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  6. Happy birthday 2011 !!
  7. 2011 Photo Thread
  8. Hey, let's show our collections!
  9. happy birthday!!! 2010
  10. Marat's Tatar ethnicity?
  11. 2010 Photo Thread: Because Love, Beauty and Bespoke Tailoring will save the world!!
  12. Where would SAFIN rank amongst decade's greatest players?
  13. How lucky we are............
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  15. marat will play Hong Kong Tennis Classic in January!!
  16. Au revoir et Bercy...
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  18. Shanghai Surprise!
  19. SORRY, We are cheated by China Open
  20. One night in Bangkok... hopefully a few more!
  21. We need YOUR ideas,Safinholics in MTF~
  22. From California Dreamin' to a New York State of Mind ... 2009 summer hardcourts
  23. Roland Garros 2009
  24. Baby, It's all white now...Wimbledon time! Seeded 14th! Well that didn't last long :(
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  26. Roma - La Vita è Bella! (Sometimes :p)
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  29. Nazdorovye! :party:
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  34. Dinara Part 2
  35. Happy birthday to the loveliest PENGUIN evaaaaaah!!!!
  36. do we still have hope ?
  37. 2009 Piccies Thread!!!
  40. 2009 Hopman Cup
  41. It's Our Very Own Museaholic's 20th B'day!!! Woooot!!!
  42. Just wondering about Muslim Marat
  43. С днем рождения to our dear Maria
  44. :eek: hip hip hurray Mrs Curls
  45. PERO QUE SI PERO QUE NO! US HC are not wicked anymore! Mi BAs querida me voy!!!
  46. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Aleka!!! Changing the prefix...20 years old now :D :D :D
  47. Time to PARTAY!!! SARAAA can now get legally wasted in the USA!!! WOOT!!!
  48. Line Up Harem!!! It's Master's Birthday!!!!
  49. It's time to smoke some grass!!!
  50. Euro 2008 - Herzlich Willkommen!
  51. The Russian movie--Mongol
  52. "Ici nous allons encore" RG cheering thread
  53. Let's get ready to's Hamdanie's birthday!!!
  54. "Jetzt geht's los" ... Grannies on a party trip (Hamburg 2008 thread)
  55. Deea and Aleka (and mir?) were freezing for nothing. Bye bye Rome.
  56. IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH : Mrs. Sheva is celebrating her birthday today
  57. Russian girl has a reason to party .. :woohoo:
  58. Marat Safin
  59. Sony Ericsson Open, Miami .....*uuuhhh....right*
  60. Happy International Women's Day dear Safinettes!
  61. spring chicks celebration
  62. 25 Again!!!! Give It Up For Super Dutch Grannie!!!!!
  63. Gimme An S-u-p-e-r!!!!! Happy Birthday Super Steppy!!!!!!!
  64. February Babies!!!
  65. 2008 DC Thread
  66. A Penguin Hatched on This Day Some Time Ago...
  67. Hmmm hmmm hmmm...
  68. Happy Birthday to the crazy sexy dutchie wifey of several men: FRANCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Marat "Down-under" , The Kooyong and AO thread
  70. New Year, New Babies!!!
  71. Merry Christmas to all of you Safin lovers!!!!!
  72. omg everybody is so lazy...half past december finally the december b-day thread :p
  74. Breaking News: French Stalking Fish (Gallicus Stalkium Piscis) turns 23 today!
  75. Creepy birthday celebration starts now.
  76. November babes birthday thread
  77. Forum Improvement Poll
  78. Is it worth it to have a Madrid thread ? No, obviously*embarrassed*
  79. Matt Bellamy sang a special song for Deea's birthday!
  80. Return of the Yeti or The Homecoming - The 2007 Kremlin Cup Thread
  81. Happy Birthday long-legged You!
  82. October Parties!
  83. News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti
  84. September!!!!! A Birthday Thread...
  85. Yo Mila, it's ya birthday!!!
  86. Wow, is it USO time already??? ~ USO 2007 cheering thread! Time to regain lost glory
  87. A super intelligent blonde...a myth??? NO!! A MIEKOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  88. Cincinnati, have you ever been there?
  89. Mariaaaaa, you gotta see her! Birthday girl!
  90. En Français... Gagnons le Masters de Montréal! (ou au moins jouons contre Rafa)
  91. Happy Birthday Mrs. Curls!
  92. It's August everyone! (the August Birthdays thread)
  93. YUMMIE GUMY ........ Marat's new hot tennis coach
  94. July Birthdays!!!
  95. Work is getting harder and harder, but New York is what matters!! Last Stop!
  96. The "Who cares about Roger, HE WON TWO MATCHES IN A ROW!" Wimbledon Thread.
  97. The "He recovered from the shock (even August!) so congratulate him" birthday thread
  98. Grass kick-off...Marat wants to be Queen *cough, sorry* King of Queens 2007
  99. June birthdays
  100. His mother is Russia but his girlfriend is Paris! (RG cheerleading thread)
  101. OMG... It's here!!! Hamburg (and Marat) ... Here I come :P
  102. May birthdays
  103. Who of you sweeties will be at RG too?
  104. The "Nope, it wasn't Sushi. He just sucks" ROME MASTERS thread
  105. The "I feel lonely" thread
  106. It was a nice week-end in Barcelona, plus DiMarat's back! Let's head back to Moscow!
  107. Pas de problème Patrick! - Monte Carlo thread
  108. Our Naughty Li'l Ruski is the BIG 3 0 !! Happy Birthday!!
  109. The "OMGZ!!!!1111 J'toriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!ELEVEN!" Fangirling Thread
  110. April Birthdays
  111. Groove is in the Heart-and other S&M Duckie tales... Not for the faint hearted!
  112. Happy Birthday, Irochka!
  113. The "Congratulations Baby Oaf!!!" Marat Miami Thread
  114. March Birthdays
  115. If Safinalium Is Not Enough, Come Here! Anger Management Rocks!!
  116. Playing the Cow Boys in Indian Wells aka Mitya's backyard
  117. Give it up for Super Grannie!!!!!!!!
  118. The "Don't lose too much at the Casino and don't get an STD" Vegas thread!
  119. If we're nice to her she won't sue us.... (a birthday thread)
  120. Mod Poll - Read First Post Before Voting
  121. SAP OPEN here we come
  122. Moderator wanted... or not???
  123. February Birthdays
  125. Happy Birthday
  126. Scoring Thread - lets sit around and twiddle our thumbs
  127. The "Bye bye Davis Cup, we will miss you..." 2007 DC Thread
  128. Happy Birthday To Our Very Own Penguin!!!!!
  129. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fellow Jon lover!!
  130. Bye Bye Melbourne...
  131. the russian sport jacket...
  132. January birthdays
  133. Happy Birthday, VIO!!!!!
  134. You Know You're Obsessed With Marat When....
  135. Happy belated birthday, Tanechka!
  136. Gimme an G, Gimme an I, Gimme a W... The Official Nati resident's Bday Thread
  137. 2008 Pictures thread!
  138. Moscow Madness (The 2006 DC final Report)
  139. HO HO HO Meeeeeerrrry Christmas!!!!
  140. The "You don't look too bad airbrushed" 2007 PICTURES Thread!
  141. December birthdays
  142. Marat 2006 Pictures Thread! Part 2
  143. There once was a little... (a birthday story)
  144. Marat date game
  145. marat baby pics
  146. Joyeux Anniversaire Elisabeth !
  147. DAVIS CUP CHAMPIONS!!!! Thank you SO MUCH guys! WE LOVE YOU!!!
  148. Barfischev
  149. Something FISHY is going on around here...
  150. CELEBRATING: A Royal Birthday
  151. What's in the goody bag for 2007
  152. yippee! marat will still be sexy in adidas in 2007!!!
  153. November birthdays
  154. Happy Birthday, our dear bot!
  155. God, its hard to be a Safin fan sometimes
  156. Marat, fais-nous rugir de plaisir à Lyon!!!
  157. TARPISEX!!! Woot!!!
  158. S&M stands for Sashaaaaaa and Marat!
  159. The Madrid Masters Thread: "bring me water and a towel woman!!"
  160. Back...for now. aka the Girlfriend thread
  161. Anna, Anna, Anna... OK granny! you OFFICIALLY deserve your OWN thread!!!!
  162. Who cares for typing?!.. IT'S THE BLOG'S POWAHHH!!! YEAH!!!!
  164. Hewwo and welcome home young man (The Kremlin Cup 2006 thread)
  165. Marat, pour nous tu seras toujours chez toi à Bercy!
  166. The "Marat, please don't mess up in Metz!" thread
  167. Test your Marat Safin knowledge!
  168. October birthdays
  169. Russia-USA 2006 Davis Cup Semis Report
  170. Marat's speech in AO 05
  171. Fed Not Playing, Marat Will Win "Commemorate the Bun" Open (Bangkok Cheering Thread)
  172. Happy Birthday, Andrea!
  173. Cumpleaños Alicia, you hot Spanish chica you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  174. September birthdays
  175. Care for an Apple? It's a BIG APPLE!!!
  176. (Ranking Watch) Bouncing around
  177. Quick question.
  178. To the Dutchiest Dudiest Dudettest Dudette in Dutchieland
  179. The safinholics language thread
  180. Safin fans! I need your help!!
  181. Welcome to Giwaffey land!!! (cincinnati 2006 thread)
  182. Happy Birthday to the best vMom ever!!!!
  183. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR.BABOUSHKA, My Spunky vSiamese!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Marat Message Book
  185. Someone Choked on the Maple Syrup (The Toronto 2006 thread)
  186. My quest for Marat at LA
  187. August birthdays
  188. Onwards & Upwards in L.A. Marat ... woohoo!!
  190. Marat...In Washington DC...can this be true?
  191. The "Marat will play Indy without any points to defend" thread
  192. Pics of Marat getting Sun Tattoo
  193. July birthdays
  194. The "Marat, please ask Rafa the secret of his mental strengh!" thread...
  195. HAIR CUT!!!!!!! (The Mop and The Bun are history!!!)
  196. Halle: An important question: PLEASE HELP!
  197. Safinettes celebrate their 'alpha male': Happy Birthday Vass!
  199. Gimme Gimme Gimme Marat after midnight! (or at least after training!)
  200. June Birthdays
  201. World Cup freaks...the party is coming to end!
  202. Rome 2006 pictures
  203. Mort subite à Roland Garros.. à la prochaine, Marat!
  204. Un filete ruso in Hamburg: dressing warmly for HAMBURG
  205. *PiXmIx*Wallpapers
  206. We are as fine as two fine things enjoying a fine day out in Fineland.
  207. Roma é bella, but Hamburg is where the real business are!! Wie ghet's Deutschland?
  208. Marat really injured
  209. i'm gonna see maraaaat, i'm gonna see maraaat!
  210. Safin fans counted - census in Hippoland!
  211. Marat Graphics!!! Avatars, Wallpapers, and More...
  212. ESTORIL: Main Draw
  213. "MARATOMY: Heavenly bodyparts examined"
  214. Is MC a good predictor of Marat's results at RG? What the stats show.
  215. NYT article on Chinese-letter tattoos. Hope Marat's makes sense!
  216. back to my huge hotel room in monte carlo
  217. My Report on Valencia and New Girlfriend
  218. Valenciaaaaaa *pampadampampadaaaa*
  219. Happy Birthday {Annie} ... you naughty li'l Ruski!!
  221. HAPPY APRIL FOOL's DAY!!!!!
  222. Marat's schedule
  223. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUSSIAN BABE (С днем рождения!!!!!!!)
  224. Sun, Sand, Miami...and oh of course
  225. When did you guys become a fan of Marat?
  226. Tennis adventures
  227. indian wells
  228. Dubai tickets
  229. Hurry Hurry Come to Vass!!!
  230. IS HE THERE YET????Rotterdam be ready!!!
  231. Scooby...Scrappy....who are they compared to.......
  232. I'm new here and I've got a Marat Hippy Song
  233. Hi, I'm new here
  235. News & Articles Part 2 - The Yeti Strikes Back
  236. The Marseille "cheering" "praying" "crying" thread!!!
  237. Marat's tournaments in 2006
  238. HI!!! i´m new here
  239. The "Happy Birthday Marat! Please come back and cut your hair" thread
  240. Birthday party in Antarctica !!!
  241. "marat safin pulls out of australian open"
  242. I miss Marat Safin SO much
  243. What happened LOL
  244. 2005: Marat's year in quotes
  245. Tennis DVDs or Tapes
  246. The marvellous order of Safinettes and Safinous!
  247. Speculation thread: What do you expect in 2006?
  248. Happy Birthday miruna!
  249. 2005: Marat's year in pictures
  250. The Good, the Bad and the Pwetty! Marat 2006 Pictures Thread