns win!
  218. Happy Birthday Ramon (VamosRafaNadal)
  219. The most disturbing stuff I've ever read.
  220. The Cricket World Cup 2015 Thread
  221. Who's the biggest fan of...volume 2
  222. Gunman opens fire at Free Speech debate in Copenhagen
  223. 60 year old Indian man paralyzed by Alabama police
  224. Help me out- what is more beautiful
  225. Australia to compete in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest
  226. Scary stories for the campfire.
  227. Christian thread
  228. Chris Paul fined 25,000$ for criticizing officiating [women referee] in loss to Cavs
  229. New sports being considered for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo
  230. Troops fathered 400,000 children in post-war Germany
  231. MTF Best Song Game #15 (Theme: Short Songs) | Congrats to bry17may!
  232. Plane crash in Taiwan, at least 23 dead
  233. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?
  234. #FireBevell
  235. The Mafia Game: Villagers win!
  236. Looks matter MORE as a guy than they do for girls ... yes mind = blown
  237. The Martial Arts Thread
  238. MTF users sports videos
  239. Mamba had surgery
  240. No More Fapping Challenge : It Ends now... (No Fap September Challenge!!)
  241. L. Armstrong: "If you take me back to 1995, I'd probably do it [dope] again"
  242. Parents in Taiwan are now legally obliged to limit their kids computer time
  243. The Werewolf Game: Villagers Win!
  244. Rihanna / Kanye West / Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds
  245. Saudi Arabian King Abdullah dies
  246. The "I'm a lil what?" Thread
  247. Winter vacation
  248. Superbowl coming up,who's your pick?
  249. Absolutly Classic; Internet Funnies.
  250. World's most famous fitness model, Greg Plitt dies after being struck by a train....