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  1. Weeks in Top 5, Top 10, etc
  2. Current Top 8 a Very Open Draw?
  3. Nadal's coach blasts Melbourne crowd over boos
  4. Beating Roger Federer in a Grand Slam is the kiss of death
  5. How many less titles would Nadal have if Federer never existed?
  6. Facebook chat: The tennis world reacts to Wawrinka’s Australian Open win over Nadal
  7. Del Potro GS curse strikes again
  8. Who is your favourite player/s and why?
  9. Federer's Back Injury: Wimbledon 2012 R3
  10. WWW Davis Cup 2014?
  11. Timemachine Thread: Rewind circa 18 year old Wawrinka.
  12. WWW Wimbledon 2014?
  13. players peformance over years
  14. Will Djokovic reach 10 slams?
  15. Will Wimbledon and USopen follow AO and speed up the courts?
  16. Federer Destroys Roddick - Australian Open 2007 (HD highlights)
  17. Del Potro - injury on his left wrist
  18. Stan defeating numbers 1 & 2 seeds at AO2014 vs Del Potro beating Fedal at 2009USO
  19. What kind of Play Style does Wawrinka have?
  20. Soderling still wants to come back
  21. WWW Davis Cup World Group R1: Argentina (c) vs. Italy
  22. 95% chance there will be no Portugal Open 2014
  23. Federer slightly ahead in slam titles age-wise
  24. Is AO scheduling really fair?
  25. Can Fed win another USopen title?
  26. Would you consider Wawrinka an inspiration to the little guy/underdogs?
  27. Latest on Rafa, will play Buenos Aires...
  28. is stan the new tsonga?
  29. Why Wawrinka Could WIN The French Open
  30. What next for Djokovic, Nadal, Wawrinka, Federer and Murray
  31. Winds of change (Yokozunatennis updates, 2014)
  32. Did Federer really choke 2009 AO
  33. Fed to play against Serbia! (maybe)
  34. Davis Cup Group I Asia : Wu def. Venus 3-6 7-6 6-2 1-6 6-3
  35. Potential 3rd Round Matchups of draws greater than 64 (e.g. Indian Wells and GS)
  36. Maui CH F: [3] Klahn def. Yang 6-2 6-3
  37. This Wawrinka's title will give a boost for all other top players
  38. Indian Wells and Miami
  39. Apart from vs Djokovic, has a fully fit Rafael Nadal lost a best-of-5 match since 08?
  40. If Rafa Misses FO, Who Takes It?
  41. Can Wawa carry Switzerland to a davis cup win?
  42. Rank Slams since 2011 on the ASTERISK scale from 1-10
  43. Wawrinka only Won 5 Matches to Win the Open
  44. Your best tennis memories?
  45. Out of the big 4, Murray came out on top at the AO
  46. Top 4 and more year ahead...
  47. El Tio:"Umpires should be selected from a group of pro players."
  48. Why Stan Wawrinka deserved to win AO14
  49. Do you feel sorry for Roland garros fans?......
  50. WAWRINKA'S INCREDIBLE footwork: The REASON why he's on fire
  51. Most unexpected GS final result in the open era?
  53. Didn't Nadal get 2 time violation warnings?
  54. Who is greater: Wawrinka or Davydenko?
  55. what will the Australian Open title do for Wawrinka's 2014 season?
  56. Should Tio Toni be refrained to be in the crowd when Nadal is playing ?
  57. Who's greater, Wawrinka or Nalbandian?
  58. Had USO 13' sf's been flipped for Nadal/Djoko, would the outcome have been different?
  59. Federer's clay best better than Nadal's clay best
  60. Stan, Berdych or Dimitrov. Going forward, who will finish with the better year?
  61. Was this Berdych's best chance at a slam and/or beating Nadal again?
  62. Lets discuss the asterisk
  63. Is Wawrinka the player to win a GS with least tournaments won previously?
  64. Will we ever see again big 4 top 4 in ranking?
  65. The truth about Federer's BH
  66. Stan the Man in 2014
  67. Bucaramanga CH F: [2] Falla def. [4] Lorenzi 7-5 6-1
  68. Today Magnus Norman gave the tennis world a BEAUTIFUL GS Champion!Do NOT neglect this
  69. Tennis future evolution
  70. Nadal unlikely to beat Federer's record now
  71. Can Stan become the Next "Djokovic"?
  72. Will Wawrinka win Masters 1000?
  73. "Wawrinka is the real deal" says Pete Sampras
  74. Time for Federer learn from Wawarinka Victory over Nadal
  75. WWW Roland Garros '14?
  76. Anyone else think this will motivate Nadal even more?
  77. Which Nadal pigeon will next escape his cage?
  78. What Damage Can WaWa Do At RG?
  79. is this the way that someone else win a slam?a injurey?
  80. Stan's epic run impressive, but not totally unpredictable.
  81. Favorite Grand Slam tournament ever ?
  82. Will the 1HBH make a comeback?
  83. Long live the One Handed Backhand!!
  84. Heilbronn CH F: Gojowczyk def. [1] Sijsling 6-4 7-5
  85. MTF 2014 Favourite Players Thread (results in #435 & #436)
  86. HOW TO BEAT WAWRINKA and who can do it???
  87. News on the Pros' supplier contracts: Wawrinka wearing Yonex (not much longer) etc.
  88. Is Federer kicking himself now for his performance vs Nadal?
  89. Wawa a GS winner but not Gasquet and Monfils:would you have believed it back in 2006?
  90. Where does the 2014 season go from Here?
  91. Tsonga's AO 2008: no GS win/ Wawa's AO 2014: GS win: Where is the justice?
  92. Nadal has to tank the Clay Season if he still wants to be considered in GOAT race
  93. Estoril the GOAT 250?
  94. Hypothetically, if a player (i.e. Wawrinka) came out of the blue and won the CYGS...
  95. Is Federer happy or jealous Stan is AO champion?
  96. WWHW ? AO Round X: [1] Nadal - [2] Djokovic
  97. This year could be the best ever!!!
  98. WWW Davis Cup World Group: Great Britain vs. USA
  99. More impressive slam win: '09 USO or '14 AO?
  100. Who is the best player in the world?
  101. Are we witnessing the beginning of a new era of Swiss domination?
  102. 2014 Wawrinka is yet to be beaten
  103. Vote in the best match of the Austrlalian Open 2014
  104. Magnus Norman 2-0 Toni Nadal
  105. Rafael Nadal and the curse Down Under
  106. We have The BIG THREE musketeers: Wawrinka, Djokovic, Naxal
  107. Where does Wawrinka rank among one time slam winners?
  108. The bottom line
  109. Who will be the next Slam vulture?
  110. is wawrinka the luckiest player ever....
  111. Subdued Celebration for a BIG Tennis Milestone
  112. Stan the Man - The true GOAT ?
  113. Does Federer still has excuses not to win Davis Cup?
  114. Wawrinka is now even greater than Del Potro
  115. Healthy Nadal still undefeated in his career, no?
  116. Del Potro's curse lives on!
  117. Where does Rafa go from here?
  118. To All The Wawrinka BELIEVERS: THAN YOU!!!!
  119. Who was more happy?
  120. History to Repeat Itself: Nadal wins 14 and 15 at RG + W like Fed did
  121. On behalf of Rafa and his fans, Congratualtions Stan!
  122. Rate the 2014 Australian Open
  123. Top 20 in the last 4 slams After AO 2014 (FO 2013, WIM 2013, UO 2013, AO 2014)
  124. How happy was Sampras to give out that trophy to Wawrinka instead of Rafa?
  125. Can Wawrinka become world nuber 1?
  126. Wawrinka Federer Davis Cup 2014
  127. Wawrinka to win the CYGS 2014
  128. The pressure of reaching 14 slam milestone, Fed felt it in 09AO and now Rafa in 2014
  129. Sum up the 2014 Australian Open in 1 picture
  130. Nadal's back injury, what caused it and how it will affect his games from now on?
  131. Would Waw have had any chance if Rafa wasn't injured?
  132. Congratulations Stan Wawrinka new world # 3!
  133. Can Stan win more than 1 Slam?
  134. AO Final: Stanislas Wawrinka def. Rafael Nadal 63 62 36 63
  135. Soderling commenting on the final for Swedish Eurosport
  136. Future for Rafa: Will he stick around or retire after passing Roger?
  137. Bigger upset? Nadal losing to Soderling or Stan
  138. Federer or Tiger? Who'd you rather be tomorrow?
  139. Do you think Pete Sampras will be in attendance to see Rafa tie his GS record?
  140. In order for Nadal to be the GOAT!
  141. Will Ferrer even win a Grand Slam?
  142. Who will rank on top 5 to Year End
  143. Is Roger Federer Jealous Of Andy Murray?
  144. How to beat Nadal and which players can do it?
  145. Who should Magnus Norman coach next ?
  146. No fireworks break during Men's Final
  147. Bring back 16 seeds in slams
  148. Interesting words from Uncle Tony
  149. Would you watch a GS final between two surprise finalists, e.g. Tsonga - Wawrinka?
  150. Are the line umpires in 2014 Australian Open one of the worse?
  151. Sampras: Stunned by "incredible" Nadal; could get 17/18 majors
  152. Which other open era ATGs would have had match up issues against Nadal?
  153. Nadal hasn't lost in a GS to a current Top20 SH BH player since 2007
  154. A Better Way Of Ranking The Most Dominant Tennis Players
  155. The diiference between Greatest of all time and Best ever?
  156. The Definition of GOAT
  157. Winning Grand Slam after saving match point any time during the tournament open era?
  158. Deadspin tries to rank the best - charts graphs
  159. Australian Open Boys' Final: [1] Zverev d. [2] Kozlov 6-3 6-0
  160. Federer or Nadal: Getting 14 or More: Which One Harder to Swallow for Sampras?
  161. Sampras claims he could would still "Serve and Volley" - would he be successful?
  162. Can Nadal win the 'grand slam'
  163. Legends like Sampras,Edberg or Lendl see Federer and Nadal superior to themselves?
  164. is completing a career slam twice a greater feat than completing a grand slam once?
  165. Nole and Murray: Which AO QF loss was more worrying?
  166. Predict Rafael Nadal vs Stanlislas Wawrinka Australian Open 2014 by Elo rating system
  167. Is Gasquet the most awkward top player?
  168. who here will even bother watching the finals?
  169. Who needs Dubai/Indian Wells/Miami more?
  170. Bucamaranga QF: Schwartzman def. Andreozzi (2)6-7, 6-4, 6-0
  171. Is Magnus Norman the best coach ever?
  172. Germany F3 QF: [2] Mecir def. Katic 6-2 6-6 (*6-4) ret.
  173. Nike about to bring out the slogan they shelved away for Federer
  174. 91 slams in Rod Laver Arena last night
  175. I feel betrayed by Nadal.
  176. Will Nadals Legacy be tarnished due to his Time Wasting and Other Histrionics?
  177. Who will get sacked first? Becker or Edberg
  178. Looking ahead for FedEx...
  179. Smashing the tennis money barrier
  180. Looking ahead for Rafa...
  181. Will anyone ever beat both Nadal and Djokovic at same Slam?
  182. Nadal, Murray and Djokovic will win Grand Slam with 30 years or more?
  183. Tennis only match broadcasts
  184. Federer says ctr. court umpires afraid to enforce the rules
  185. Wawrinka Swiss Number 1
  186. Is it the most NID Slam final ever?
  187. Nadal's draw!!
  188. WWW AO Junior Final: (1) Zverev vs (2) Kozlov
  189. Nadal elevating his game in Grand Slam Semis: 19-3
  190. Andy Murray, Potential GOAT?
  191. AO 2014 FINAL: (1) Nadal - (8) Wawrinka WWW ?
  192. Australian Open SF: (1) Nadal def. (6) Federer 7-6 (7-4) 6-3 6-3
  193. 38 y/o Rod Laver VS 20 y/o Bjorn Borg
  194. Whose AO performance was more impressive? Baghdatis '06/Gonzo '07/Wawa '14
  195. Roofgate!!!!!!!
  196. What do you do when your favorite loses?
  197. What is the perception of Roger Rasheed in the tennis industry?
  198. DJoke how many rankingpoints lost tvist week?
  199. some of the longest slam rivalry losing streaks in tennis in recent memory:
  200. What can Dimitrov achieve this year ?
  201. Bucaramanga CH R2: #86 Alejandro Falla def #296 Gonzalo Lama 6-3 3-6 7-5 (4 MP Saved)
  202. Bucaramanga 2R: Falla def. Lama 3-6 6-3 7-5 (saves 4 MP)
  203. Interesting article on Fed fans hopes for tonight's match
  204. Will MTF say the AO 2014 title will have asterisked?!
  205. Is the door closed for Djokovic to surpass Federer?
  206. Will this be Stan's First Grand Slam Final or his Only Grandslam Final?
  207. Will this be Stan's First Grand Slam Final or his Only Grandslam Final?
  208. Disrespecting Federer
  209. Who would win RG QF: Wawrinka - Del Potro
  210. Wawrinka in TOP 5!!!
  211. Berdych is calling himself Birdsh!t on twitter!!
  212. Tomic on Crutches now?
  213. Classiest/Least Classy Outside of Top 10?
  214. Do we have a Big 8?
  215. Which among these factors will be the most decisive in Fedal AO'14 Semi?
  216. Disrespecting Nadal
  217. Is Magnus Norman the greatest coach of all time?
  218. Wawrinka Number 5 now, Number 3 next monday?
  219. AO SF: (8) Wawrinka def. (7) Berdych 6-3 6-7(1) 7-6(3) 7-6(4)
  220. 2014 Live commentary thread vol4
  221. Why don't the losing players ever sign autographs for the fans?
  222. Maui R1 DC Mischa Zverev def. Club Level choker Ryan Harrison 3-6 7-6(2) 6-1
  223. CH Maui R1: Polansky def. Krueger 6-7 6-4 7-5
  224. MTF's favourite Uncle Toni...
  225. Maui R1: Sandgren def. fan favourite Odesnik 6-3 6-3
  226. Why Murray lost and why Federer will lose to Nadal: Simon Reed's curse Resurrection
  227. Should coaches be barred from entering the Stadium?
  228. Maui CH R1: [LL] Jenkins def. Wang 6-3 6-2
  229. Dimitrov emotional talking about the QF
  230. Heilbronn r1 : Goat of challenger Vesely beat Bemelmans 6 7 7 6 6 1 saving 2 mp
  231. Dream matchups of your favorites vs. opponents that have never taken place....
  232. Heilbron Challenger R. 1: Adrian Ungur d. Marius Copil 6-7 6-4 6-1
  233. nishikori vs. dimitrov: which one has a better shot at actually beating rafa in 2014?
  234. Prediction: Djokovic will fall to number three and will have SLAMLES SEASON
  235. When was the last time that 2 One-Handed BH played GS Final?
  236. Does Anyone Else Want to See an All-Swiss Final
  237. Rome Masters
  238. Federer, Berdych, Wawrinka Fighting for Number 3
  239. Will Dimitrov play in the WTF this year?
  240. Is this AO Berdych's to lose ?
  241. Lowest quality AO since?
  242. What should Edberg's advice be to Federer on approaching the SF?
  243. Federer vs Nadal compared Berdych vs Wawrinka
  244. Murray's comeback so far
  245. Australian Open QF:(6) Federer def (4) Murray 6-3 6-4 6-7 6-3
  246. WWW ? AO SF : Federer vs. Nadal
  247. The Federer/Murray H2H
  248. Why wasn't Ferrer disqualified??
  249. Is it time to admit that Djokovic needs to prepare a special tactics for Wawrinka?
  250. What has happen to djokovic forehand??