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  1. Battle of the Threads - 24hr Poll
  2. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Willy!!!
  3. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Tomas!!!
  4. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group James!!!
  5. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Tommy Haas!!!
  6. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Andy Murray!!!
  7. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Tommy Robredo!!!
  8. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group David Nalbandian!!!
  9. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Richard!!!
  10. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Fernando!!!
  11. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Andy Roddick!!!
  12. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group David Ferrer!!!
  13. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Nikolay!!!
  14. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Novak!!!
  15. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Rafael!!!
  16. Favourite Player of the Year 2007!!! Group Roger!!!
  17. What kind of reputation girl are you?
  18. What Kind of Pet Would You Be?
  19. Why Don't You Have a Boyfriend?
  20. How will you be defined in a sexual dictionary?
  21. Do You Believe In A "God"?
  22. How many push ups can you do?
  23. 5 minute tennis survey for my class
  24. Which insult is the furthest over your line?
  25. What is your IQ?
  26. Most Handsome Balkan?
  27. Do you believe in luck?
  28. How Many Hours Do You Spend Posting And/Or Lurking On a Normal Day At MTF's?
  29. which player has the smelliest feet on tour?
  30. Suicide Tennis Poll
  31. Xristos Vs Andres Guazzelli
  32. What's Your Dosha?
  33. Michael Jordan or Larry Bird?
  34. Crocs - Love Them Or Hate Them?
  35. What do you think, am I "pernicious"?
  36. Do You Have an Addictive Personality?
  37. what is the most overused word on MTF?
  38. Favorite Harry Potter Book?
  39. What is Your Favorite Emoticon?
  40. What type of Protection do you use?
  41. SF - Deivid23 and Rogiman vs #2 Mirkaland and Mistaflava
  42. SF - GlennMirnyi and any Rafatard/Dopetard vs. #3 Mistaflava and Vamos Ljubo
  43. QF - #8 Bolar Bolabi and its.like.that vs. #2 Mirkaland and Mistaflava
  44. QF - Deivid23 and Rogiman vs JimJones and mtw
  45. QF - #16 Carito_90 and Mara_M vs. #3 Mistaflava and Vamos Ljubo
  46. QF - #13 JMPower and TGS vs. GlennMirnyi and any Rafatard/Dopetard
  47. The New President of Russia
  48. 3rd Round - IvanLjubicic and any argie vs. #2 Mirkaland and Mistaflava
  49. 3rd Round - #8 Bolar Bolabi and its.like.that vs. Mara_M and Tweedledodo
  50. 3rd Round - JimJones and mtw vs. #7 buddyholly and Jorge
  51. 3rd Round - Blaze-2004 and GlennMirnyi vs. Deivid23 and Rogiman
  52. 3rd Round - #11 RFK and RonE vs. #3 Mistaflava and Vamos Ljubo
  53. 3rd Round - #6 Cindy19 and Mistaflava vs. #16 Carito_90 and Mara_M
  54. 3rd Round - GlennMirnyi and any Rafatard/Dopetard vs. #5 GlennMirnyi and jayjay
  55. 3rd Round - Tangerine_dream and Vamos_Ljubo! vs. #13 JMPower and TGS
  56. The 2007 Miss MTF Contest VERDICT, post 539 :D
  57. 2nd Round - cmurray (Cheryl M) and GlennMirnyi vs. #2 Mirkaland and Mistaflava
  58. 2nd Round - #9 jayjay and mtw vs. IvanLjubicic and any argie
  59. 2nd Round - Mara_M and Tweedledodo vs. #10 mtw and zicofirol
  60. 2nd Round - #8 Bolar Bolabi and its.like.that vs. GWH and tangerine_dream
  61. 2nd Round - CarnivalCarnage and Sigmagirl vs. #7 buddyholly and Jorge
  62. 2nd Round - #15 Bad_gambler and Escude vs. JimJones and mtw
  63. 2nd Round - Deivid23 and Rogiman vs. #14 Deivid23 and JMPower
  64. 2nd Round - #4 Prima_donna and Tweedledodo vs.Blaze-2004 and GlennMirnyi
  65. 2nd Round - Sigmagirl and Tangerine_dream vs. #3 Mistaflava and Vamos Ljubo
  66. 2nd Round - #11 RFK and RonE vs jesus and Princesa!
  67. 2nd Round - Naranoc and sharpeirob vs. #16 Carito_90 and Mara_M
  68. 2nd Round - #6 Cindy19 and Mistaflava vs. Dirk and Tangerine_dream
  69. 2nd Round - mirkaland and "Anyone that ........vs. #5 GlennMirnyi and jayjay
  70. 2nd Round - #12 GlennMirnyi and RFK vs. GlennMirnyi and any Rafatard/Dopetard
  71. 2nd Round - Devilicious and GlennMirnyi vs. #13 JMPower and TGS
  72. 2nd Round - #1 Mistaflava and Sigmagirl vs. Tangerine_dream and Vamos_Ljubo!
  73. "erotic" optical illusion. Very intersting.
  74. Tangy
  75. Cheryl M and GlennMirnyi vs. Star and TennisFool
  76. IvanLjubicic and any argie vs. Agassi Domination and Lee
  77. Angiel and Tangerine_dream vs. Mara_M and Tweedledodo
  78. GWH and tangerine_dream vs. Tangerine_dream and TennisFool
  79. SantiagoVlad & WordLife and all chileans vs. CarnivalCarnage and Sigmagirl
  80. GWH and ivan vs. JimJones and mtw
  81. Deivid23 and Rogiman vs. jocaputs and safin-rules-no1
  82. IvanLjubicic and Jeronimo vs. Blaze-2004 and GlennMirnyi
  83. DeathlessMortal and Jeronimo vs. Sigmagirl and Tangerine_dream
  84. jesus and Princesa! vs. Grinder and Mara_M
  85. Naranoc and sharpeirob vs. Jeronimo and Tennisfancroatia
  86. Dirk and Tangerine_dream vs. GlennMirnyi and trixtah
  87. Rosie and Tangerine_dream vs. mirkaland and "Anyone that dares to say anything negat.
  88. GlennMirnyi and any Rafatard/Dopetard vs. Jeronimo and Sigmagirl
  89. Devilicious and GlennMirnyi vs. Fedex and Tangerine_dream
  90. CooCooCaChoo and Leena vs. Tangerine_dream and Vamos_Ljubo!
  91. Who will win? Who will be the next President of United States of America
  92. Best MTF Comic Duo 2007 - Thank God it's over Poll (Final Poll)
  93. Does your dog still have his Tennis Balls?
  94. What donut are you?
  95. What's Your Funky Inner Hair Color?
  96. The Purity Test
  97. The MTF Argentinian Sexiness contest - congratulations to Ray FiBeR
  98. Who's hotter?
  99. Apples vs. oranges
  100. Winter Olympic games 2014 host city election
  101. Does Mario love Lola?
  102. TT Wimbledon Entry In Style & Fashion
  103. Tony Blair HAS gone, was his 10 years in power good or bad for Britain?
  104. What am i?
  105. Permission or Forgiveness?
  106. whos hotter
  107. Sexuality?
  108. Do you shave/trim your body hair?
  109. How Bitchy Are You?
  110. What Famous Movie Kiss Are You?
  111. What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
  112. What Rose Represents Your Love?
  113. Should Drugs be Legal?
  114. Who do you like better: Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd?
  115. How Sagittarius Are You?
  116. How worldly are you?
  117. How Jealous Are You?
  118. Discover your Visual DNA
  119. Is Gasquet?
  120. Best South American NBA Player
  121. Best Ass in Tennis: 2007 Edition
  122. How NERDY are You?
  123. What Asian Country Should You Visit?
  124. What Temperment Are You?
  125. Josip Broz Tito
  126. How many of your posts have been zapped??
  127. What do you think about the twist in Grey's anatomy?
  128. Who is your celebrity match?
  129. What's your favorite Bob Marley song?
  130. Better President Bill Clinton or George W. Bush
  131. Favorite Beethoven Symphony?
  132. What do you think of Windows Vista?
  133. Sarko or Ségo?
  134. Are You Running on Adrenaline?
  135. Rank your week!
  136. A Very Very Cute Quiz
  137. Which famous Philosopher do you most agree with?
  138. Federer vs. Nadal, who wins....
  139. Do you need therapy?
  140. What Latin American Country Should You Visit?
  141. Mayweather Jr. vs. De La Hoya
  142. In the spotlight-its.like.that
  143. Is it acceptable to use '****' as a word to describe beating a player?
  144. In the spotlight - RFK
  145. In the spotlight - Partygirl
  146. In the spotlight- Spotlight
  147. In the spotlight - IvanLjubicic
  148. Most Amazing European City?
  149. In the spotlight - Blaze-2004
  150. Movie Quiz
  151. In the spotlight - jazar
  152. What Colour Should Your Eyes Be?
  153. Are You a PMS disaster?
  154. What muse are you?
  155. Do you need to grow up?
  156. Do you scare off men?
  157. Is your bf a gold digger?
  158. What's your date fashion style?
  159. Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?
  160. How Weird Are You?
  161. What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?
  162. What's the Part of You That No One Sees?
  163. Will your true love find you?
  164. What Emoticon Best Represents You Right Now?
  165. What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
  166. Are You Addicted to Love?
  167. Is He Into You?
  168. How Open Minded Are You?
  169. Band Name Generator
  170. What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?
  171. How Brutally Honest Are You?
  172. How Machiavellian Are You?
  173. Nadal vs. Roddick (NEW PICS ADDED)
  174. Hottest Female Player? (New Poll Added)
  175. Do You Get Enough Sleep?
  176. What kind of cake are you?
  177. What is your travel horoscope?
  178. How Rare is your personality
  179. What Japanese Smiley Are You?
  180. Does anyone smoke la herb here?
  181. Who is hotter
  182. Hottest Woman
  183. Are you spoiled?
  184. Are you bipolar?
  185. Are you more Yin or Yang?
  186. B-day Calculator
  187. Who is more hotter ????????
  188. Identify 48 states
  189. Which Superhero are you? quiz...
  190. What colour is your brain?
  191. Are You Addicted to the Internet?
  192. “The very best of Bilbo”, Insights of a gamblers life, my very best phrases
  193. Are you easy?
  194. What is harder in the US today: Woman for President, or a male African American?
  195. How Normal Are You?
  196. What does your name mean?
  197. Which Foreign Guy Should You Date?
  198. Which language is your favorite?
  199. For Sports Car Enthusiasts: Favorite Sports Car Poll
  200. The Beauty Pageant Test?
  201. What's Your Celeb Look?
  202. Who's Your Celebrity Boob Twin?
  203. What Pick Up Line Should You Use?
  204. What Kind of Flirt Are You?
  205. What Do Guys Think Of Your Hair?
  206. Are You a Player?
  207. Where will you find love?
  208. What John Cusack Movie Are You?
  209. Are You a Jerk Magnet?
  210. How Curvy Are You?
  211. What Hairstyle Is Right For You?
  212. What Modern Bombshell Are You Most Like?
  213. What Sign Should You Date?
  214. What Kind of Bikini Are You?
  215. Are You Confident?
  216. Does He Only Love You For Your Body?
  217. Are you a tease?
  218. Why Don't You Have a Boyfriend?
  219. How Well Do You Understand Men?
  220. Are you attractive?
  221. Where Should You Go On Your Honeymoon?
  222. Is He Prettier Than You?
  223. What does your lipstick say about you?
  224. Does Your English Cut the Mustard?
  225. How Redneck Are You?
  226. What Slanguage Do You Speak?
  227. What Kind of Food Are You?
  228. What's Your 2006 Summer Anthem?
  229. What sort of artist should you be?
  230. Who's the true you?
  231. How Logical Are You?
  232. Do You Have a Dirty Mind?
  233. Are You A Paranoid Schizophrenic?
  234. How Abnormal Are You?
  235. Kissing Purity Test
  236. Be honest....how often do you lie??
  237. What's Your Preppy Name?
  238. What makes you beautiful?
  239. ---------------------------
  240. movement against Judy Murray commentating on Eurosport
  241. Will Xristos make Shanghai 2008?
  242. PS3, XBOX 360 or Wii
  243. What's Your Inner Blood Type?
  244. How many pointless threads will Just Cause start in 2007?
  245. AIDs: what is it's origin?
  246. Which Top 10-er would make the best husband?
  247. What season are you?
  248. Have you ever Googled yourself??
  249. What Muse are you?
  250. Mood Ring Generator