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  1. Astronomers discover first planet from outside Earth's galaxy
  2. Happy birthday Lee
  3. Which Harry Potter character would you do?
  4. Is Mohammad Ali really the greatest boxer ever?
  5. Who is the hottest girl on MTF?
  6. If Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Soderling, Murray, Berdych, Ferrer, Roddick
  7. 29 miners dead after two huge explosions in New Zealand mine
  8. Reverse your sexual orientation
  9. Sex And the City : Meet Your Panel of Sexperts
  10. 1st trial of a former Guantanamo detainee in civilian court
  11. Happy birthday Oizo (Leo)
  12. Swedes
  13. Ex Girlfriend: Advice
  14. Credits under the avatar...
  15. James Blunt stopped World War III
  16. aung san suu kyi released!
  17. New Call of Duty Game Obliterates Sales Record
  18. Large Hadron Collider generates a "mini-Big Bang".
  19. Hail Mister MTF thread- Poems of clowns in honor of MTF
  20. King Carl Gustaf sex scandal shocks Swedes.
  21. Fringe (TV Series)
  22. The Puppy smiley
  23. Queen Elizabeth II has got her own Facebook!
  24. What are your favourite Facebook games?
  25. Which browser you like most?
  26. Age gaps in relationships, does love rule all or must there be an absolute limit?
  27. Some good music - I love Heya Thread
  28. A real time traveler!
  29. Sometimes, your toughest battles are against yourself
  30. UK posters
  31. I'm publishing a book soon =)
  32. Has this happened to anyone?
  33. How old are you?
  34. 2003 - the future of MTF?
  35. Happy belated birthday to ad-out aka Amanda
  36. What would your final words be?
  37. Statements like this are why these people are a real danger.
  38. Former Argentinian president Nestor Kirchner has died
  39. I have a question about the science of microwaving
  40. R.I.P. Paul
  41. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: India are the World Champions
  42. Norway tops the Prosperity Index and the UN Human Development Index
  43. Woman refused to kiss me because of my mostache, is she a tool?
  44. Is it possible to build my muscles without gymming???
  45. HOT Sassy Stuff
  46. 2010 MTF Fantasy Basketball
  47. Any Spyro Gyra (jazz) fans out there?
  48. Would global legalization of marijuana, prostitution, and gambling help the economy?
  49. Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
  50. Happy Birthday ~*Carlita*~ !!!!!
  51. The Cougar Appreciation Thread
  52. Happy (belated) birthday Sue (cobalt60)
  53. Poll:Poll:Poll: Is it a myth that eating fast food regularly makes you fat?
  55. Happy Birthday Dusan! (dusan1610) =D
  56. What's yours?
  57. Lending money to good friends
  58. Politicians playing nazi ss as a hobby.
  59. Happy birthday Voo de Mar aka "He attended the record breaking match" man
  60. 14 oct.Happy bday Mike!(13 oct. Welcome Back M.aka Corey Feldman)
  61. First gay pride march held in belgradeADE
  62. Stood up...sort of
  63. Are videogames art?
  64. Senior media personality forced to resign over mocking of Indian chief minister name
  65. What is your current mobile ringtone?
  66. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Birte *** Happy birthday Sommarsverige
  67. policy of France on minorities
  68. **~153 (Counting this one) Nadal threads in the last month.....seriously?
  69. Is MTF at its absolute best right now?
  70. Dutch Politician Goes On Trial for "Hate Speech"
  71. ***Countdown to 2012 Doomsday.....will it happen?
  72. Entire college shuts down due to football game
  73. Favorite TED talks?
  74. Poll: Is visiting a prostitute really any worse than a sleazy one night stand?
  75. Worst Album Covers?
  76. The male G-spot
  77. Tennis (specifically MTF) is dead.
  78. The LFL thread (Lingerie Football League)
  79. Dual's point of view *politics*
  80. Favourite Album Cover?
  81. Best Crank Calls Of All Time
  82. Camilo Villegas is going naked in ESPN's Body Issue
  83. Life in Technicolor - A band :)
  84. Poll: Who are the greatest music band of all time?
  85. vn01 Predictions
  86. Online Tennis Game!!!
  87. Greatest Film Scores
  88. What is more likey to happen first?
  89. Whats the point of Lady Gaga?
  90. Voluntary work
  91. Mega DC's 2010 Predictions
  92. Relentless Will : Who Has It In Sports
  93. What is the best novel ever written?
  94. Rock concerts
  95. How clever are you?
  96. Uncommon places to do the nasty
  97. Whats the point of bad reps?
  98. Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity and Stephen Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive
  99. Fishing
  100. Kim Kardashian is more important then The Mona Lisa
  101. How was your holiday? :)
  102. I just got ENGAGED!
  103. 9/11 - could all this be coincidence?!
  104. Florida church to host Quran-burning session.
  105. I owe you an update - '**** by deception' story
  106. Happy Birthday Doris!!! (EDEN)
  107. Ryanair CEO: Why does every plane have two pilots?
  108. Moto2 driver dies in a horrific accident
  109. The Game Console Thread (PS1,2,3 Wii SuperNintendo, Sega, gamegear,gameboy, etc)
  110. 7.1 earthquake hits Christchurch
  111. The perfect life
  112. I want to fight bulls in spain.
  113. Plastic surgery
  114. I am suddenly so happy and hyper yaaaaaaay
  115. Old Pictures from Palestine
  116. Random, unfulfilling sex
  117. Summer's almost over...feeling nostalgic?
  118. In the Spotlight - Bilbo
  119. I'm blogging for the US Open and possibly beyond. Tell me what you make of it.
  120. The perfect day
  121. Die Kühe: Parody of German detective series
  122. after 69 day to 700 mts underground, the miners are being rescued - LIVESTREAM POST 1
  123. How to perform a system recovery?
  124. Dreams
  125. X Factor Fans!
  126. The Best And The Worst Thing About You.
  127. Happy birthday EnriqueIG8 (Javier)
  128. Two Brothers Killed Brutally In Sialkot
  129. Bullfighting : subsidized art?
  130. what do you think about tattoos?
  131. Miss Universe 2010
  132. "Djokovic" exposed
  133. "Djokovic" exposed :)))
  134. Australia to become a republic?
  135. Infomercials
  136. Newsweek: "Finland the best country in the world"
  137. Obama: Islamic Center should be allowed to be built near Ground Zero
  138. Say something nice about Karin/Bonnie the Cat
  139. 2010 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship
  140. Allergies
  141. That song from the movies tournament - the Final
  142. Friday the 13th
  143. Car bomb in Bogotá, 35 injured
  144. MTF English Premier League Fantasy Football 12/13 (New Details for this season in OP)
  145. Kotlikoff: "US is bankrupt"
  146. Obesity
  147. How do you cope with this heat?
  148. That song from the movies tournament - Semifinals
  149. Making plans
  150. Physics help
  151. Help voting for my son's photo (only if you have facebook account)
  152. Happy birthday Fergie (Feliz cumple Laura)
  153. That song from the movies tournament - Quarterfinals
  154. The Cannabis Plant
  155. Travel Chat Thread
  156. That song from the movies tournament - round 4
  157. Funny movie scenes
  158. Question: Pro Boxing - is it irrelevant?
  159. "The Pink Panther" Paula Creamer interview
  160. And Israel is the aggressor...right.
  162. Friends
  163. Response to the G20 Summit
  164. Appleby shoots a 59 and wins at the Greenbrier....
  165. That song from the movies Tournament - 3rd round
  166. 2010 MTF NFL Fantasy Football League
  167. 2010 College Fantasy Football League
  168. Do you believe in the astrological signs?
  169. MTF Has The Best Advertisements!
  170. May I borrow 5 seconds of your time?
  171. Finding a good job nowadays
  172. People who have Blackberry's with bbm....
  173. That song from the movie tournament - Round 2
  174. Erotic Spanking
  175. College Football/Basketball Thread
  176. colorful chat thread
  177. The Spanish Sports Conquistadores ?
  178. Chrome fast ball
  179. That song from the movie tournament - Round 1( bottom half of the draw)
  180. That song from the movie tournament - Round 1( top half of the draw)
  181. Worlds best translator
  182. Writing a novel
  183. Artistic Gymnastics 2010 World Championships
  184. Do you use dating sites?
  185. Hell Was Unleashed AT the Open As Promised / 2011 Australian Open is NEXT.
  186. Losing artists
  187. At least 15 killed in panic at German 'Love Parade'
  188. That song from the movie - Nomination closed (except for the ones in post 40)
  189. List the Movies That Influenced You the Most
  190. Novels vs Movies
  191. Best choices for University
  192. ~ I am getting a mini pig~~
  193. Miss Universe 2010 - Las Vegas, USA - Live 23/8/2010 - Contestants Preview
  194. How does the world economical crisis affect us?
  195. Romania's got talent
  196. Favourite latin soap operas
  197. Happy birthday Karin (currently Bonnie the Cat, former Clay Buster, Papagena...)
  198. Resorting to vast love experience of MTF members =)
  199. So I met a girl this evening
  200. Recommend music!
  201. Stupid thread, username decided, poll still open, dunno how to close it :mad:
  202. Women's World Cup 2011
  203. Favorite Psychedelic Pop/Rock Songs
  204. ESPYS2010~ who won what in first post!
  205. Will Floyd Mayweather chicken out of fighting Manny Pacquiao?
  206. France Ban The Veil
  207. delete
  208. Top porn viewing country in the world?
  209. New March Madness Format Revealed
  210. 'Barefoot Bandit' captured after 2 Years
  211. World Cup hosts announced, 2018: Russia, 2022: Qatar
  212. .gif
  213. Unwanted snake in garden
  214. Tired Gay succumbs to Dix
  215. Sick football juggling in Paris
  216. Twilight for guys
  217. Your crazy if you don't want the dutch to win -Pornstars promise special Dutch treat
  218. Rock concerts
  219. Nabieva doing a LAID OUT CHURCH!!!!
  220. How old were you when you got married?
  221. Why are people insecure about all-things sex? (Gender, sexuality, relationships, etc)
  222. Favourite books
  223. Games for charity~ please do everyday!:D
  224. Running Tips
  225. Dramatic presidential election in Poland
  226. Philippines has a new President
  227. Which fruit do you eat daily?
  228. What do you like to eat when you are ill?
  229. Best romantic song ?
  230. Top 10 MTF threads of all time
  231. Power~Kanye West!
  232. Who's playing Fantasy Tour de France ?
  233. Armstrong Will Fall
  234. All my vcash bets have been correct!
  235. Intellectual Stimulation
  236. Martin Solveig videoclip feat. Novak and Gael
  237. Capriati ODs.... rushed to hospital
  238. The College Life Thread
  239. crisis in Niger
  240. Bang Bang Bang
  241. Super Mario Brothers playthough with live violin as BGM. Amaze!
  242. Nicolas Cogaign admits responsibility for 'eating Cellmate While Alive'
  243. Stanley McChrystal, Top U.S. General In Afghanistan, Summoned To Washington
  244. Hooking up with a married person----Yes or No?
  245. Hi,how are you?
  246. Girl Stealing
  247. Happy Birthday, Glory!
  248. The Gaming Thread (Next Xbox Announcement 21th May)
  249. MTF in South Africa
  250. Stoppage time system, should it be eliminated from football?