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  1. Which percentage of adult Americans would successfully solve this riddle?
  2. How horrible is it to be a female, when your priority is beauty?
  3. MTF domination
  4. Do you prefer girls with or without tattoos?
  5. Nightmare fuel
  6. SUPER BOWL 50! - live commentary
  7. What is the best national/political party anthem?
  8. The 100!!!
  9. Is this the greatest footwork ever?
  10. Rant/chat about WORK thread - discuss your experiences
  11. Too much violence on these forums
  12. Should I tell a girl's boyfriend that she cheated on him with me?
  13. ClutchOnandWin gets unbanned this month
  14. "I don't care what people think of me"
  15. What is your favourite vegetable?
  16. This 70-year-old is more ripped than 99% of guys aged 20. What's your excuse?
  17. Are Extra Marital Affairs really "Morally wrong"?
  18. My Nephew Brent WON Basketball Player of the Week!!
  19. JG Kickstarter/Movie/Apparel
  20. How could regular posters be sure in mods competence?
  21. Chris Kuertens WWII
  22. Handball European Championship 2016
  23. RIP Madeline (decrepitude) Tribute Thread
  24. Glenn Frey (The Eagles) passes away at 67
  25. Rio 2016 - team competitions
  26. Dealing with everyday pain
  27. Greys anatomy
  28. RIP Alan Rickman
  29. Water polo thread
  30. RIP David Bowie
  31. 2016 NFL playoffs
  32. Did Christian Bale deserve an Oscar award for American Psycho?
  33. Anyone else watching Making A Murderer?
  34. MTFers, what do you think of Tennis Warehouse and Reddit Tennis?
  35. Happy New Year
  36. Goodbye Ian Murdock, creator of Debian Linux. RIP
  37. 2016 goals
  38. Farewell
  39. RIP Lemmy
  40. What's the best tweet you've ever seen?
  41. Who wants to face me on a written freestyle rap battle?
  42. Tomic is the new Partizan Belgrade coach
  43. In the spotlight - Crustaceok
  44. Happy Birthday Mark Lenders !
  45. UFC on NFL: Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman
  46. Happy bday ProdigyEng (joe)
  47. Netanyahu: Israel will not be a Binational State
  48. Star Wars ep. VII the Force Awakens
  49. What if girl takes initiative and asking you for a first date?
  50. Best country in the world to live in 2015
  51. Who's following the World Surf League?
  52. Best rap verses of all time?
  53. Saudi millionaire cleared of ****** teenager after claiming he fell into her
  54. Who should be voted best British sportsman/woman of 2015?
  55. A cruise to the Caribbean or Bermuda
  56. ' or `?
  57. Got stopped by cops in thanksgiving
  58. Is this art?
  59. Killing best friend prank
  60. Euro 2016
  61. WWW: Johnny Groove vs Redfoo
  62. MTF advertising - regulations?
  63. El Chapo vs ISIS
  64. Have you ever been in love?
  65. Goodbye! I'll see you all next Christmas!
  66. Who's your favourite film director?
  67. You can't fap, because your roomate wouldn't leave the room...
  68. Am I the MOST ICONIC MTF's member of all time?
  69. Who's the richest MTFer?
  70. Are "energy drinks" the work of the devil?
  71. Do you like vodka?
  72. What's your height and weight?
  73. What's the most beautiful male voice you've ever heard?
  74. ISIS Leader nominated as TIME's Person of the Year
  75. Do you also think that the 'like button' killed the good/badreps ?
  76. Best pranks thread
  77. British parliament vote in support of bombing ISIL in Syria
  78. San Bernardino, CA shooting - confirmed fatalities
  79. Happy birthday Litotes
  80. Short CNN documentary on Dutch Black Pete tradition
  81. MTF's HOTTEST MEN OF 2015???? Should I make a list?
  82. Will Golden State Warriors break the record?
  83. The Man in the High Castle - Anyone else watching?
  84. New Years Resolutions
  85. Are death threats and injury wishes towards yourself allowed or not? (srs)
  86. Turkey shot down Russian jet near Syrian border, Putin calls 'stab in the back'
  87. Should I inform the police?
  88. Open-Minded Man Grimly Realizes How Much Life He's Wasted Listening To Bullshit
  89. Does MTF need to change it's ways?
  90. Best chess player: Kasparov, Carlsen or Fischer
  91. Which of these should be post of the year?
  92. Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts
  93. "The Fittest MTFer" Challenge.
  94. MTF Challenge Series: Johnny Groove def. Goffan 6-0 6-0 6-0
  95. Yoda rant
  96. A terrorist attack in the capital of Mali, Bamako. Update, 21 dead.
  97. Complete your girlfriend...
  98. Oxford's word of the not a word
  99. Miley Cyrus Truly Off the Deep End
  100. What happened to tennisforum?
  101. MTF Prays for Paris
  102. Multiple terrorist attacks in Paris! / 128 dead
  103. [The cultural appropriation thread] - Gods of Egypt - #AllWhiteGodsMatter
  104. ≪За тихой рекою, Beyond The Quiet River≫
  105. Overpopulation may lead to 3rd world war and the end of humanity
  106. Happy Birthday Clashcityrocker!
  107. Most handsome male singers/musicians
  108. Systematic Doping in athletic sports
  109. Association in Two Words
  110. If you had an opportunity to change your sex for 1 year, would you take it?
  111. dat feel when you fall in love with a girl in an amateur porn
  112. Most beautiful famous women in the world ?
  113. Men tweeted creepy things about a Brazilian girl on ‘MasterChef Junior.’
  114. XBOXONE THREAD: COD Black Ops III OUT NOW! / Fallout 4 SOON!
  115. What's the best song about the moon?
  116. Anybody played Life Is Strange ?
  117. Very informative
  118. Julia Louis Dreyfus Braless on Seinfeld
  119. Women are either bisexual or gay but 'never straight'
  120. Unkept promises/bets of MTF
  121. tfcaki gencaki nathalaki pablaki
  122. Goddamit, libgen is down
  123. Ireland planning to decriminalise drugs like heroin/cocaine/cannabis for personal use
  124. Grey Goose commercial: "The extraordinary belongs to those who make it"
  125. Is there a better modern songwriter than Mark Kozelek?
  126. Is this Paris surface for real?
  127. How to Deal with a Breakdown
  128. Who is the hottest one out of these female singers?
  129. 2015 & 2016 Spanish General Election
  130. Can you believe that this song was made in 1970?
  131. Anyone else think it's kinda strange how in American porn videos
  132. What the hell is she wearing?
  133. Quality of accommodation when travelling
  134. Grindr gays and drugs?!
  135. Question about Chrome
  136. This pisses me off.
  137. Who started slavery?
  138. Views on immigration in Sweden
  139. Most powerful hurricane of all time set to make landfall tonight
  140. Fantasy basketball
  141. Valentino Rossi
  142. World's best looking skylines
  143. Drake's 'Hotline Bling'
  144. Harper out!
  145. Favourite clothing brands
  146. Woman Arrested In Walmart For Trying On Tampons In the Feminine Care Aisle
  147. Will JoWilly make a cameo appearance if Tsonga wins today?
  148. How mainstream is your music taste?
  149. Can we all agree that the new "like" function is a hit?
  150. Piaggio Ape Calessino 200 - Nadal & Stich Version
  151. Fantasy NBA on Yahoo. What about MTF league?
  152. I love serbia thread
  153. What do you do about conflicting job offers?
  154. How does one cope with the death of a dog?
  155. Your take on "free the nipple" campaign?
  156. Bye from Jo Willy
  157. Side jobs and supplemental income, what do you do?
  158. Whats with Serbs and last minute plays?
  159. Do you have/had any phobia?
  160. Bus transporting Serbian national football team stoned in Tirana
  161. How the West armed ISIS
  162. Have you ever visited erotic webchats? And what do you think about "camwhores"?
  163. My landlorde is a MILF
  164. The famous person you want to meet the most atm?
  165. Korean/Japanese Music Thread
  166. Please bring back TSD, harcos,hipolymer!
  167. If you got paid would you stop supporting your favourite?
  168. Huge smileys
  169. Is Sia the most talented current female pop artist?
  170. Is this the sexiest video of all time?
  171. The Walking Dead.
  172. $10,000 bundle of marijuana falls from the sky and crushes family doghouse
  173. $ave Dat Money
  174. Prometheus 1 and 2
  175. Do we have a weak era in football?
  176. How does this video make you feel?
  177. MTF's Caffeine consumption. (Poll included).
  178. Do You Know AlDub?
  179. is jhonny depp white or latino?
  180. The deepest techno ever?
  181. Edward Snowden a CGI fabrication?
  182. Do women care more about race or height?
  183. REAL BIG BOMBSHELL: I flirted with a girl closer to my age today
  184. When was the last time you said
  185. Collecting
  186. Could you marry somebody of different religion?
  187. What countries have the most beautiful women?
  188. COMMON/GENERIC interview questions and answers
  189. any Gimp experts out there?
  190. "The Straight Men Who Have Sex With Trans Women"
  191. After Elton pranked.....Putin may have a meeting!
  192. delete thread, sorry, wrong section
  193. I just stopped a suicide...
  194. Do you like the shaved side haircuts on women?
  195. There is clearly no #WeakestEraEver in table tennis.
  196. Do you like the new MTF?
  197. Omg
  198. Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour Party leadership in the first round
  199. Player or Boyfriend? It’s Written On His Forehead
  200. Anyone else kinda sorta really very excited for Pokemon Go?
  201. Kim Jong Un
  202. I think my roommate's cat wants to have sex with me
  203. Why are people so interested in politics?
  204. Would you open this email?
  205. Anyone ever think of making a suicide mixtape sometimes?
  206. Periscope- Good thing or Bad thing?
  207. What MTF members would make a cute couple?
  208. Who here plays online poker?
  209. Sickening TV ad proves Heightism is an acceptable form of discriminination in Society
  210. Bye MTF, if
  211. Predict Winner, Finalists and Score in Kuala Lumpur and win a free Premium Membership
  212. Bye MTF Forever
  213. Brady wins appeal against NFL, 4 game suspension lifted
  214. WWW? : FIBA EuroBasket 2015 [NBA stars also here]
  215. Dimitrov ROASTED First to reply wins a Premium Membership.
  216. Narcos (Netflix) anyone watching?
  217. WWW Euro Basket 2015
  218. What's the funniest music parody you ever seen?
  219. Scott Walker: U.S.-Canada wall a 'legitimate' idea
  220. candy crush saga
  221. X factor`s Josh Daniel made me cry all day
  222. Does the grieving process ever end?
  223. Do you still make mix CDs?
  224. Is golf really enjoyable?
  225. ~ Queen Selena Gomez Appreciation Thread ~ #TeamSelenators
  226. Worst song in 2015?
  227. How many times have you gotten bad-repped by Matt01?
  228. Usain Bolt taken down in an endless loop
  229. GoFundeMe for a Deserving Family
  230. Really weird public figures
  231. Another day in America: two journalists killed live on air
  232. W(Would)W: Johnny Groove vs. Winnipeg?
  233. What are your favourite clothes
  234. MTF "users"...
  235. Is Formula One going through a crisis?
  236. Athletics World Championships 2015
  237. PSA: Men attracted to transsexuals are NOT gay
  238. Which country has the best flag in the world?
  239. Anyone on MTF want to join this private league on Premier league fantasy football
  240. Win a Premium Membership on MTF #2
  241. Are you ready to go back to school?
  242. MTF Football: Bundesliga #2 - Send by 21/8
  243. Is this song pop perfection? [SERIOUS]
  244. MTF Football EPL #3
  245. The Transparent thread
  246. Sharing some Good News with MTF.
  247. Win a Premium Member on MTF
  248. University of Alabama sorority slammed For 'Racially-Homogeneous' Recruitment Film
  249. 2015 Rugby World Cup
  250. Dear chico, why are you so mean to me :(